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Fine Arts & Art Therapy Courses in Spain

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Metàfora, Barcelona:
Founded in 1999, Metàfora is an international fine arts school in Barcelona, on the northeast Mediterranean coast of Spain. Metàfora’s contemporary art education consists of a full-time studio arts course, taught in English, called “The International Workshop". This course comprises 4 levels - foundation, certificate, diploma and advanced diploma - all of which can be undertaken independently. We also offer academic year art therapy courses taught in Spanish, as well as summer art programs in English. Artists and art students come to Metàfora from around the world, giving the school a distinctive international atmosphere. Students can choose to study from 6 weeks to 4 years, depending on your personal goals and ambitions.

The International Workshop Program:
Photo of Fine Arts & Art Therapy Courses in Spain- Full-time studio arts course (taught in English)

The course comprises 4 levels / entry points:

• Foundation Program in Studio Arts (6-7 week blocks, for beginners)
• Certificate in Studio Arts (Training Program year 1)
• Diploma in Studio Arts (Training Program year 2)
• Advanced Diploma in Studio Arts (Training Program year 3) 

Any of the 3 years of the 'Training Program' can be undertaken independently (admission according to general admission requirements).

The International Workshop is recognised as a Foundation Course for a B.A. in Fine Art in the UK.

Students can choose between a large range of classes, such as Drawing; Painting; Sculpture, Installation and Object-making; Photography; Portfolio-making; Basic Marketing Ideas for Artists and many others.

The program of the International Workshop is designed in studio-blocks of 6-7 weeks, and short term students can join the course at any time throughout the academic year.

Our team of professional artists are available for continuous support and individual tutorials. Teaching is entirely in English. 

Course Topics / Modules include:
• Life Drawing
• Pictorial Processes (Painting)
• Photography and Digital Media
• Object & Space (techniques in traditional Sculpture, Installation and Object-Making)
• Reflections - Initial Diploma in Art Therapy
• Recent Art History: A presentation of the History of Art with a time span over the 20th century.
• Studio Assignment
• Applications and Portfolios
• Visiting Artists / Studio-visits

Course Levels and Routes:
Image of Fine Arts & Art Therapy Courses in SpainStudents enrol on the International Workshop on different Routes, each designed for the individual needs and work-patterns of our diverse student population. 

The idea is to provide each student with the precise tools and experience he/she needs, whether the goal is to pursue further training or to start a career as a professional artist.

The Routes / study options lead to different academic qualifications, relying largely on previous experience (and academic records) and on the specific needs and ambitions of each individual:

International Workshop study options include:

• Foundation Program in Studio Arts (6-7 week blocks, for Starter Level students)
This course is designed for students on starter’s level who wish to pursue further education in art. 

Metàfora’s Starter’s Level is recognized as a Foundation Course in the UK. 

• Certificate in Studio Arts (Training Program year 1)
Photos of Metàfora, BarcelonaThe personal art practice of each students gains strength and presence as the course progresses.

Focus is on individual production, exhibition activity and critical thinking. 

• Diploma in Studio Arts (Training Program year 2)
The Advanced Certificate in Studio Arts is a thorough preparation to pursuing further studies in Fine Arts, and can be seen as a valid alternative to a Bachelor’s degree.

It attracts creative and motivated students with university studies (completed or in progress) or careers in other areas.  Basic art-experience is essential and a portfolio is required. 

• Advanced Diploma in Studio Arts (Training Program year 3)
The main goal of The Advanced Diploma in Studio Arts is to provide students on this route with a stimulating studio environment, a diverse peer-group of artists from different countries as well as trained professionals.

Further Art Programs for International Students: 

Masters & Postgraduate Diploma in Art Therapy - Taught in Spanish:
The Art Therapy training at Metàfora is at a University level and lasts for three years (part-time).

The first year leads to a Postgraduate Diploma and is followed by two years of a Master course. The achievement of both courses enables to practice the profession.

Classes are taught in Spanish although the majority of course readings are in English. 

Initial Diploma in Art Therapy - Taught in Spanish:
Picture of Fine Arts & Art Therapy Courses in SpainThe Initial Diploma is the basis of training in Art Therapy and is the Spanish equivalent to a “Foundation Course in Art Therapy” in the countries where the profession is regulated by the State.

It is composed of a series of lectures and practices in order to provide the participant with a solid base of knowledge about this discipline, and its areas of application. 

Short Art Courses:
In addition to The International Workshop courses, we offer short-term stays of 5-8 weeks.

Students are completely integrated with the student-group on the International Workshop and can participate in all scheduled classes and activities. 

At the beginning of the short-term stay, the student will be assigned a personal tutor, who will monitor the work of the student once a week thoughout the stay.

Summer Intensive Art Therapy Course (2-week course taught in English or Spanish)

Images of Metàfora, BarcelonaThis course is designed as a series of lectures and workshops, and the programme consists essentially of four different activities:

- Seminars
- Workshops
- Experiential Art Therapy Groups
- Large Group Classes

The days start with daily seminars covering the basic theoretical foundations of Art Psychotherapy as well as a range of real-life cases with clients from different collectives.

After this initial common space, the participants divide into groups according to choice of workshop (most of which last two days).

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