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Aiming & Accuracy Games for Older Kids

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Play popular aiming & accuracy shooting games online, airplane games, space alien games, fast action games for supervised children, teens & Big Kids. You can now also

Aiming & Accuracy
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Air Warfare 3D

Test your combat flying skills and nerve in a highly challenging fighter pilot RPG: Air Warfare 3D is a difficult and intense online flying and shooting game for older kids / teens where you must guide a missile-firing military jet into a chaotic free-roam air battle for an all-out dogfight, and try to survive for as long as possible. Score as many enemy plane eliminations as you can before your armor runs out, or you crash to the ground.

This all-action flying war game requires good observation skills, very hand-eye coordination, sharp reactions on your keyboard, and accurate shooting. Attack and defense are essential in equal measure in the sky. You must dodge and weave to avoid enemy fire while also placing yourself into good attacking positions. The awesome 3D graphics and authentic gameplay make for an edge-of-your-seat experience! How long can you survive in this frenzied air battle?

Note: This game is designed to be played on laptops and desktop PCs, it can only be played on mobile devices if you connect a keyboard as there are too many control buttons required to fit onto the screen for optimal gameplay. 

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Shooting Blocky Combat Swat Gungame Survival

Can you survive this deathmatch? Shooting Blocky Combat Swat GunGame Survival offers shooting action with multiple game modes, weapons, attachments, and even online multiplayer!

This action shooting game is intense, and you have to hit your shots to win! Offering forty campaign levels for you to play by yourself, the real fun comes when you go online and battle with people over the internet. Choose your region and get into a game to challenge yourself and go head-to-head with other players. There are five game modes to choose from, including Death Match, Team Death Match, Wave Survival, Zombies, and Gun Game. Join a server if there’s space or create your own! You can even create matches and use a password so that only your friends can join you. Pick from the multitude of options and go at it! This game offers eighteen weapons along with multiple maps and skins to choose from. Can you or your team get the better of your enemies?

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Special Strike

Special Strike is a 3D third person shooter in which you can fight in real time against enemies from all over the globe in many different battlegrounds, such as a bunker or mansion! In this free-for-all fighter, killing enemies will earn you money which you can spend on a variety of primary weapons, secondary weapons, and extra weapons such as grenades.

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EV io

Grab your laser rifles and strap on your combat suit as you take to the field to see if you can stand victorious in EV io. this is a space-themed multiplayer first-person shooter where you can play against others in the public lobby, host your own private lobby, or even play by yourself against up to 20 bots. Pick from 16 different maps, change the number of bots and their difficulty and more. Whatever you want to play, EV io is guaranteed to have something for you. So, grab your weapons, pick your abilities and passives and go test yourself on the field with the sole objective of standing above everyone else.

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Pixel Combat Fortress

Pixel Combat Fortress is an arena shooter game where you have to defeat the enemy team in a shootout. To succeed here, all you need is a desire to have fun (and loads of it!). Think you can manage it? Lets find out!

The aim of the game is to eliminate as many of your opponents as possible without getting taken down yourself. These are real players that you play with so they will be after you every chance you make sure you are onto them in the same way! You need to have lightening fast reactions to take advantage of any situation in this game, as well as expert marksmanship skills! Sound like you? Come on then!

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Shoot Up

Shoot Up - Come and play this apocalyptic game, where you must survive in a world taken over by zombies. Use whatever resources you can find in the open world to help you in your mission. Cars, buildings and walls just to name a few, whatever you can get your hands on it will be of some use to you. You will need all the help and luck you can get, as well as enormous skills. Have you got what it takes?

The aim of the game is to survive for as long as possible from the waves of zombies. They will be relentless so you must be on your guard. This will test and develop your ability to work under pressure and your strategic thinking skills. Do not get overwhelmed by the sheer number of zombies after you, you must have a game plan which you need to stick to. Operate the controls on the keyboard quickly and efficiently to avoid danger and eliminate as many zombies as possible! 

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Real Cop Driver

Real Cop Driver is an all action, fast-paced roller-coaster ride of a police chase driving game where you have to carry out the act of the law, and complete various police style missions. There is lots of different types of missions and activities to keep you busy in this realistic game! Have fun!

