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LiloVeve Jewelry School, New York:
LiloVeve Jewelry School is an acclaimed Jewelry Studio and Gallery located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York City. We offer a wide range of fun and informative classes designed to encourage and cultivate appreciation of handmade work. Classes include full 6-week programs, or short 2-day workshops.

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Classes and workshops in the art of handcrafting jewelry include:
Photo of Jewelry Design Classes in Brooklyn, New York City- Stone Setting
- Silversmithing
- Wax Carving
- Hinges & Mechanisms
- Gold Alloying
- Granulation
- Enamel
- Chain Making
- Wedding Bands

Specialized 6-week Jewelry Classes:

Introduction to Silversmithing
Work with sterling silver to create, form, solder, and fabricate rings and pendants with a stone setting in the fast paced introductory class.

We take an optional trip to the Diamond district on a weekday morning halfway through the course to visit in person some of the resources in the jewelry industry including a gem dealer, a lapidary, a tool supply and a casting house. Small class sizes are perfect for both absolute beginners or those looking to refresh their skills.

Gold Alloying (Goldsmithing):

Image of Jewelry Design Classes in Brooklyn, New York CityStarting with 24 Karat pure gold, we custom alloy in the studio to create rich colors of 22 karat, 18 or even 14 karat gold. Choose from deep rich yellow to pale light green gold, orangey-red to a delicate rose.

We then learn to work with the properties of the individual alloys, how to mill the ingot into wire and sheet, and how to form a bezel for a gemstone setting.

We also learn how to recycle the gold material, how to fuse high karat gold, to raise or lower the karat, and how to transform old gold jewelry into stunning new designs. We create a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry, combining traditional goldsmithing techniques with contemporary design sensibilities.

Wax Carving I:
Learn to carve, curve, hollow, texture, and sculpt using different types of wax to create rings, pendants and charms.

Basic knowledge of the casting process will be covered - during the course students will have the opportunity to have cast at least one piece in metal, and learn how to bring the cast piece to a desired finish.

Wax Carving II: Stonesetting
Prior wax carving experience highly recommended.

This is an intermediate level wax carving class which will explore in depth model making techniques . Students will create either a ring or a pendant of their own design set with either a cabochon or rough gemstone. 

Various carving techniques will be covered, delving deeper into design transfer, layout, carving, and build-up. 

Further 6-week Programs:
Photos of LiloVeve Jewelry School, New York- Wax Carving II: Bracelet Design
- Silver II: Design & Technique
- Ring Making
- Wax II: Lockets
- Silver II: Gemstone Setting
- Silver II: Cuff Bracelet
- Enamel: Fusing Glass to Metal

Jewelry Workshops:
Immerse yourself in one of our 2-day / 13-hour workshops and dedicate your weekend to learning about a new jewelry skill. Workshops include:

- Jewelry Production
- Business for Designers
- Mold Making 
- Bezel Setting 
- Prong Setting 
- Flush Setting 
- Tube Setting 
- Steel 
- One-Day Intensive Course: Ring Making

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