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Vietnamese Language Studies Saigon (VLS), Ho Chi Minh City:
Learn Vietnamese with a smile! Located in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnamese Language Studies Saigon (VLS) is a leading professional language school specializing in teaching Vietnamese language and culture to expats and international students. With more than 25 years experience in teaching Vietnamese, VLS offers group Vietnamese classes and private lessons for adults of all levels - from total beginner to advanced. Our highly-experienced and qualified instructors can travel to your home or workplace to teach classes on-site.

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Vietnamese Language Courses in Ho Chi Minh City
- Morning, Afternoon & Evening classes
- for Expats / Travelers / Diplomats / College Students / International Organizations

• Survival Vietnamese Course:
Photo of Vietnamese Immersion Programs / Classes in VietnamThis intensive course is structured based on practical vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversational language patterns needed for you to successfully survive in everyday scenarios. Aside from in-class sessions, teachers also work with students during off-campus class sessions to practice and develop speaking and listening skills with the Ho Chi Minh locals on diverse subjects. 

This program will help you to minimize common misunderstandings that come from word mispronunciation and misuse. It will also prepare you to become both Vietnamese language proficient and culturally ready for more advanced courses.

VLS language instructors use simple and practical vocabulary and patterns as the material for the pronunciation lessons so that our students can study and practice Vietnamese pronunciation with useful expressions or practical conversations.

Survival course options:

One-on-One private lesson
•Study with a schedule convenient for you
•Study at our VLS campus or your own pace
•Lessons are specially tailored to your needs
•Easy to cancel and reschedule

Group lesson
•Learn with your friends / other VLS students and with a schedule convenient for you all
•Variety forms of group: 2-3 students, 4-5 students, 6-7 students
•Easy to cancel and reschedule

Online Vietnamese lesson
•Using Skype or Webex (a functional website for teaching).
•Lessons are tailored to your needs
•Flexible time and location.
•Time and schedule are decided by students.
•Easy to cancel and reschedule

Objectives of the Survival Course:
After this course, a learner will be able to:

- Understand and achieve a complete foundation of Vietnamese pronunciation.
- Hear and distinguish the differences of some sounds which are much alike.
- Say or read a Vietnamese sentence with correct tones.
- Write Vietnamese words correctly.
- Practice Vietnamese tones, rhythm and intonation for conversations.

• Pronunciation Course:
Image of Vietnamese Immersion Programs / Classes in VietnamThis is a 10-hour streamlined course structured to provide you with a complete introduction to accurate Vietnamese pronunciation. Throughout this specialized course, students progressively learn about phonetics, intonation, morphemes, rhythm, phrasing, and more. Engaging and fun practice activities are designed to help students polish their pronunciations. Additionally, you will also learn simple and useful Vietnamese vocabulary and expressions used in daily conversations.

• One-on-One private lesson
• Group lesson
• Online lesson

• Vietnamese Culture and Mentality (VCM) Program:

- Learn Vietnamese culture in Ho Chi Minh City with VLS!
- 6 hours of lectures & 4 hours on a field trip

This language course will focus on the structural elements of Vietnamese culture as well as the expressive forms of different Vietnamese cultural aspects. This will be a combination of history, family, values, religion, regional culture, customs and habits, behaviors, manifestation.

• Dynamic Participant Program:

Taught at four levels, our Dynamic Participant Program is designed to heighten your Vietnamese language proficiency level, and help you to quickly become an active participant in the Vietnamese culture and community.

Our teachers utilize a wide range of interactive and fun activities and games that give students the opportunity to practice using Vietnamese in life-like situations. Vietnamese speaking and listening skills are the priority in the first two levels. Reading, discussion and presentation skills, and essay writing are developed in the third and fourth levels.

Vietnamese Classes for Beginners:
Photos of Vietnamese Language Studies Saigon (VLS), Ho Chi Minh CityLevel 1: Join In (80 hours)

This class aims to provide you with a solid foundation in Basic Vietnamese and Conversational Vietnamese. You will learn about grammar, phonetics (pronunciation), and cultural aspects which will help you in further Vietnamese language studies, as well as in your engagement with the Vietnamese community and culture.
There is a strong emphasis placed on speaking and listening skills, as well as functional fluency. We carefully compile course topics and vocabulary to provide you with the language skills that you need to successfully live in Vietnam, and interact in everyday situations.