The aim of this game is to complete the police missions that are dotted around the map, such as escorting or stopping criminals. Drive/walk over the icons and click the prompt to begin the mission. This fast and furious arcade-style adventure to escape requires quick reactions and super slick driving skills as you carefully dodge and weave in and out of trouble whilst trying to catch the bad guy! You will need composure and a sense of calm as you must not get flustered of overwhelmed by the situations you will be faced with. Have you got what it takes to be a Real Cop Driver?

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Super Tank War

Drive a tank, shoot stuff, destroy the enemy and make some money. Super Tank War knows what's up.

As a top-down shooter, this game plays smooth and quick, it's easy to maneuver and you're going to have a blast shooting your enemies to smithereens. The goal of each level is to destroy the base of operations, or factory, of the enemy. This base spawns new enemies, so you got some motivation to destroy it, and fast! As you play you'll pick up some gold (or profit) you can then use in the menu to upgrade your tank for even greater destruction! These upgrades include new weapons, armor, a faster tank, etc. And you'll be surprised how quickly you can start upgrading after the first level. No long waits in this game!

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Air Dogs of WW2

If you ever wanted to experience air combat in WW2 then Air Dogs of WW2 is the game for you. The game’s an aerial fight for supremacy where you have to eliminate your opponent to obtain points. The one team with the most points after the timer is over wins.

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Secret Agent

Fulfill your greatest fantasies of being a super cool secret agent tasked with thwarting evil organizations and militias in Mr. Secret Agent. Take on goons armed to the teeth with high powered rifles and bazookas with your trusty pistol and shoot them down before they even get a chance to take you on, if they dare

Mr. Secret agent tests your knowledge of angles and your precision as you will be put in situations where you’ll have to take shots that would seem impossible at first glance. Clear a room full of bad guys with one bullet if you have to. Get the job done and advance to other levels with even tougher odds. Have fun Secret Agent and good luck

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Blocky Gun Paintball 3

Blocky Gun Paintball 3 is a fun, fast and wacky shooting game where you have to score points by shooting paintballs at the other players, either bots or real people from around the world! Pick off these pesky little fellows with accurate shots – and show them who’s Boss around here!

Your mission is to eliminate the enemies in this online paintball shooter! This paintball game requires super-quick reactions with your computer mouse (or touchpad) and fingers as you have to quickly change the direction of your shot depending on the movement of your targets. You need a steady hand and accurate firing skills as they move quickly around the arena, shielding from fire and trying to dodge your paintballs. Can you rid your day of these opponents for once and for all? Good luck Paintball Sharpshooter!

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Pixel Apocalypse Shooting Zombie Garden

Pixel Apocalypse Shooting Zombie Garden is one of the most intense and challenging games you can play right now! Are you up for the challenge? Play online with people from around the world or play alone in the campaign mode as you try to survive against the zombie apocalypse!

The aim of this game is to survive against the zombies that will be attacking you and wanting to make you their lunch! This game will test your ability to act under pressure. There will be times where you are really up against it with multiple angry zombies bearing down on you and it is down to you to remain cool calm and collected as you figure out a way to defeat them. Use your spacial awareness abilities as well to use all the space given to you on the map, give yourself as much time as possible!

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Noob vs Pro Challenge

Noob vs Pro Challenge is a Minecraft themed strategy game. You're a noob, you wake up and see a zombie apocalypse outside. What are you going to do? Save the noob and princess by using varuious traps to troll the herobrine. Improve your aim, timing and reaction time with this experience. Get through the labyrinth past the dungeon into a secret portal, where you can save the dragon thsat will fly you out of there!

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Sharkosaurus Rampage

There is a secret underground laboratory hidden in the middle of the California's Redwoods. Mad scientists are trying to clone a killer monster combining shark's and dinosaur's DNA. You as a Sharkosaurus that has to escape from the secret lab and fight the security service working for science corporation. Play Sharkosaurus Rampage and fight armored vehicles, military cars, jet-pack dudes, tanks, helicopters, ATVs, monster trucks, jet planes and even a huge dragon monster. Smash the cars, eat enemies and destroy the lab equipment to stop the corporation from DNA fraud activities. Eat ammo-boxes to be equipped with a super laser gun. Use various kinds of mechanisms to activate doors, elevators and stairs. Do you have enough courage to escape, or you stay in the specimen container waiting for the next DNA test? If you chose to fight, good luck!

