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VNC Vietnamese Language Training, Ho Chi Minh City:
Welcome to Vietnam! VNC Language Training in Ho Chi Minh City provides quality Vietnamese courses to anyone who has an interest in learning the Vietnamese language, and those who will arrive soon, and expatriates working and living in Vietnam today. The private/one-to-one programs are aimed to fully develop four basic skills: Listening - Speaking - Writing- Reading comprehension. However, lessons can be adjusted to individual purposes. In addition to quality Vietnamese courses, we provide notarized / certified translation and interpreting services.

Why Choose Us?

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Qualified & Experienced Teachers:
VNC’s teaching is provided on a professional and structured basis. All our teachers are degree-qualified and experienced in teaching Vietnamese to foreign language students. They are enthusiastic, experienced, with proven teaching methodology.

Effective One-to-One Language Lessons:
Our Vietnamese lessons are practical, effective, and easy to understand. Our courses aim to fully develop the four basic language skills: Listening - Speaking - Writing- Reading comprehension. However, the content can be adjusted to individual purposes.

Gift hours:
We offer Gift hours for college students in Vietnam.

Our Clients:
We have provided our language courses and translation services to professionals at Black & Veat Corp, Honeywell Corp., Hanwha Corp, L'Oreal, Exsotissimo Travel, Oxford Univ. Reseach unit, BIS international school, CPG construction, Int'l Zinc Association, Albartross USA, Prime Lifestyle....

Vietnamese Language Courses:

Image of Language School in VietnamPrivate/ one-to-one language programs focusing on your needs (conversation, business, import-export, technical issues, traveling, and more.)

- Intensive Vietnamese classes (Individual tutoring)
- Standard Vietnamese classes (Individual tutoring)
- Online Vietnamese courses

Our program levels: 

- Basic level : 100 hours
- Higher Basic level : 100 hours
- Progressing : 200 hours
- Developing level : 200 hours
- Fluency level : 200 hours
- Expanding level : 200 hours

Short courses for travelers and visitors:
Survival - Course of 10 hours
Useful phrases - Course of 20 hours

Courses for long-term students:
Course of 35 hours
Course of 50 hours

* Extra activities:
If students feel it necessary, they can ask for observing or interacting with the teacher/ trainer outside of the classroom setting (to observe participant's skills at school or at the office, to mediate school problems, to experience various cultural backgrounds / environments, etc.) You need to book this in advance.

Student Testimonials:

"I had the good fortune to study Vietnamese at VNC Language Training School for 3 weeks in January 2011 and found the experience to be very positive.  The school is conveniently located in the central business district of downtown Saigon and offers flexible teaching hours.  In my case, I had already studied some Vietnamese and the school quickly identified my strengths and weaknesses and designed a program to improve my speech and listening comprehension. 

My teacher was a specialist in teaching Vietnamese as a Second Language and this is an important and vital distinction that foreign students should look for in any school they attend. I believe VNC represents a excellent value for the student's investment, and, as always is the case, progress is maximized when the student diligently follows up with daily practice and exercises. Overall I left the school with improved speaking and listening abilities, expanded vocabulary, and a more confident speaker as well as more knowledgeable of the Vietnamese culture.  I would heartily recommend VNC to any new or continuing students of the Vietnamese language."

- Gary Sciscent - NY, USA

"Our company have been taking the Vietnamese language training and translation from VNC. They have provided us with good and helpful instructors. We are satisfied with the courses and the quality of translation work."
- Kershaw Rustomji, Godrej Vietnam company


Our full time translation professionals have ten to twenty-years’ experience in translation covering different fields and technical content. We have provided translation services to individuals, companies and publishing houses in Ho Chi Minh city.

Languages we work in: English, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Lao, Malayalam, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai.

We do notarized translation for legal documents such as agreements, licenses, diplomas, certificates, ect…

We do translation in languages for various material and documents, from a page or a book, for newspapers, magazines, brochures, catalogues, agreements, business licenses, diplomas, certificates, ect…

The fields of translation we work in: social science, education, culture, art, construction, architecture, business, economics, medicine, computer, etc.

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Address: 37/54 Tran Dinh Xu St., District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2021-03-04 were from:

go vap; Dupont, USA; oslo, Norway; CEBU CITY, Philippines; Japan; Washington, USA; and more.