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Based in Manchester in the UK, Simply Wholistic provides a range of online holistic health treatment training in fields - specifically Reiki (an ancient Japanese spiritual cleansing practice), Alternative Therapies, Holistic Treatments, and more. Our quick and intensive alternative therapy courses can be studied from the comfort of your own home - or face to face if you reside in the Lancashire area.
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Online Holistic Therapy / Reiki Treatments ; - Alternative therapy ; - Holistic treatments ; - Reiki Master ; - Reiki attunements / workshops ; - Nutrition ; - Colour Therapy ; - Chakra Balancing ; - Crystal Healing ; - Kinesiology ; - Hypnotherapy & EFT ; - Counselling, ; - Thai Massage ; - Weight Loss ; - Boxercise Instructor & more..
Monica ; from California USA
(2014-04-19  11:19:40)
 (Highly Recommended)
WOW!!! Lady You are an Angel!!! You give me soooo much Strength even miles away.....Your Light is evidence of a Force Bigger than Life working through You

Vicki Thank YOU so much for the attunements and also all of the great words. I AM experiencing many wonderful miracles since we first connected!!! YOU definitely have the Healing Energy Life Giving Love Forces Upon YOU!! The Angels are working 24/7 on my behalf thanks to you beautiful lady love.

I went to the silent retreat and guess what I met a man on my way home that was about to end his life. He was 54 handsome CPA had just lost his job and had been drinking alcohol. Newly married and had new baby, very despondent. ANyhow I was used in his life to help save him from his despair. IT was an amazing divine appointment. All I had to do was just listen to him share with someone honestly what was in his heart. I know he was the divine appt. I was to meet when you had mentioned this.

Also since we have been connecting long distance because I feel you everyday GOD has been bringing opportunities for me to help people have hope. AMAZING.

YOU MS. VICKI have really been AN ANGEL of sorts. Are you maybe a REAL LIVING ANGEL and here to help awaken the AWAKENERS, like monica??? God bless YOU and please know I am sending you mucho amor. if you ever are in California please let me know. I do not know what other great things are in store yet I know when I return from Maui I will be a different monica. always evolving and learning right.

as far as the 21 days to stay grounded yes I am also miraculously being helped because it seems like the forces are trying to get me off the ground.

WOW!!! Lady You are an Angel!!! You give me soooo much Strength even miles away.....Your Light is evidence of a Force Bigger than Life working through You!!! Pink Bubble Purple Pyramid and Tree grounding....how I needed this now!!! My Singing & Music Class was Awesome.....looks like I will be practicing for a while and learning how to untap a hidden talent!!! I AM sending You many Sprinkles of Love & Light!!!! You are the Light....Ms. V

Love & Light


great women encouragers for us lightworkers.

Melanie ; from Africa
(2011-04-14  23:53:37)
 (Highly Recommended)
Our paths crossed with Victoria just a few short months ago in London and in that time, for the very first time, we have experienced the true meaning of LIFE. From the very first healing, fireworks emerged. All our senses were awakened and our lives took on new purpose. We are now practising REIKI in Botswana (as Reiki Masters) and the benefit of helping others help them selves is so rewarding. Having REIKI in your life is like being re-born. This blissful state provides the greatest of detail in each and everything. Everything is still the same as before but WE now see things differently. NOTHING IS NOW IMPOSSIBLE anymore.

People search a lifetime for joy yet it is already here and available now within each and every one of us - spiritual enlightenment is truly the answer..REIKI your personal evolution....Try it... Pay it Forward and experience the JOY!!!

Melanie and Farah
(2011-03-08  05:38:55)
 (Highly Recommended)
Having undertaken the reiki course, I discovered many positive changes in my life. The changes were subtle to begin with, however as I began to apply reiki to my life on a regular basis these changes became more pronounced. The initial changes were of a physical nature, in which I experienced a kind of purging of illnesses which had blighted me in the past. Once these had passed which was over several months I began to feel that my body was healing and a feeling of wellbeing that I hadn't experienced in many years. The ailments have not returned and my health has improved vastly. I have applied self healing on a regular basis and notice when I do not. The effects of reiki are instant and I feel a sense of calm and renewed purpose. I have no doubt that what I have learnt will be with me always and that it has been extremely value for money. You can't put a price on health and wellbeing

reiki can change your life
(2011-03-06  22:22:33)
 (Highly Recommended)
very interesting and gave rise to wish to learn more
(2011-03-01  12:01:32)
 (Highly Recommended)
I attended Vicki's course and it was amazing. She has a very hands on approach to teaching. Open, honest and puts your mind at ease while taking her course. I learnt level 1 & 2 in Reiki but due to travel commitments we could not complete our Master Level although I would give her a call once we are back to complete this face to face. Both courses were excellent value for money. The course material is a great bonus as I am still using this information today while completing other courses. I would advise to give these courses a try as they are value for money and will allow you to learn something new.
(2011-02-27  11:36:58)
 (Highly Recommended)
Vicki is an excellent tutor and mentor and I would recommend this course over and above any other which I have taken.

Dr. Vishwanathan
(2011-02-23  13:27:04)
 (Highly Recommended)
My dearest Victoria, You are really a FAIRY GOD MOTHER. You see, ever since you came into my life, which was just a few weeks ago, I am not the same. I was skeptical as any allopathically grounded physician would be. One day, while sitting in my clinic after finishing my work, I went into a deep meditative state - spontaneously. Some higher power played out my negative traits and my deepest fears and all my pain. But, I was in a detached state and I always experienced some backround pain in my body. That vanished. I suddenly became very loving, caring and all the things I hoped to be. I found out that I had become very blissful and childlike. I felt that my chakras have been synchronised and were rotating in unision. I am constantly feeling blissful since then and feel a power emitting from the top of the head. The skeptic part of me was shocked into silence and was waiting to find fault with this state.But the trusting part of me understood that some healing energy had taken hold of me and was taking all the pain that I had experienced within. I waited for a few days. But, this state persisted. One of my guru's had stated that what comes and goes is unreal and HE had also told me that ABSENCE OF BLISS IS NOT NECESSARILY ABSENCE OF SELF REALIZATION. I was bombarded with love, completely overwhelmed and I wept with unalloyed joy. My body has become very light and I am a ball of bliss. Intuitively, I reallized that I had reached a higher state. But I wanted to confirm with you. I have been silently sending this positive vibration of PURE LOVE to all my patients and to many of those who do not like me. Thank you once. Years and years of spiritual seeking has finally bought me some meaning. I love you unconditionally dearest Victoria. Thank you thank you thank you... Loads and lots of love,
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