Vietnamese Classes for Elementary Students:

Level 2: Connect (80 hours)

On completion of this level, you will be confident in your Conversational Vietnamese skills, and have the fluency to converse on everyday topics with good cultural awareness. 

At this level, there is an emphasis on Natural Vietnamese, and interaction with the local community is greatly encouraged in every lesson. The course units are designed to teach the vocabulary and language patterns that you will use in everyday scenarios in Vietnam.

You are trained in more developed conversations, with a continued focus on pronunciation as an important part of the curriculum. In addition, small reading texts are inserted in the course units.

Intermediate Vietnamese Classes:

Level 3: Share (240 hours)

Picture of Vietnamese Immersion Programs / Classes in VietnamEach course at this level has a topic-based syllabus designed to improve your language skills and enrich your cultural perspectives. You will learn through use of semi-authentic and authentic materials, sources, and native environment - Vietnamese newspaper articles, movie extracts, folktales and legends, idiomatic sayings etc.

The main segments of the curriculum are reading and listening comprehension, discussion and oral presentation. As well as providing you with a wide range of topical vocabulary, your knowledge of Vietnamese grammar will be strengthened. You also start to practice writing essays.

Opportunities to experience Vietnamese life, culture, traditions for your personal reflections are more frequently introduced to you during the courses. You can partake in more complex conversations that allow you to demonstrate your improved speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

On completion of this level, you will have achieved higher proficiency in written and oral Vietnamese at intermediate level. In addition, you will have developed greater cultural awareness.

Advanced Vietnamese Classes:

Level 4: Like a Family (240 hours) 

The aim of these courses is to enhance your Vietnamese language skills and cultural competency to advanced level. The lesson units can be designed to cover your specific interests and learning needs.

On completion of this level, you will be able to understand Vietnamese spoken by native speakers in a variety of contexts and regional accents. You will be able to express yourself fluently orally and in writing, using a range of strategies for different audiences and communicative contexts.

Every course continues to have a topic-based and multilayered syllabus, which includes comprehensive teaching through the use of authentic materials, sources, and native environment. Course by course, you will read, listen and discuss selections from local newspapers, TV news, documentary films, journals and modified literary excerpts about the native country, people, culture, history, economy, politics, society. Expository writing will also be required.

• Academic Vietnamese Course:
If you need to improve your Vietnamese language skills to facilitate your future Vietnamese studies, this is the ideal course for you! This program can be conducted intensively, making it suitable for short study abroad programs. VLS is currently taking care of Vietnamese academic training for CET Academic Programs and GUAVA-VASI, two U.S.-based study abroad programs.

Available to students from beginner to advanced levels, this course aims to maximize your ability to use Vietnamese in all four key areas: Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading.

Taught in a creative and energetic environment, this course will help you to achieve your Vietnamese language goals naturally and confidently. The content and curriculum of a 2-month intensive course at VLS are comparable to 2 semesters of a college Vietnamese language course. An assessment system is an integral part of the program. It includes daily quizzes, homework, assignments, mid-terms and final tests.

• Private Vietnamese Lessons:
Images of Vietnamese Language Studies Saigon (VLS), Ho Chi Minh CitySuitable for students from beginner to advanced level, our private Vietnamese lessons can be tailored to your specific requirements. Our individual training is extremely flexible - you can choose the days and time that best suit your schedule.

Our most popular individual tutoring courses are General Vietnamese lessons which provide a solid foundation in all aspects of the Vietnamese language. These classes help you to speak and understand authentic Vietnamese in daily settings.

Benefiting from our creative and energetic environment, you will achieve your language goals confidently and naturally.

• Special Vietnamese Immersion Courses:

- Basic Conversational Vietnamese through video clips
- Intensive Conversational Vietnamese
- Vietnamese Literature & Advanced Vietnamese Composition
- Vietnamese for Heritage Learners
- Active-Member courses: Business Vietnamese/Vietnamese for Special Purposes
- Vietnamese teacher training for those teaching Vietnamese as a Foreign Language (VFL)
- Other customized courses per individual requirements

Intensive Conversational Vietnamese Course:
Designed for students who wish to focus exclusively on their speaking and listening skills, this course is recommended for students at intermediate and advanced level.

