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Hanbridge Mandarin, Shenzhen & Chengdu:
Are you searching for a quality Chinese course in China for your child or teenager? Give your child or teenager a head-start by providing them the opportunity to learn Chinese with Hanbridge Mandarin at our language school in Shenzhen in Guangdong Province in Southern China or online! With over 10 years of experience in delivering quality Chinese language instruction, Hanbridge Mandarin offers in-class and online Mandarin courses for kids and teens. We also have a language center in Chengdu, the capital of southwestern China's Sichuan Province, 4.5 hours north-west of Chongqing.

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Chinese Language Courses & Immersion Programs:

• Private Chinese Lessons:

Photo of Mandarin Tutors / Language Classes in ShenzhenSuitable for children & teenagers of all levels (beginner through to advanced students), private Mandarin lessons can take place at our language centre in Shenzhen. Alternatively, our professional Chinese teachers can travel to your home or other suitable venue in Shenzhen.

• Online Chinese courses for children and teenagers in Shenzhen and globally

Kids' Chinese Course:
Divided into 4 levels ranging from Beginner to Advanced, our online Chinese course for children provides quality teaching in all four key Chinese language skills - speaking, listening, writing and reading.

Taught by professional and experienced teachers, this course helps children to learn Chinese through video and songs, playing games, discussing fun topics.

Chinese Course for Teenagers:
Divided into 3 levels, ranging from Preliminary to Advanced level, this course can be customized to suit the unique abilities and language learning goals of each student. Taught by qualified and experienced Chinese tutors, classes are interactive and fun.

Material will be presented in a variety of mediums including books, video, songs, and riddles. The aim is to provide valuable knowledge in all of the four main areas of Chinese language learning: speaking, listening, writing and reading.

• Chinese Summer Camps
Summer Program Duration: 10 days

Image of Mandarin Tutors / Language Classes in ShenzhenOur Chinese summer camp is open to students of all ages (adults and children) who are interested in learning more about Chinese language and culture. It comprises quality Mandarin language instruction from professional and experienced teachers, alongside rich, cultural experiences. 

Our aim is to give participants from around the world an authentic experience that will develop their love of learning Chinese.

In the morning, you will have Mandarin Chinese classes in small groups. In the afternoons, you will enjoy exciting cultural field trips or cultural experiences (calligraphy, chess, opera, tea culture, water painting etc.). Camp Options include:
• Day Camp Options: Our Day Camp includes Chinese classes, afternoon activities and lunch. It runs daily from Monday to Friday (9:00am - 4:30pm).

• Chinese Homestay Summer Camp: Our Homestay Summer Camp program is designed specifically for students who want an immersive language experience living with a Chinese family after school.

• Chinese with Dormitory Option: Our Summer Camp program with dormitory gives you options on either sharing a room with other classmates or reserves you a private space during your study in our program.

• Family Package: A flexible program that can be tailored to fit around your schedule & any projects that you have for your trip to China.

• Chinese Exam Preparation:
We provide exam preparation courses for the AP (Advanced Placement) exam and the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) Chinese proficiency test.

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