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Online Restaurant Simulation Game - Cooking Fast 4 Steak

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Dinner at Romeo’s is a role-playing, restaurant simulation game that will keep you on your toes! This fun game helps you to think about and learn how to run a business efficiently. You play the part of the waiter in a popular diner / restaurant where it gets very busy! Can you cope in this high-pressure work environment? Running a restaurant is no joke. You don’t want to lose any customers. However, time is money! You need to keep a sharp eye on your earnings and expenses or you may go bust!

How To Play: Use your computer mouse to move (the waiter) around the game screen. The waiter automatically follows the mouse. When a customer enters the restaurant, click and drag the customer to a vacant table with your mouse. Moments after the customer is seated, a bubble flashes beside the table - as a signal for wanted service. Click on the bubble to take the order. The ordered item can then be picked up from the chef’s counter "The Claim Area". Click on the ordered item, and then move your mouse to the customer who ordered it. You lose money every time a customer leaves! You get penalized for wasting food, and the restaurant owner (your boss) will Not be happy with you. You should be making money for the restaurant and not losing it. That's your job!

You can see the remaining game time, your earnings and rent due at the bottom of the game screen. Once you run out of time, the game is over. Press the "P" key on your keyboard at any stage to pause the game if you need a break. If you have earned 8,000 or more, you can press the RETIRE button (in the top left area of the game screen) to finish the game. At the end of the game, you can see how much you have earned or lost. Were you simply lucky or unlucky? Start your diner business all over again to find out!

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 or Chrome browser on your PC / MAC, try playing Firefox browser with Adobe Flash player installed. Works on mobile.

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