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Fun Rugby Tackling Game - The Big Hit

Rating: 8.6/10 - 1387 votes

Are you ready to dish out some real rugby punishment? The Big Hit is a straight-forward rugby tackling sports game for older kids and teens where you have to make tough, big-hitting, bone-crunching tackles to score points and get your team to the top of the league standings. In each match-up, you have to take out six opposition players as quickly and as powerfully as possible. Make sure your player is the last man standing, and leave your opponents crying for the stretcher!

Timing is the key to this fun sports simulation game, as you have to pick the correct moment to strike – leaving your rivals face down in the mud. Your prediction skills will also be tested, as you have to try and guess which player is going to end up with the ball. You’ll need quick reactions too – the opposition are no slouches, and tackling them becomes more difficult as you progress.

Stop them from scoring glorious trys and making a laughing stock of your side! Are you ready to lead a team of the biggest, baddest rugby guys in the country? Ok Captain, front up and get tackling!

How to Play: See the tutorial available from the main menu screen to get to grips with the controls. Before you begin a match-up, you must choose your teams. There are 15 different squads to pick from. First, choose the team that you want to play as, i.e. the team that will be doing the tackling. Next, choose your opposition – the poor guys who are going to be on the end of this punishment.

Each team has different styles and speeds of play. Once the match-up begins, there are 6 tackles that you have to make, each with a different player. Remember, you have to tackle the opposition player that has the ball. Tackling the other guys does nothing. The player that has the ball is indicated by an arrow above him. Control your player using your computer mouse; His movements around the field mimic those of the mouse.

Left Click to launch into a tackle. If you get it right, a funny animation pops up showing you the tackle close-up. If you miss the tackle, you lose a life. You have three lives in total (displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the game screen.) The faster you make the tackle, the more points you score. Complete all six tackles to reach the end of the game. Keep trying to beat your score with the various different teams.

Tip: If you miss a tackle first time round, the opposition will repeat the same play next time - so you have a better chance of nailing the ball carrier second time around.

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