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Classical Music School in Los Angeles, CA

Image of The Colburn School, Los Angeles The Colburn School:
The Colburn School is a non-profit independent institution located in downtown Los Angeles (across from the Walt Disney Concert Hall) that encompasses the Colburn School of Performing Arts (CSPA) and the Conservatory of Music (CCM). The Colburn School moved into its facility at 200 South Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles in 1998. A second building, greatly expanding the campus, opened in Fall 2007. Both spaces are designed to support the various program areas of the School. Together these spaces support the various program areas of the School, and create an environment for community and learning. Some spaces (such as Zipper Hall and Mayman Hall) are available for rental by outside groups.

Location and Facilities:


Photo of Classical Music School in Los Angeles, CA Herbert Zipper Concert Hall (Grand Building)
The 415-seat Zipper Hall, with its entrance directly off Grand Avenue, is acoustically one of the best performance spaces in the Los Angeles area. Besides hosting over 50 School concerts each year, the Hall is rented by many visiting ensembles and performers such as the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Musica Angelica, Camerata Pacifica, and Southwest Chamber Music. The School receives free tickets for Colburn students and their families to many of these outside performances; announcements regarding ticket availability are posted at the School.

Mayman Hall (Grand Building)
This small, flexible recital hall can seat up to 100. It is used for studio classes, student recitals, and lectures, and can be rented by outside groups. Mayman Hall is frequently used by outside performing organizations for their auditions, providing further opportunities for Colburn students.

Thayer Hall (Olive Building)
Thayer Hall, in the Olive Building, is a 200-seat hall equipped with state-of-the-art electronics for webcasting, video displays, and long-distance teaching via Internet 2. It serves primarily as an instruction space and a performance space for student recitals.

Rehearsal Hall (Olive Building)
This 3,600 square feet rehearsal hall is located deep inside the Olive Building. Designed as a rehearsal space and as a venue for recordings, the room can accommodate a large orchestra plus a chorus. It can be acoustically modified for different kinds of recordings, and is isolated from outside noise by its special construction. In addition to the rehearsal area, there is a mastering room, a control room, and sound isolation rooms. The School’s large ensembles such as the Orchestra da Camera, the Colburn Chamber Orchestra, and the Colburn Orchestra use this space for weekly rehearsals.

Rehearsal Hall (Grand Building)
The 1,658-square-feet rehearsal hall is used by smaller chamber groups and ensembles for their weekly rehearsals. It is also used for some classes, such as those offered by the Early Childhood department, which require a larger space.


Image of The Colburn School, Los Angeles Faculty Studios
There are 55 faculty teaching studios total within both the Olive and the Grand Buildings in The Colburn School. These studios are used by faculty for private applied instruction. The studios were built using box-within-box construction, providing excellent soundproofing for each space.

Heifetz Studio
Legendary violinist Jascha Heifetz used this studio, once located in his back yard, as his practice space and study. The studio, designed by Lloyd Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright's son), was saved from demolition some years ago and was rebuilt within the Grand Building at The Colburn School. The restored space is used for violin lessons, master classes and chamber music, and provides inspiration to faculty and students alike.

Percussion Studio
The Percussion Studio is a specialized, 600-square-foot, space equipped with orchestral percussion instruments such as timpani, bass drum, gong, and a glockenspiel, as well as mallet instruments such as a xylophone and a marimba. It is used for practicing, lessons and ensemble rehearsals.

Jazz Studio
This 370-square-feet studio is equipped with a complete drum set, plus xylophone, marimba, and electric piano, and is used by the School's numerous jazz ensembles.

The Grand Building contains three classrooms, with a student capacity of 15 each. In addition, a fourth classroom is set up as a piano lab, equipped with electric keyboards for group piano instruction. The Olive Building has four classrooms with a student capacity of 28-35 students each. Classrooms are equipped with grand pianos and audio/video equipment. Classes such as music theory, music history, and humanities take place in these rooms.

Dance Facilities
The School has two dance studios in the Grand Building, one dedicated to tap instruction, and the other dedicated to ballet, jazz, and modern dance. The studios were constructed with floating floors, and are equipped with mirrored walls, barres, and sound equipment. The high ceilings and windows add light and character to these working spaces. In addition to these studios, The Colburn School has dance space at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center. The large studio space at the JACCC is designed for professional level training. Students in the Professional Training Program take their classes here; additional classes for professional dancers are offered as well. The use of School space by professional dancers and dance companies creates unique opportunities for observation and collaboration.

The Colburn School library houses the School's collections of scores, books, music periodicals, and audio and video recordings. Also archived in the library is the collection of Colburn ensemble performances and master classes. In Fall 2007, the library was relocated to the second floor of the Olive Building, in a vastly expanded space. This new space includes a listening facility, study areas, and room to relax and read. An online catalog offers remote access to the library's holdings; various electronic resources such as the New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians, RILM, and the Naxos Music Library are available for use by the Colburn community. Colburn students, faculty and staff have borrowing privileges in the library in accordance with the posted loan rules.

School / Office Address: 200 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles
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