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Based in Auckland, New Zealand, EDENZ Colleges is a unique school with an international vision. Our passion is providing students with a quality education that will enable them to be successful in their future careers.Programs / Courses:
ESOL College ; - General Eng - Day & Evening Classes, Study Tours ; - Academic Eng - IELTS, OET, TOEIC, Business English, Uni Foundation ; TESOL College ; - Cert. in TECSOL ; - Cert. in TESOL (NZQA Approved & Trinity) ; - Dip. in TESOL (NZQA Approved & Trinity) ; Business College ; - Dip. of Business ; - Dip. of e-Business (Digital Media) ; - Dip. in International Marketing ; - Dip. in Management (Tourism) (Health Services) (Sport & Fitness) ; - Dip. in Business Development ; - NZ Dip. in Business ; NZ Film Academy ; - Film Making Course
Felipe Tunes ; from Brazil
(2011-04-28  00:17:52)
 (Highly Recommended)
I’m sure that I made the right choice studying at Edenz Colleges, because if you really want to learn English, this is your place, there is the most prepared team of teachers in Auckland, they were and are brilliant.
Jessica Amancio ; from Brazil
(2011-04-28  00:17:34)
 (Highly Recommended)
At first, I have to say thanks for all my teachers. When I arrived here, I just knew how to say the basic words. Nowadays, I have improved very well my English. Other thing that is really important is that I have met a lot of different cultures and made real friends.

I’m really satisfied with Edenz Colleges and I hope that everything sill the same, good teachers, good classes and good friends. This experience I will keep with me, for all my life.
Natalya Dergunova ; from Russian Federation
(2011-04-28  00:17:09)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have been studying at Edenz Colleges for 10 months, and all this time has been fantastic. I really appreciate Edenz teacher’s kindness, thoughtfulness and care.

Edenz’s teacher are not just teachers, they become your friends. You can always turn to the teachers for advice or even to share your problems with them. You can always count on your teacher.Sometimes out of school time, we, students, go out with our teachers, which is always fun.

The atmosphere at school is very positive and friendly. Every Friday we have different activities. And also you’ll be always aware of upcoming local events, so thus you can make you study in New Zealand more vivid and unforgettable. And needless to say that you’ll meet many friends from different countries.
Dorothea Carina Boeddinghaus ; from Denmark
(2011-04-28  00:16:34)
 (Highly Recommended)
It was great! So many different cultures. I learned a lot. I wish I could stay longer in New Zealand. Every teacher is special, this is really cool and the girls at the reception are really nice and helped me a lots. I had such great time here and my English is now so much better. I hope someday I an come back. Thank you Edenz!
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