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Image of International Summer School for Teens in London, England International Summer School for Teens in London, England:
Join us at The International Summer School for Teens in Oxford, England for a unique 3-week academic programme in 2024 with exciting electives, activities and boarding accommodation for both British & international students of ages 13 to 18 years old. Our Study Skills course in Oxford (on the prestigious University of Oxford campus) is designed to help prepare students for the workload and intense level of study that they can expect in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma/GSCE and SAT exams after the summer. The course lessons cover key exam-related topics & skills such as time management, planning a workload, essay writing, presenting with confidence, taking notes and exam preparation. We also offer our Pre-IB / pre GSCE / pre SAT exam summer course at our school in Scotland.

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3-week Residential Summer School Programme in Oxford, UK:
• In July 2024
• Boys & Girls ages 13-18 years old (British & international students)
• Students choose 1 Academic course + 1 Elective course.

The historic city of Oxford and the inspiring University of Oxford campus in the South-East region of England have so much to offer high school age teenagers seeking an immersive summer experience in a leading UK university or college environment.

Academic Courses (39 Hours):
Photo of Contact Page - Summer Pre-IB / GCSE Courses in Oxford UKStudents choose 1 of the following courses:
• Study Skills (PRE IB / GSCE / SAT exam prep)
• Intensive English Language
• English Literature with Creative Writing
• Extended Essay Writing
• Global Leadership

ELECTIVES: Sport / Creative Courses (39 Hours):
Students choose 1 of the following electives: 
• Golf, Tennis, Rowing, Photography or Theatre (Drama / Acting techniques).

• Study Skills (PRE IB / GSCE / SAT exam prep)
This Study Skills course has been designed to instil our students with the essentail skills and confidence required for academic success after the summer. 

This course is also highly recommended for students who want to work on their English language skills in a more academic context.

Features of the Course:

• Discover essential techniques to assist each student with their future academic studies.
• Gain the confidence to apply these techniques with ease when starting new projects or taking tests.
• How to learn to be mindful (Focusing your awareness on the present moment without feeling overwhelmed).

Working in small groups, classes cover:
• Time management: note-taking and listening skills.
• Dealing with change and tools to manage it.
• Effective writing skills: comparing, contrasting, defining, elaborating, describing, and learning how to structure and write an essay in an academic context.
• Verbal skills; listening, focusing, presenting, debating and role playing.
• Reading with purpose: extracting info, focusing on specific text, analyzing it and developing critical thinking skills.
• A debrief on university, future career choices and UCAS.
• Develop the seven characteristics required for success: zest, grit, optimism, gratitude, social intelligence, curiosity, self-control.
• Sources: how to use the library, plagiarism, referencing and academic integrity.
• Assessment: what does the mark mean and interpreting results.
• Preparing for exams: SAT, ACT, IELTS, and the Cambridge International Examination.
• Writing an extended essay.
• Introduction to CAS, TOK and DofE.
• UCAS studying and assignments: time management, planning work, breaking down a task and meeting deadlines.
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