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Citizens’ High School, Jacksonville:
Earn your high school diploma from home, or enroll in one of our other accredited home study correspondence courses. Citizens' High School provides quality coursework for students to earn an actual high school diploma, not a General Education Development (GED) Certificate, from an Accredited High School Program. The School was founded in 1981 and is based in Orange Park, Clay County FL. We are not a diploma mill – we are a respected and accredited high school just like any other, only we deal with our students online, and take on as many mature aged students as we do teenagers.

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Online Homeschool High School Diploma Program:
Students enrolling in the Citizens’ High School diploma curriculum must complete a minimum of sixteen (16) units of credit to graduate. Each course in the diploma program is one (1) unit of credit, unless stated otherwise. The high school diploma program must be completed within three years (36 months) from the date of enrollment acceptance. All credits toward graduation must be earned in grades 9 - 12.

Estimated times of completion for the high school diploma:
- 12th Grade: 4 - 9 months
- 11th-12 Grade: 8 - 18 months
- 10th-12th Grade: 12 - 27 months
- 9th-12th Grade: 16 - 36 months

Full credit is given towards the sixteen credits for all independent Citizens’ High School subjects previously taken. CHS will also accept other high school credits, as verified by an official grade transcript, (except Physical Education, Driver’s Training, Religion, Chorus, Band or ROTC) toward the completion of the sixteen credits required for graduation. A minimum of four (4) courses must be completed with Citizens’ High School to receive a diploma regardless of how many credits were previously earned.

- Individualized Instruction
Citizens' program is individualized instruction utilizing home study for communication between the school and the student. Upon receipt of the enrollment agreement and tuition, the first course material is sent including special instructions on how to begin and other necessary information.

- Flexible Study Options
Each student studies at his or her own pace. Within each course, self-check exercises allow the student to check what they have learned. Special forms are provided to the student to use to write to their teacher when extra help is needed with a subject, or the student may call the school at any time with their questions or concerns.

- Structured Examinations
The study guides sent with each course also include the course examinations which are completed on the open book principle. When the student feels ready, he or she takes an examination for a unit of lessons completed and mails it to CHS for grading by a qualified teacher. At the school, the teacher personally corrects the exam, adding helpful comments and suggestions if needed.

- Accredited Qualification
After recording the student's passing grade, the school then mails the exam back to the student. When a student finishes a subject, he or she will receive a Certificate of Completion and a grade report. Finally, after completing the subjects needed, the proud moment arrives – the student is awarded a high school diploma!

Courses available:
- English Language Arts
- Foreign Language
- Life Management
- Mathematics
- Science
- Social Studies
- Business

Citizens’ High School offers two levels, or programs, of study – General and Academic. Students will be requested to select one of these programs of study on the enrollment agreement they send to the school.

General Studies Standard Core Curriculum
This study program is more practical and job oriented and is designed for the student seeking a diploma for personal reasons employment/job opportunities after graduation.

Graduation requirements: 4 units of English, 2 units of math, 2 units of science, 3 units of social studies (SS28, SS29, SS25), 1 unit of life management (LM09), and 4 electives for a total of 16 credits.

Academic Studies Standard Core Curriculum:
This is a more advanced level of study and is designed for the student planning to continue his or her education in a post secondary school or training program after graduation.

Graduation requirements: 4 units of English, 3 units of math, 3 units of science, 3 units of social studies (SS28, SS29, SS25), 1 unit of life management (LM09), and 2 electives for a total of 16 credits.

Elective Subjects:
In addition to the standard core curriculum subjects, Citizens’ offers a wide array of elective courses. Students enrolled in either the General or Academic program of study may select electives, if any are required, from the general-academic, business, and/or life management electives listed below.

For students who must select one or more electives to complete their required diploma curriculum, a Subject Review form will be sent listing all the approved subjects from which the student may select his or her electives of choice.

Individual Subject Program:
All of Citizens' High School courses are available individually and each course is one (1) unit of credit, unless stated otherwise. A student has one (1) year to complete a course taken individually. See Course Descriptions in this Website for information on the courses offered at Citizens'.

These courses may be used for personal enhancement or to fulfill graduation requirements from the student's local high school. If you are planning to use Citizens' individual courses toward another school's diploma, be sure that school will accept the Citizens' High School credit(s) toward graduation. Written approval from a high school counselor or principal must be obtained before enrolling in a Citizens' High School course. Citizens' cannot accept responsibility for enrollment in incorrect courses or changes in requirements by other schools.

Upon satisfactory completion of an individual course, a Certificate of Completion will be given to the student. When all individual course program subjects have been completed and all financial obligations to the school have been met, an official grade transcript will then be issued to the student and the student's high school if so requested.

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Address: 188 College Drive, Orange Park, Jacksonville, Florida , USA
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• A homeschool diploma is awarded on successful completion of the program
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VirtualEDU are an accredited online middle & high school (Grades 6 - 12) based in Florida, offering the most affordable, online high school education in the US through American High School. We provide a quality online learning program for high school students. Students participating in our programs include athletes, gifted, homeschoolers, actors, traditional, at-risk, remedial, and / or those experiencing problems in the traditional classroom. Since 2004, American High School has enrolled over 8,000 students.

As in face-to-face classes, online classes include teacher support, lessons, homework, class discussions, and assessments. The main difference is the activities occur over the internet at a time that is convenient for students. American High School offers the hallmarks of truly effective traditional educational programs quality teachers, quality curriculum, and frequent student-teacher interaction except online.

The course of study for Grades 6-12 curriculum is rich in multimedia, video, audio, PowerPoint presentations, text and flash based movies and interactivity. American High School is fully accredited by AdvancED (U.S. Dept of Education approved accrediting agency).
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