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Media / Music Production School in Texas

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Welcome to MediaTech Institute in Texas, a place for anyone looking for a creative career in the entertainment business. We have campuses in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, TX, and Oceanside, California. Currently we offer two programs and new additional classes designed to help each student develop the skills to realize their dream to work in the Film and Video or the Audio Industry. Our philosophy is to provide each student access to industry standard facilities and equipment. That is why each program provides extensive hands-on experience on a wide range of equipment currently being used by working professionals.

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Photo of Media / Music Production School in Texas Dallas
Known as “The Big D”, the city of Dallas is the premier urban village in the Southwest with a history of cultural diversity and artistic expression that dates to the early 20th century. In Dallas, you will find exquisite dining, fantastic shopping, original art, great live music and the best loft living this side of NYC. With a great entertainment history like this you can find it all here, Film, TV, Sports, Music, Industry and all the opportunity that comes along for the ride.

Known for its casual and playful nature, Austin is the playground of Texas and the Live Music Capital of the World! Situated at the center of the Lone Star State, it stands as the gateway to the Texas Hill Country and the Highland Lakes. As the state capital, the city supports a politically charged and culturally rich environment. It's hip, trendy, and high-tech. A large creative population-primarily musicians and artists-enhance its eclectic nature.

The city of Houston combines cutting-edge innovation with the open spaces and can-do spirit of the West. Known as Space City, the Houston area is an exciting, diverse environment where people from all over the world live, work and play. It’s the city that sent a man to the moon. And one that is constantly re-inventing itself, most recently becoming a hot-bed of activity in the major music genres of Hip-Hop and Rap. This city offers mouth-watering restaurants, celebrity chefs, trend-setting clubs and a vibrant theater and downtown entertainment scene.

Oceanside, California
The newest campus for MediaTech Institute is located in beautiful Oceanside, California. Just a stone’s throw from the water, this beautiful facility features all new equipment from Digidesign and other major manufacturers. Slated to open in the fall of 2009, course offerings will include ProTools Certification classes as well as studies in Digital Film and Audio Engineering.

School / Office Address: 400 E. Royal Lane, Irving
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