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International Center of European Football, France:
Welcome to Europe’s top-rated football (soccer) boarding school for international male student-athletes between 12 and 23 years old! The ICEF provides year-round football and accredited academic programs taught in English from Middle School & High School through Bachelor's & Master's degrees (529 plan and student loans accepted). The ICEF's professional football programs are implemented by a UEFA / FFF licensed coaching staff and youth development experts. Student-athletes enrolled in the 10-month Pro Residency program are eligible to join the Academy’s club, competing in the French national division, Thonon Evian Grand Geneve FC. They also participate in elite competitions established in partnership with highly regarded partner clubs. The ICEF Official Pro Residency is available for 10 months starting in September and 6 months starting in January. Weekly intensive experiences are also available in the Summer.

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NO SCHOLARSHIPS. 10-month full boarding tuition fees start at 62,000 EUR.

A Center of Excellence:

Photo of High-Performance, International Soccer Football School in Europe• The International Center of European Football was established in Europe in 2017 in Evian (in south-eastern France in the Greater Geneva area), and since then, we convey the excellence of the European football (soccer) methodology throughout the world.

• All aspects of our football (soccer) boarding school, including programs, staff, amenities, and facilities, exceed the necessary requirements to offer talented young football players, from around the world, a unique chance to reach the next level. We provide the best-in-class European methodology, and coaching through an expert youth development staff who are all UEFA and/or FFF licensed, and who develop sharp, physically prepared and mentally strong football players capable of succeeding at the next level.

• The ICEF student-athletes live, play, and study in a safe environment, where safety and health standards have been reinforced to provide an even safer campus to all student-athletes for the peace of mind of their families.

• At the International Center of European Football, players reach their maximum potential and enhance individual and collective performance. We build smart, physically prepared and mentally strong players capable of succeeding at the next level. Individualized development programs and exposure opportunities lead players to top professional organizations and prestigious universities around the world.

Our Purpose:

Image of High-Performance, International Soccer Football School in EuropeThe ICEF provides the professional training and preparation required to play at the highest level of football in the world. The programs and facilities are designed to foster and expertly develop high-potential football players with a clearly defined goal: To kickstart or mature their professional football careers.

• Individual focus and physical development
• Tactical setup & position-specific training
• Technical skills exercises
• Video analysis and tactical studies
• Elite competition and scouting opportunities.

A Truly Global Academy:
The International Center of European Football offers a truly multicultural environment with students coming from countries around the globe including Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Germany, India, Iraq, Iran, Ivory Coast, Japan, Kenya, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Qatar, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, UK, USA, Venezuela and more.

Elite Competition at the Highest Level in the French League:
• The International Center of European Football’s missions are to develop, prepare and expose high potential soccer players to the official leagues in Europe.

• The ICEF carefully builds competition programs with highly regarded partner clubs in Europe.

• Also, we own Thonon Evian Grand Geneve FC, the Greater Geneva area’s biggest soccer club, which offers unique opportunities for our student-athletes to kickstart their professional soccer careers and be exposed to D1, D2 and N1, N2 European clubs.

• 2010 | Champion of National League (3rd Division)
• 2011 | Champion of French Ligue 2
• 2011 | French Cup Finalist
• 2012-2015 | 4 seasons in the French Ligue 1

Academic Excellence to pursue your Education:

Photos of International Center of European Football, FranceThe International Center of European Football is committed to providing educational programs that prepare student-athletes for academic excellence, partnered with a culturally enriching environment.

You will benefit from excellent academic preparation, whether you are in middle or high school, through the American High School program, or Cambridge or pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree at one of our partner universities (Webster University Geneva). (Use your 529 plan and student loans).

• The program length for the boarding school is 10 months from August (2022, 2023, 2024) through June (2023, 2024, 2025).
• Small class sizes allow for individualized attention, to better meet the needs of each student.
• School schedules are adapted to allow student-athletes to fully benefit from both football and academic programs.
• We also offer shorter experiences from one week through 6 months available in January or in the Summer.

Academic Programs available:
+ American Middle & High School - Grades 8th – 12th (English)
+ Cambridge Educational Program - Grades 9th through 12th (English)
+ Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (studied in English or French)
+ SAT & ACT / College Advisors
+ French & English language classes
+ French Middle & High School - “French Baccalaureate” (French)

The ICEF DOES NOT OFFER SCHOLARSHIPS: 10-month full boarding tuition fees start at 62,000 EUR.

A Safer Campus:

• Study and play in a safe, private, and enclosed campus.

• Live, play, and study in a safe environment. The Greater Geneva area benefits from being one of Europe’s low-risk areas, with a low population density. Switzerland and the Evian-les-Bains region, where our center is located, are amongst the safest and healthiest in Europe. Our team has elevated and reinforced our standards to provide an even safer campus to all student-athletes for the peace of mind of their families.

Who are the International Soccer Programs for?

Picture of High-Performance, International Soccer Football School in EuropeThe International Center of European Football is designed to accommodate, develop and expose international players coming from all over the world to receive the excellence of European methodology.

• Our football (soccer) programs are open to boys from 12 years old through 23 years old.

• Whether your objective is to prepare for a serious career in football worldwide or obtain a scholarship in a university in the U.S., our 10-month Pro Residency Program is made for you.

Lifestyle in Evian, France:
• Located only 40 minutes from Geneva International Airport, the ICEF is situated in Evian-les-Bains, France, surrounded by breathtaking mountains, lakes, and forests, close to the border with Switzerland. Recognized worldwide as a region with some of the purest spring water, Evian is the ultimate European destination for a healthy lifestyle.

• The area annually welcomes numerous tourists, families, top athletes, and world-class events. It’s also one of the top destinations in Europe for pro clubs and teams such as Liverpool F.C., Paris Saint-Germain F.C., Leicester City F.C., Southampton F.C., and Fulham F.C.

• National teams of Germany, Paraguay, Ivory Coast and the Jordan women’s national team have also chosen Evian, by Lake Geneva, as their favorite destination for pre-season training.

Testimonials of Football Coaches, Parents & Players:


• "The ICEF guarantees every international player receives the excellence of European methodology."
Regis BEUNARDEAU, Pro U19 Coach | Paris Saint Germain FC

• "The ICEF provides everything I loved when I was a student-athlete: a solid background added to individual attention for every single player!"
Carlos Eduardo RINCON, Pro Player | Inter Milan FC


• " The football coaching has been excellent. The ICEF staff also takes the boys’ education as seriously as the football. We would recommend the ICEF to anyone who is serious about soccer, but also wanting to ensure their son’s education is not left behind."
Chris Cro. (Max’s dad) | Lives in New York, USA

• "As a parent, i was impressed with the ICEF’s facilities, comforted by their staff, and instantly knew that my son would be in safe hands. I was confident that we made the right decision in choosing the ICEF to become a part of his trajectory to a career on the pitch."
Frank Nan. (Diego’s dad) | Lives in New York, USA

Football Players
• "The ICEF has helped me mature at such a young age and has allowed me to play football at the highest level. Practicing every day with professional coaches and strict planning helps any player grow tremendously."
Achille Tru. Lives in Florida (USA)

• "The ICEF is a very professional and well-organized training center. The center has helped me tremendously as i have become both more mature and more independent. The pro coaches and the training sessions are great and have boosted my performances. I feel like the ICEF has the perfect environment to improve your game, reach your maximum potential as a player, and become a better person."
Hugo Oli. | Lives in Florida (USA)

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