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St Brelade's College, Jersey:
St Brelade's College is an accredited English language school located on the British island of Jersey in the Channel Islands, approximately 20 miles off the French coast and 80 miles south of England. We provide a range of year-round and summer English language courses for students aged 10-18 years including intensive, private lessons, holiday programmes or residential programmes. We offer separate courses for individuals or groups.

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Year-Round English Language Courses for Children & Teenagers:

Intensive English Language Course:

Photo of English Courses for Children in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK- For ages 16-18 years
- Morning and afternoon English lessons (22.5 hours per week)
- Activities on two afternoons each week
- Max class size 12 students
- Friday evening barbecue and disco

Semi-Intensive English Language Course:
- For ages 14-17 years
- Lessons per week: 19 hours - mornings plus two afternoons (either group or private tuition)
- Maximum class size: 14 students
- Course duration: 1-6 weeks

Holiday English Language Course: 

- For ages 10-17 years
- Morning English lessons (15 hours per week)
- Variety of daily afternoon activities
- Max class size 14 students
- Friday evening barbecue and disco

Morning Schedule:
The morning schedule is the same for all students:

09h00 – 10h30 1st & 2nd Lessons
10h30 – 11h00 Break
11h00 – 12h30 3rd & 4th Lessons
12h30 – 13h30 Lunch

The main difference between teenage and adult learners is that most school pupils attend a language school in order to supplement the English they have learned at school; in other words, to consolidate their knowledge of grammar and, above all, to speak the language.

Teenage classes are therefore less dependent on course books, and teachers make frequent use of pictures, magazines and language games to motivate the students to practise the language.
Afternoon and Evening Schedule:
The afternoon and evening schedule varies according to the programme. The choice of activities is greater in the summer and includes more outdoor, evening and weekend activities. Students following intensive courses have additional lessons in the afternoon in small groups.

Homestay Programme with a Local Family:
Learn English by immersing yourself in the English language by living locally with an English-speaking family.

English Language Summer Courses for Children & Teenagers:
Image of English Courses for Children in Jersey, Channel Islands, UKDuring the summer, there are three campuses:

English Language Programme for Juniors:
(For ages 10-13 years). Younger pupils attend our junior school, which is not far from the main college. Here, the morning classes are adapted to a younger age group and a separate activities programme is arranged in the afternoons, supervised by the class teachers.

Holiday English Language Course for Teenagers:

(For ages 14-17 years). Our teenage classes are held at Highlands College on the outskirts of St Helier. This is the local college of further education, with well-equipped classrooms, cafeteria and spacious grounds.
Semi-Intensive English Language Course for Teenagers:
(For ages 14-17 years). These specialized courses give younger teenagers the opportunity to apply themselves whilst still allowing them three afternoons to participate in the vibrant activity programme.

Intensive English Language Course for Teenagers:

(For ages 16-18 years). Intensive course students take classes at our main college for adults. We only recommend intensive courses for more serious and mature young students.

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Address: Mont Les Vaux, St Aubin, Saint Helier, Jersey , UK & England
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