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Deadswitch 3

Deadswitch 3 is an action packed online 2D multiplayer shooter game. Fight against real online enemy players, use a variety of weapon load outs and game breaking killstreaks to kill all your enemies! This game features a huge array of customizable features, from characters to weapons, as well as game modes and multiplayer features from free-for-all to zombies modes! Utilise all the options to create your own style of combat that destroys all opponents in your way!

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Paintball Fun Shooting Multiplayer

Paintball Fun Shooting Multiplayer is a fun online shooting game which uses the wonderful game of paintball. You play as a paintball character in online servers around the world. This means you could be playing against someone who is thousands of miles away! Or, if this is not for you, there is also a single player mode in which you will play against the computer. Good luck!

The aim of the game is to be top of the leaderboard as the best paintball player, so have the most confirmed hits! Don't forget to play smart and change your weapons for certain scenarios to deal better with groups of opponents for example. This is a fast paced game so you must have excellent keyboard skills to control your movement effectively to avoid being attacked and damaged. Play a strategic game and win the battle with a mix of aggressive and defensive play. Have fun!

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Helicopter & Tank Battle Desert Storm Multiplayer

Helicopter and Tank Battle Desert Storm Multiplayer is a 3D shooter game in which you can choose from a wide range of maps, weapons, and vehicles in which to take on your enemies! Fight across deserts, islands, and many more locations in this blocky shooter, flying helicopters, driving tanks, or perhaps favouring man to man axe combat if that’s more your style!
You can play on servers across the entire world against real players in real time!

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Winter Clash 3D

Winter Clash 3D is an extremely challenging military shooting game for older kids and teens where you play the role of the winter soldiers battling it out in the snow! Needless to say, accuracy is the key to success. If you don’t bring these bad guys down fast, they will overpower you in seconds. It’s time to become an expert marksman, and defend your ground to the very end!

Your mission here is simple, you must eliminate the enemies! There is no room for error. If you keep missing your targets, sooner or later the enemy will bring you down. You’ll need super quick reactions, as you have to quickly change the point of attack numerous times during each wave. Good hand eye coordination and observation skills are very important, as you have to spot enemy soldiers approaching from all angles. Ok, it’s time to fulfill your destiny and become a true Hero Soldier and Legend.

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Tank Battle

Some slow, yet explosive fun awaits you Tank Battle!

It's war! And you're in it - driving a tank, which is actually not that bad. In Tank Battle, you and your tank platoon have to take out the enemy tanks on the other side of the field. You don't have boosters, but you do have some heavy ammunition you can drop on those enemies. Take aim and fire! But do be careful, the enemy will be firing back as well! The more you knock out the higher your points will be. You're in a tank, so don't worry too much about damage, you can take a few potshots, and your buddies are backing you up.

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Survival Wave Zombie Multiplayer

Survival Wave Zombie Multiplayer game lands you into the middle of a fight with an army of zombies. The game requires good memory for controls, quick reaction skills and a well-planned strategy. This game comes with new graphics, a new hostile environment, and brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'wave after wave'. You must do everything you can to survive, are you ready?

The aim of this game is to survive as many waves as possible. The zombies will come at you thick and fast and you must act quickly, decisively and effectively in order to stand any chance of doing well! You must use your skills on the keyboard to master the controls. Once you do this, you will have a much better opportunity to survive for longer and get a much higher score. Expert keyboard knowledge and skills will be your best asset here, you want to be able to navigate around the world, shoot, reload, change weapons, jump and crouch without having to be staring down at the keyboard, wasting valuabe time!

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Tank Mayhem

Tank Mayhem is a fun, easy to play tank shooting game where you play within a maze against either a computer controlled tank, or a tank can be controlled by your friend who can play alongside you! Battle it out to see who will be the victor in this great battle! Use all your available skills!

