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School of Teaching ESL – Seattle, WA and online:
Located in Seattle, WA, The School of Teaching ESL (S-TESL), in cooperation with Seattle Pacific University, offers an accredited TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Certificate via online classes anywhere in the world. The credits you earn may be applied to the Seattle Pacific University Post-Bachelor's TESOL certificate (12 credit or 24 credit options) or WA state ELL Endorsement offered at School of Teaching ESL. Your credits may also be applied to the MA/TESOL at Seattle Pacific University. Onsite study options are also available: an intensive four-week course or evening classes.

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Accredited Online TESOL Certificate Program (120+ hours):
School of Teaching ESL in Seattle, WA (in cooperation with Seattle Pacific University) gives students several choices regarding professional development in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL).

Photo of Online TESOL Certificate Programs12 Credit TESOL Certificate:
A Bachelor’s degree plus this certificate is a typical requirement for overseas employment.

Any holder of at least a bachelor’s degree from an approved college or professional school can earn The Seattle Pacific University Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages for completion of twelve credits with a GPA of 3.0.

S-TESL graduates with this level of training also find work in private language schools and community-based programs in the U.S.

Students who study in the online format typically complete the twelve-credit certificate in two to four quarters. In online classes, students may select different electives to tailor their certificate to individual interests and needs.

For example, classes such as Pronunciation in ELT, Young Learners in ELT, and Teaching English for Specific Purposes can be useful courses. 

24 Credit TESOL Certificate (Advanced Certificate):
An advanced certificate can improve your marketability for more competitive teaching positions in the U.S. and abroad.

Any holder of at least a bachelor’s degree from an approved college or professional school can earn The Seattle Pacific University Advanced Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages on completion of twenty-four credits (includes the credits from the 12 credit certificate).

Six credits may be transferred in. Self-Analysis and Improvement in TESOL (3 credits) is a required course.

English Language Learners (ELL) Endorsement Program:
You can meet all Washington State OSPI requirements for an ELL Endorsement. You must have a valid Washington State teaching credential at the time you apply for an endorsement.

Online and onground credits can be applied to the endorsement.

Online TESOL Courses:

Foundations of English Language Teaching: Theory and Application (3 credits) 
Image of Online TESOL Certificate ProgramsThis course addresses the general principles of language acquisition and guidelines for teaching English as a second or foreign language.

The specific classroom application of principles and guidelines will be emphasized through lesson and unit plan development. This course is a required component of the 12-credit Certificate, and is a prerequisite for several other classes. 

Grammar in English Language Teaching (3 credits) 
Course is designed to provide the instructor of ESOL with tools to facilitate grammar acquisition. Participants will learn grammar rules and develop strategies for instructing ESOL students in grammar.

Materials Development and Resources in English Language Teaching (3 credits)
Participants will survey existing ESOL materials to become familiar with resources for teaching. In addition, participants will explore guidelines regarding teacher-created and student-created materials. Creation of instructional materials is required during the class. 

Reading and Writing in English Language Teaching (3 credits)
Course examines the challenges of providing ESOL instruction for students who are in widely varying stages of the literacy continuum, from pre-literacy to academic success.

Instructional strategies for increasing literacy levels of ESOL students will be addressed as will the development of instructional materials which are appropriate for the literacy level of the intended ESOL student. 

Pronunciation in English Language Teaching (3 credits)
This course introduces participants to English pronunciation features, key terms, and concepts. This knowledge is applied to the analysis of non-native speaker English and to the development of strategies to improve the fluency and comprehensibility of ESOL students.

Cultural Issues in English Language Teaching (3 credits)
Course explores cultural diversity through readings on different cultural groups present in ESOL classrooms, and classroom visits by representatives of those same groups. Particular emphasis is placed on the influence of culture on language acquisition. 

Content-based English Language Teaching (3 credits)
Course is particularly designed for the teacher of mainstreamed ESOL students as well as other ESOL teachers. It emphasizes the merging of content instruction and language development and provides the ESOL teacher with text-analysis skills and includes analysis of strategies which provide supplemental assistance to the special needs student.

Introduction to Linguistics for English Language Teachers (3 credits)
This course is a survey of general linguistics with attention to use by the ESOL classroom teacher. It provides a review of current research regarding linguistics, and provides an opportunity for course participants to develop skill in linguistic analysis. 

Assessment of English Language Students (3 credits)
This course reviews testing principles and provides an opportunity for ESOL instructors to design tests for all language skills and components. Standardized as well as instructor-developed instruments will be included. 

Focus on the Learner in English Language Teaching (3 credits)
Course focuses on the importance of student-centered learning and ways to implement student-centered strategies in the ESOL classroom. An emphasis is placed on use of cooperative learning in the ESOL classroom. 

Classroom Issues and Management in Teaching English Language Learners (3 credits)
An individualized course involving completion of a 40-hour field experience in teaching ESOL. Participants conduct self-analysis of teaching beliefs and skills and develop growth plans. 

Curriculum Development for English Language Programs (3 credits)
Participants will be exposed to issues in language curriculum development, including needs analysis, planning goals and learner outcomes, and syllabus design. Participants will create a proposal for a curriculum development project in their own institution. 

Technology in English Language Teaching (3 credits)
This course explores the research supporting the use of computers in English language teaching, computer-based activities which enhance the acquisition of language, and issues related to the limitations and power of computers in education. 

Professionalism, Advocacy, and Leadership in English Language Teaching (1 credit)
Participants will research and discuss the history and legal issues concerning the education of ESOL learners in the United States and in Washington State. Required for the Washington State Endorsement in ESL. Offered by special permission only. 

Young Learners and English Language Teaching (3 credits)
This course addresses the special language learning needs of children ages 5-11 in both second language and foreign language settings. The course will examine child development issues and second language acquisition as they relate to young learners.

Instructional strategies (including the use of music and song, storytelling, movement, and drama) for increasing motivation and engagement will be practiced.

Teaching English for Specific Purposes (3 credits)
This course is designed to prepare participants to meet the needs of students learning English for specific workplace settings, such as business, medical, health, or technical fields. Participants will be able to conduct needs analysis, design materials in the four language skills.

Student Testimonials:
"The course delivery was good. This was the first online course that I have taken so I was impressed how well it went between me and the instructor and my colleagues. Feedback given to me by my instructor was timely and constructive."
- Online Student

"Although I never met the instructor face-to-face, I had the feeling that she was extremely interested in each one of us not just as students, but as individuals. She came to know our quirks and always managed to make her comments very personal and meaningful. I thought the presentation of materials was excellent! I always knew what was expected of me and when it was expected." 
- Online Student

"Content was great. Will really help me out professionally. Already have put some material to use. Instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful."
- Online Student

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Completing your qualification online allows you to learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home, office, or any location with an internet connection.

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