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Image of Rochester Independent College, Kent Rochester Independent College, Kent:
Established in 1984, Rochester Independent College (RIC) is located just east of London in the County of Kent. We are one of the most well known and highly regarded alternatives to traditional independent education in the UK. We provide first class GCSE and A level teaching, including successful retake programmes, to students aiming for highly competitive courses at top UK universities while also offering a lively and distinctive secondary education to children from the age of 11. 

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Lower School:
RIC Lower School offers a great education and a world of difference for students in Years 7 to 11. It combines the informality of a tutorial college with the teaching excellence, careful supervision and pastoral support of a top independent school. We offer a happy and lively atmosphere where academic success follows naturally from students being settled in their environment and engaged by enthusiastic and talented teachers. We are small enough to get to know everyone very well but large enough for good friendship groups to be formed. All class sizes are small, the maximum being 12.

Lower School Curriculum:
Photo of Contact Page - Lower School / GCSE Courses in Kent, UKThe Lower School offers a wide range of courses beyond that of conventional schools, allowing students as young as 11 to study interesting subjects like film, photography and media alongside the traditional academic subjects Rochester Independent College has always excelled in. 

Lower School students benefit from being taught by the College's team of highly experienced subject specialists which is particularly beneficial in Science and Mathematics. Science for example is taught by specialist Biology, Chemistry and Physics teachers from Year 7 onwards and we encourage students seeking to progress to Science A levels to take all three of these subjects to GCSE.

The College is able to offer German, Spanish and French as well as separate GCSEs in Graphic Design, Ceramics, Textiles, Fine Art and Photography. In Mathematics, students benefit from individualised learning plans and an emphasis on making the subject less intimidating but at the same time stretching the most able to complete GCSEs in Maths and Statistics early and proceed to Advanced level study.

Two Year GCSE Course:
The majority of Lower School students begin a very distinctive two year GCSE programme, the first year of which retains a great deal of flexibility. Students may opt to take a variety of subjects as either one or two year courses. Where they prefer to do so, students can pursue conventional two year programmes in all of their GCSE subjects.

One Year GCSE Course:
The One Year GCSE course allows students to take a fresh look at their options, perhaps starting one or two subjects from scratch. Only Mathematics, English and Science are compulsory on a one year GCSE course. Most students take both English and English Literature GCSE and at least GCSE Core and Additional Science although we are also able to offer Chemistry, Physics and Biology as Single Sciences. It is sometimes possible to add a subject at AS level to prepare for A level study. With the exception of Modern Foreign Languages, any subject can be taken as a one year course from scratch without the requirement for the student to have studied it previously.

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