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Online Army Helicopter Game - Helistorm 2: Re-group

Rating: 8/10 - 2015 votes

Helistorm 2: Re-group is an extremely tricky flying and shoot-em-up action game where you have to fly a Black Hawk-style helicopter, and protect a convoy of trucks from an enemy aircraft attack. You play the role of a daring military pilot , and have to dodge and weave your way around a chaotic war-zone to protect your colleagues from the heavy artillery raining down on them. It’s best to fight fire with fire, so you have to destroy the bad guys before they blow up your trucks.

You are the convoy’s Guardian Angel, and must guide them safely back to the base to become the hero of the hour! This is an extremely tough task however, as the sheer number of enemy aircraft can be overwhelming. You also have to contend with anti-aircraft turret guns which try to bring your chopper down. You’ll need quick reactions and slick piloting skills to succeed here, as enemies keep popping up out of nowhere to strike. Your strategic planning abilities will also come into play, as you have to carefully shoot down other choppers to create a path for your allies to make it home. Are you ready to give it your all, Black-Hawk Hero? Good, it’s time to blast the bad guys!

How to Play: Each mission is simple in theory – protect the convoy of trucks from other aircraft and turrets until it makes its way back to the base. Control your chopper using both your computer mouse and keyboard. The helicopter follows the movement of your mouse. Left Click to fire your guns or missiles, using the red target marker as your aiming device. Use the WASD Keys for supplemental movements. The A and D Keys “straff” (swerve) the helicopter, left or right, at high speed. W activates Turbo Boosters, while the S Key activates your Shield. The Shield is not unlimited, and the Shield Bar in the bottom right corner of the game screen decreases as you use the Shield.

Hit 1 and 2 to toggle between your normal guns and more powerful missiles. Follow your Radar map in the bottom right corner to find your convoy of trucks (indicated by Yellow Arrow & Dots). Enemy aircraft and turrets appear as Red Dots on the Radar Map. Each aircraft, ally or enemy, has a Health Bar above them. Once yours decreases all the way, it’s game over. The trucks also have Health Bars, and if all of the trucks are eliminated – you have failed the mission and have to start all over again.

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