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Free Real Estate Investing Game - Mortgage Meltdown

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Play the housing & property market in Mortgage Meltdown, an in-depth and challenging real estate business management strategy game suitable for older kids, high school students, and grown-ups, and inspired by the concept behind the classic board game Monopoly; you buy and sell houses, apartments, and other residential buildings for profit. Difficult economic times have again hit the country, and the housing market is in free fall. You play the role of an ambitious real estate speculator who eyes a good opportunity to make some money in this precarious environment, and who must slowly and patiently grow a portfolio of houses. Here, this isn’t simply a ‘buy or sell’ market; you can also renovate your properties, rent them out to tenants, and increase their value over time.

This fun, interactive real estate tycoon simulation activity requires shrewd business strategy above all else. In the dog-eat-dog property market, you really have to concentrate, be flexible and able to multi-task to the max (a successful real estate investor has three or four houses on the go at any one time). A cool business brain under pressure is required to swiftly and calmly negotiate your way into the real estate Big League. Also, learn about serious real-life issues such as mortgages, loan repayments, house bills, fiscal debt, and more. Good luck with your decision-making!

How to Play: We recommend that you pay close attention to the tutorial at the beginning, as this gives you an invaluable insight into the controls and concepts. Houses with white price tags over them are for sale, while houses with yellow price tags above are already owned by you. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on any available house to buy it. Once you purchase a house, you can then choose to ‘Rent’, ‘Sell’, or ‘Renovate’ it.

If you rent a house, you receive a steady income from your tenants. If you renovate a house (add a swimming pool, new kitchen, new floors etc), the value of the property rises. Once you are ready to cash in on your investment, you can hopefully sell the house for a nice profit on the original price. Each time you buy, sell, or renovate a house, you have to deal with various middle-men such as bankers, loan sharks, real estate agents etc. It’s your choice which of these services you use while performing the various actions.

At the top of the game screen, your ‘Available Funds’, ‘Debt’, ‘Net Worth’, and ‘Credit Score’ are visible. Obviously, you need to have more than enough ‘Available Funds’ in order to purchase a house. Each ‘month’ (just a few seconds in real time), you are shown a mortgage report. On the left side of this report, you can choose to pay your mortgage loans on the various properties that you own. On the right side of the report, the income earned from tenants is displayed. The higher your Credit Score, the easier it is to get loans. However, if you stall payments on your mortgages, your Credit Score glowers. The game lasts for a total of 4 ‘Years’ – so you have 48 ‘months’ of real estate trading. Remember to buy 'em low, and sell 'em high!

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