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Fun yet Difficult Flying Game Online - Flying Kiwi

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Flying Kiwi is a very challenging yet fun flying skill-based game for kids and teens where you have to guide Kevin the Kiwi on an epic test flight through difficult landscapes filled with obstacles, mountains, caverns, and other (much bigger and meaner) birds.

Meet Kevin – a lonely yet fiercely intelligent flightless bird who has always dreamed of one day taking to the skies, and visiting the homeland of his ancestors in New Zealand. One fine sunny day, Kevin sees a happy flock of birds high in the sky on a long distance journey, and decides at that moment that he has had enough of life purely as a simple terrestrial bird! He may not have the wings to carry him in flight, but he definitely has the vision and brains to create a fantastic flying machine! However, while building an aircraft is an engineering feat in itself, keeping one in the air is a completely different skill. Kevin the Kiwi's great challenge now is to pass the "Test Flight" - to make it safely to the maximum testing distance of 5000 meters!

This fast-paced, side-scrolling flying adventure requires really quick reactions as you must dodge and weave your way around the numerous rocks and obstacles that can knock Kevin out of the sky! Trial and error is the key here – you almost certainly won’t complete this quest in just one attempt! You will also need to collect bonus points and coins along the way in order to upgrade Kevin’s cool aircraft from a simple pedal-plane to an awesome, super-charged flying machine. Do you possess the nerveless and flawless piloting skills required to bring this brave little Kiwi the full test flight distance of 5000 meters? Strap yourself in tight - it’s going to be a bumpy ride! Good luck up there!

How to Play: Kevin the Kiwi has to travel 5000 meters in order to pass his aircraft's all-important test flight. He has cleverly built a push-pedal style aircraft that you must help him to control and improve dramatically. The aircraft automatically moves forward, with two ways to maneuver it; using your computer mouse, or the Spacebar on your keyboard. However, you can increase and decrease its altitude by clicking either your Left Mouse Button, or hitting Spacebar. The longer you hold down the click or the Spacebar, the higher the aircraft ascends. The trick is to build momentum by lightly tapping on your chosen control button every couple of seconds to keep Kevin in the flying position that you want.

You can see how far the aircraft has traveled in the top right corner of the game screen. Avoid rocks, cliff ledges, and other treacherous obstacles jutting out of the landscape along the way. You also have to contend with large exotic birds that deviously try to knock the aircraft out of the sky. If you collide with any of these obstacles, Kevin is propelled out of the plane, and down to the hard ground, and you have to start again (unless you are protected by a Shield Bubble.)

You earn Gold Coins for progressing through the tricky obstacle course. Each time Kevin crashes (and this happens a lot), you can go to the Upgrades Store to add cool gadgets to help in the next flight. The 'Fast Forward' Power Up automatically zooms Kevin through the early stages of the flight. 'Slow Motion' allows you to slow everything down, and avoid obstacles more easily for a short space of time (hit your X key to activate this). The 'Bubble Shield' protects Kevin from attacks (4 layers can be added). And finally, the 'Atomic Bomb' blows all obstacles in the immediate vicinity out of the sky (hit your Z Key to activate it, but you can only use it a limited number of times).

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