You will improve your conversational skills through engaging in activities such as debates, topical discussions, oral presentations on assigned topics, and skits.

To allow you to interact with the diverse populations found throughout Vietnam, you will be provided with instruction on different regional dialects, slang, idioms, informal and colloquial expressions, and common sayings used frequently in daily conversation by Vietnamese people.

Because intensive listening activities also play an important role in this course, you will be exposed to Vietnamese movies, plays, news programs, TV shows, and radio broadcasts.

Vietnamese Course for Heritage Learners:
Taught at pre-intermediate level, this course is designed specifically for heritage learners who have high Vietnamese oral skills, but have had little exposure to the written language. 

With many years of experience in teaching students with uneven proficiencies, our teachers are extremely skilled in adapting our teaching methods for students with diverse needs.

Vietnamese Literature:
Exploring the evolution of Vietnamese literature from feudal to modern times, this course is taught entirely in Vietnamese to students of advanced level. To begin, you will study examples of Vietnamese legends, myths, and folk literature. You will then be exposed to the writings of medieval authors such as Ho Xuan Huong and Nguyen Du (Tale of Kieu).

Authors from the colonial and war eras such as Vu Trong Phung and Nam Cao will be introduced, as well as several poets from the New Poetry Movement of the 1920s. You will also touch upon the modern period by exploring the works of authors such as Xuan Dieu, To Huu, and Le Luu. An exploration of ca dao, Vietnamese folksongs and idiomatic sayings will round out the literary curriculum.

Advanced Vietnamese Composition
Focusing exclusively on expository writing, this course is designed to introduce students to stylistic devices seen in several different forms of Vietnamese texts.

You will examine newspapers, academic expositions, advertisements, and literary or descriptive works, and you will practice writing brief samples of each. Because you will be required to analyse Vietnamese writing samples, applicants should have high proficiency in reading comprehension.

Corporate Vietnamese Training for Business Professionals / Diplomats:
The corporate training program provides courses with the content and teaching methods tailored to meet the needs and requirements of each client. The Vietnamese language courses can be general or industry specific and offered at all levels - for Business Executives / Working Professionals / Organizations / Government Diplomats.

Classes can be conducted at VLS campus or at your workplace at a time that suits your schedule. The length of the training is generally determined by the client with consideration to learning requirements and expected outcomes.

Student Reviews / Testimonials:
•  "I have had so much fun getting to know Saigon through my growing Vietnamese language skills. Thank you for fun classes, warm teacher and staff and for helping me create a map to learn about and enjoy Vietnam in many new ways. Wow! I will miss you all!"
- Steph

•  "The teachers here are so very patient and helpful. This is a very hard language for western people to learn, and they did everything they could to help us understand to get the enough right. Thank you VLS."
- Elizabeth, Australian Volunteers International

•  "I always enjoyed my classes and left the school with a feeling of having made good progress. VLS teachers are really committed to teaching their students in a fun, efficient and comfortable way. Thank you for making a very complicated sounding language sound less complicated."
- Andreas, Austria

•  "Thank you all for your help in improving my Vietnamese. My hope is that I could one day come back to Vietnam and speak fluent Vietnamese with you all. I really liked the fact that you took the time to individualize my classes and that you always found such interesting articles for me to read."
- My, Canada

• "I cannot recommend VLS enough. The team here have cultivated a great learning environment to help those on their Vietnamese learning journey. For me, VLS met my key criteria:
1. Structured lesson content
2. Holistic learning approach with focus given to speaking, listening reading and writing
3. Most importantly, a supportive environment that genuinely gets me to look forward to attending class each day thereby keeping me motivated

Looking back 2 months on and 80 class hours later, I am truly grateful for choosing to study here, especially for the efforts of my teacher Co Hoa. Thank you to all those that have helped me. See you again soon."

- Aidan Nguyen, 2019

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