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Secret Agent Shooting Game - Go Go Agent Zero

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"Urgent message for Agent Zero from the Command Center: The enemy has learned of your whereabouts, and are on route. By the time you read this message, they will literally be on top of you. You must survive for as long as possible until we come to get you out of the battle zone. As you well know by know, this means bullets galore, grenades, explosions, motorcycles, jet-skis, speedboats, helicopters, and a whole load of extras. Agent Zero, we need you to hang in there Old Chap. We are on our way!"

Go Go Agent Zero is an fast paced, action-packed, side-scrolling shoot 'em up platform game for teenagers set in a James Bond movie-style high-speed battle chase! You play the role of Agent Zero, a secret agent character who suddenly find himself thick in the heat of a deadly battle with a horde of pursuing bad guys. You must survive this mad dash for as long as possible by picking up awesome weapons, blasting your enemies while on the run, leaping acrobatically from ledge to ledge, taking control of idle vehicles, and more. Just as in a madcap chase scene in the movies, you could be running full-pelt one minute to escape your nasty pursuants, and then instantaneously find yourself behind the wheel of a slick speedboat in the blink of an eye!

This high-octane, explosion-filled survival adventure is absolutely non-stop, so total concentration at all times is a must. Your quick reflexes and keyboard tapping skills are extremely important here as your Agent character has to sprint, duck, dodge, slide, jump, and shoot – pretty much all at once! Reminiscent of popular fast-paced action games such as Temple Run, this is one wild survival-based ride that should keep you on the edge of your seat! Could you be the next Bond?

How to Play: Your mission is to survive the chase for as long as possible. Your black-suited Agent Zero character sprints automatically from left to right across the side-scrolling screen. Control his movements using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard; Up Arrow = Jump; Down Arrow = Duck / Slide; Left and Right Arrows = Shoot. Enemy vehicles approach from both the front and the rear, so you often have to fire your guns to the right and left in quick succession. Each level finishes when you leap onto the ladder of a friendly rescue helicopter (this is the only few moments you receive any sort of break in the action) only to be dropped off again shortly afterward on the next level (platform).

Collect more powerful guns and grenades as you progress. Press Spacebar to throw a grenade into the path of oncoming enemies. Each time you get hit with an enemy bullet, your Health Bar is reduced. Likewise, if you step on an exploding mine, you lose valuable health. Each time you lose a life, you re-spawn, and automatically begin running again. You can see how many lives you have remaining in the top left corner of the game screen (just below your Health Bar). Good luck on the run!

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