Transport yourself to the battleground and hone your shooting accuracy in one of the most feared war machines of all time – the Tank. The aim of this game is to eliminate the opponent's tank with your own whilst utilizing the upgrades available, such as lasers and defensive impenetrable shields. Drive around to collect the upgrades and use your nifty fingers to find and then destroy the opponent's tank. This truly is classic warfare on a grand scale! Quick reactions, concentration, and an eagle eye are all vitally important. Don’t hesitate – you can be sure that the opponent won’t! Good luck Commander, we’ll see you when this is all over.

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Bullet League Robogeddon

Mixing puzzles, platformers, and shoot em-ups, Bullet League Robogeddon is going to be a blast no matter how you look at it.

In this game, you play as an Indiana-Jones-style boar, with a big gun and a bad attitude, who also happens to have a passion for masonry. You start the game with nothing, and you’ll quickly have to arm yourself to shoot the invading robots out of the area. As a puzzle game, you’ll have to figure how to reach your enemy before you can blow them up. Look around for purple gems, these you can mine for resources to build blocks you can then jump on to reach higher platforms. Just make sure there aren’t any robots around before you build, or you might end up as breakfast bacon.

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Nerf Epic Pranks

Nerf! Epic Pranks is a reflex based shooter game, in which your character pranks their friends while shooting them as they are doing something! Once you start shooting a friend, they'll turn round, with their cone of vision in front of them. You'll have to avoid their vision by hiding, and time your shots well to hit them with enough shots for them to explode into a cloud of confetti! Completing levels earns coins that can be spent on fun visual upgrades such as new characters and new Nerf! Guns.

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Dinosaurs Jurassic Survival World

Experience a survival and dino hunting game like never before in Dinosaurs Jurassic Survival World. Step into the boots of a daring and elite mercenary who wishes to test his skill and aim against some of the most dangerous beasts of the Jurassic period. Shoot dinos, earn cash to buy ammo, health, and guns. Test yourself in the campaign or try out multiply and one of its 6 game modes. Dinosaurs Jurassic Survival World plays like other classic FPS, but just in a totally different setting.

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Zombie Idle Defense

In Zombie Idle Defense, it’s your job to protect your base by shooting waves of zombies. Surviving all the zombies in one level unlocks the next, and also awards coins that can be spent either on new characters, upgrades to your defenses or a variety of special weapons and items that’ll help you make it through trickier levels. Face many different types of opponents, from normal zombies to riot shield armored ones!

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BattleDudes io

Battledudes io is a multiplayer shooter where you and other players compete to see who will become the victor. Play cross multiple maps all featuring destroyable environments and objects in either free-for-all or team battles. Find, earn and equip over 20 different kinds of weapons from machine guns to RPGs. Join the chaos of and see if you can match the competition.

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Castel Wars New Era

Get ready for some real castle warfare in Castel Wars New Era, an addictive castle war simulator, zombie survival game, and PvP dual game all rolled into one game! Choose from dozens of different weapons and defend your castle against swarms of zombies and undead in “Zombie Mode” (one player or two!) or play against a friend in two-player mode over a raging river in “Mayhem Mode” or attack each other’s castles in “Battle Mode”. Castel Wars New Era really gives you all the choices and is a great game to play with a friend!

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The Spear Stickman

Face your enemies and upgrade your character in The Spear Stickman!

A never-ending amount of enemies can spawn in front of you, all of them trying to take you out! You must use your trusty spears to eliminate them first! Hit enemies multiple times in the body or just once in the head to kill them, but be careful because they can do the same to you. Watch out for enemies with apples on their heads, you get a bonus for accurately hitting them off before taking out the enemy! Go for as long as you can to build up gold and buy upgrades for your stickman! Helmets give you chances to take more damage to the head or even add different abilities to get more gold. Slay to your heart’s content!

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Zombie Royale

The apocalypse has come and swept nearly all life from it leaving nothing behind by hordes of murderous zombies in its wake. But all is not lost; join a brave band of survivors in Zombie, an innovative zombie survival and shooter game. Shoot through unending waves of zombies and boss to gain experience and coins. Use the coins to upgrade your characters and unlock additional characters by leveling up. Zombie also features two additional mini-games in league modes, such as PvP and car mode; compete and be victorious to earn extra prizes. This zombie shooter is sure to become a quick favorite for anyone who enjoys some zombie shooting!

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