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French Summer Immersion Programs in France

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French Summer Classes, Cannes - Summer Camps 2024 + ONLINE French Classes:
Give your child or teenager an unforgettable summer experience on the beautiful French Riviera with French Summer Classes! Ideally situated in Cannes on the Mediterranean Coast, we provide summer French immersion programs for children (from age 6+) and teenagers (junior and high school students).

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ONLINE French Classes 2024:
For children from age 6+ years old, teenagers (junior & high school students), families and individual adult learners.

French Summer Immersion Programs for Kids & Teens:
• Based on their age and French language ability, your child will be placed in the class that best suits them. Class sizes are kept small (maximum 8 students) which ensures that each child receives individual attention.

• Junior and high school students sit a language test, which enables us to place them in a course at their level. Each week, a quick evaluation of the students’ levels allows us to assess the progress being made and move them on to the next level.

Summer French for beginner students (ages 6-11)
Duration: 1-8 weeks in June, July & August

• This is an exciting summer program for children who will learn French in a lively, fun and playful manner, while spending a pleasant vacation on the French Riviera with their parents. 

• All the children are encouraged to participate in active learning activities such as imitating sounds, learning and memorizing sentences, singing French songs, playing games in the French language, participating in storytelling, creative arts, cooking and more. 

• Young and beginner students are encouraged to take part in cross-curriculum activities (maths, arts, music, P.E, drama). In this natural environment, children gain confidence, at the same time they develop enthusiasm for learning the French language. 

Summer French for non-beginner students (ages 6-11)
Duration: 1-8 weeks in June, July & August

Photo of French Summer Immersion Programs in France• Designed for students with a previous knowledge of French, this course allows your child to maintain or increase their existing French language skills.

• It is ideal for children attending French, international or bilingual schools in their home country, and gets them ready for the rentrée (back to school), while spending a pleasant linguistic holiday on the French Riviera with their parents. 

• The study program consists of an academic session: language building (writing, reading, listening and speaking), science, maths, social studies (history and geography), combined with fun language activities which include singing, arts, theater, sports, poetry, mimes, team projects, board games, etc. 

Summer French for teenagers (ages 11-17)
Duration: 1-8 weeks in June, July & August 

Image of French Summer Immersion Programs in France• This French language course for teenagers (junior and high school students) is designed to students who wish to improve their French language skills and enjoy learning French language and the culture while meeting new people.

• The summer program for teenagers consists of French lessons in the mornings, leaving you the rest of the day free for activities, excursions, socialising or relaxation.

• Emphasis is put on communication and self-confidence. Grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening are tackled. Teaching is done in a student-centered atmosphere where participants may be challenged and not fear making mistakes.

• This course is perfect for beginners to GCSE, A-level, International Baccalaureate and Leaving Certificate levels.

Private French lessons (also available year-round)
• Treat your child to a tailor-made programme! This course is based purely on the student’s needs and goals whether they need help with conversation, grammar, reading or writing.

• This curriculum is very flexible and can be adjusted to your personal requirements.

Summer French for Families:
• Because all of our French language classes are held at the same time (from 9 a.m to 12.30 p.m), parents can drop their children off before the adult class, see them at the break time and pick them up after their French class in the same building. 

Further French Summer Courses:
Photos of French Summer Classes, Cannes - Summer Camps 2024 + ONLINE French Classes• Summer French for adults (age 17+)
• Intensive French course
• Homestay accommodation with local host family (from age 16+)

Fun Recreational Activities:
• At French Summer Classes, we believe that taking part in activities is an important part of your learning program. We organize a wide range of activities and excursions in addition to your French language course.

• These activities provide an opportunity to make friends, practise your new French language skills and learn about the French culture. 

• Although all the activities are completely optional, we encourage students to participate so that they can meet other students and French teachers, which helps to build a team-like atmosphere as well as enhancing the learning experience.

Testimonials of Students & Parents:
Picture of French Summer Immersion Programs in France•  "I enjoyed very much to learn French songs and believe it has helped me pronunced words correctly. During my stay, I've savoured the opportunity to try new and unusual sports such as paddle and pirogue. Home-stay with with Mrs Sonia was wonderful. She was caring, thoughtful and helpful all the time."
Evelina, Latvia

•  "I was a little sceptical before coming to French summer school but as soon as I got here I was welcomed by a lovely teachers. This year I struggled with some of my French classes at home but thanks to this language programme I was able to study and revise and get more confidence in understanding and speaking."
Arno, Belgium

•  "Tarkan liked his teachers Benoit and Manel very much and the school was ideal for him: small setting, relatively small classes, friendly atmosphere and space to be and learn. We would like to thank you all, “merci beaucoup”, for making learning French such an enjoyable and rewarding experience."
Tarkan and Mirjam, UK

•  "Just a quick email to thank you for having Caoimhe and Tiarnan again this summer. They really enjoyed their time at the school. In three years you must be very proud of how much Caoimhe has grown to love the French language and culture and how much her skills have improved. Thanks to your language school.

Tiarnan I feel for the first time has begun to like the language and I am delighted with his progress this year. Caoimhe and Tiarnan have made great friends at your school also. Thank you also for organising a tutor. We look forward to returning to Cannes again next year."

Miriam, Ireland

Images of French Summer Classes, Cannes - Summer Camps 2024 + ONLINE French Classes•  "My friends at school all said how unlucky I was to be going on the French summer school, but in the end, I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the morning French classes and fun sailing lessons in the afternoon. I met wonderful friends and can’t wait to come back next year!"
Malgorzata, Poland

•  "We just wanted to say a huge thank you for Adil’s trip to France and the intensive course. He thoroughly enjoyed the course and the stay with his French host family of whom he spoke very highly. We shall look to sending Adil in the future and will recommend the school to our family and friends."
Shahida, UK

•  "Thank you for the wonderful photos and videos, wonderful pictures, overall professional and kind attention to my kids. They thoroughly enjoyed their French summer programme where they felt warm attitude and care."
Maria, Russia

•  "Nous avons beaucoup aimé les cours, le séjour à la maison de Michèle, les activités à Cannes et les amis de l’école. Nous avons beaucoup appris et espérons revenir l’année prochaine."
Arnaud & Stephan, Belgium

•  "Merci pour ces deux semaines et pour votre flexibilité et volonté de vraiment aider la progression de Petra et Dora!! Nous vous souhaitons un très bon été! Bien cordialement"​
Kinga, Zoltan, Petra & Dora, Hungary

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