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Contemporary Art Programs in Berlin, Germany

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KUNSTGUT School of Contemporary Art, Berlin:
Located in the diverse neighborhood of Kreuzberg in Berlin, Germany, KUNSTGUT School of Contemporary Art is one of the best international art schools. We provide art courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels for students from around the world. We are a small art school with a very close relationship with our students. We welcome highly-motivated and talented students from beginners to professionals.

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Art Courses in Berlin:
Photo of Contemporary Art Programs in Berlin, Germany- 2-year Foundation Course "Traditional Techniques of  the Arts"
- 6-month foundation/ orientation course
- 3-year Project Study: An individually-oriented study program
- 2-year Post Study: An individually-oriented study program for professionals
- 1-year Program: Free Painting Class
- Portfolio preparation course for the application at university or art schools
- Summer academy: Short art courses

2-year Foundation Course "Traditional Techniques of  the Arts"
The two-year foundation course covers the techniques of classical art in a wide range. It is an independent training with a clear, predefined structure, which may be followed by the project study.

An examination of the "Old Masters" is more than to learning the classical techniques of art.  It is a practical analysis of many aspects – not only of painting techniques. It is based on four seminars: body and form, art and history, painting techniques, and individual studies. Each seminar teaches goal-directed thinking and action. It is a foundation of our culture. It is the optimal condition for all other courses of study of the visual arts.

Image of Contemporary Art Programs in Berlin, GermanyOne of the basic points is the aspect of the skilled craftmanship, but this has to be understood correctly. The study program is based on the research of different forms and ways to create pictures to expand your own freedom of action with respect to art. The main focus is on drawing and painting. Among other topics sculpturing and three-dimensional work will be treated in the second study period.

As mentioned before the extremely different materials and methods of the "old masters" are one big goal of the training. This is based on the historical practice: from egg tempera, oil painting, acrylic painting, creating different grounds, and making the paint by yourself .The training of drawing skills takes the main part in the first step. Without that it makes no sense to go in the classical technics.

The program is oriented so that it brings a lot of benefits for all subsequent artistic paths  - for example: new media, video, photo, installation and so forth. The mastery of basic practical skills  is for almost all applications an enormous advantage. This advantage is learnign to sketch vivid and clear ideas with pen, ink, or three dimensions quickly, and of course to make it visible and achieve a certain quality. It is an advantage that persists throughout life, and characterizes the KUNSTGUT students already.

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Address: Berlin Kreuzberg, Glogauerstrasse 6, Berlin, Germany
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