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Fun Sports Game Online - World’s Strongest Man

Rating: 8.3/10 - 14700 votes

World’s Strongest Man is a simple yet very challenging finger-sports game for kids and teens where you have to try and become the champion of the world by competing in the World's Strongest Man competition. Does this sound daunting? Well, it will be for your fingers! This game requires the tactical keyboard skills of a well-honed gamer and the power of a bionic man. You have to play against the clock by pressing the required keys in order to build up your power (the (B) and (N) keys on your computer keyboard). Are you the strongest person on planet Earth? Well, we’ll soon find out!

Six of the world’s strongest men are competing for the ultimate title. You are one of them! You need to successfully complete 6 events in order the win the distinguished title of “World’s Strongest Man”. There are two game modes to choose from (Freeplay – where you can start on any task and Challenge, where you go through all 6 tasks competing against the others). You are given instructions at the start of each level explaining how to perform each task. In the first level, for example, (weightlifting) you have to select your barbell weights (from 200 to 1000 lbs), and then rapidly hit the (B) and (N) keys to try and lift the barbell. You only have three attempts and 20 excruciating seconds to lift it. Other levels involve car lifting, tossing a keg, pulling a monster truck, the One Tone Balance Test and the Hercules Hold. Use all of your strength and don’t give in to the pain. Remember, the mind always gives out before the body! You can do it Ironman!

How To Play: Follow the instructions given at the start of each level. All levels involve rapidly hitting the (B) and (N) keys on your computer keyboard in order to build the power to perform the challenge. You can see how much power you are building in the Power Bar located in the bottom left corner of the game screen. For the Keg Toss, you need to use your SPACEBAR to throw it. Pump those fingers!

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