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Hanbridge Mandarin for Kids & Teens in Shenzhen & Chengdu:
Are you searching for a quality Chinese course in China for your child or teenager? Give your child or teenager a head-start by providing them the opportunity to learn Chinese with Hanbridge Mandarin at our language school in Shenzhen in Guangdong Province in Southern China or online! With over 10 years of experience in delivering quality Chinese language instruction, Hanbridge Mandarin offers in-class and online Mandarin courses for kids and teens. We also have a language center in Chengdu, the capital of southwestern China's Sichuan Province, 4.5 hours north-west of Chongqing.

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Why Choose Hanbridge Mandarin?

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- Excellent Teachers:

All of our Chinese tutors are native speakers and hold advanced degrees in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.

- We Teach All /levels:

Whether your child or teenager is a basic beginner or at a more advanced level, we can customize class content to meet their specific needs.

- Culture Classes & Activities:
We are devoted to promoting Chinese traditional culture for our international students, and so provide a range of cultural activities, including calligraphy, tea, painting and music.

Chinese Language Courses for Kids & Teens:
• Private Chinese lessons for children & teenagers: At our language centre or at your home in Shenzhen

• Online Chinese courses for children and teenagers in Shenzhen and globally

• AP Chinese language and culture course

• HSK exam preparation

• Chinese summer camps (for ages 8-25 and their families)

Student & Parent Reviews:

Image of Chinese Language School in Shenzhen•  "I will go to University in China very soon, and already learnt Mandarin in Hanbridge Mandarin for one year. Now I can read and understand Chinese news in newspaper and television, what's more, I make many Chinese friends. I always speak Chinese when I stay with them."
Thomas, France

•  "My child is 5 years old, and learned Chinese in Hanbridge Mandarin. She didn't know any Chinese at first, now she can talk about fruit and colors in Chinese. Sometimes she sings Chinese songs to me, I'm so happy to see her progress!"
Jennifer, USA

•  "My child is 11 years old. He didn't like to learn Mandarin before because he thought Chinese pronunciation is very hard. Now he learns Chinese Phonetics course and general Chinese course in Hanbridge Mandarin for 3 months, he is more and more love Mandarin. He said class content is very interesting. I think Hanbridge Mandarin teachers are very professional and they can catch kids' attention."
Halima, France

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Address: 3F, Strength Science and Technology Mansion, Gaoxin South 1st Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
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