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Fashion Design & Business Courses in Paris, France

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IFA Paris Fashion School:
International Fashion Academy (IFA) Paris is a leading fashion school located in the historical garment district in the 10th arrondissement in the center of Paris, France. Established in 1982, we offer 3-year Bachelor Degrees in Fashion Design & Technology and Fashion Marketing, and a 1-year intensive postgraduate certificate course in Contemporary Fashion Design. We also offer graduate programs in the fields of Fashion Business and Luxury Brand Management. All of our fashion programs are taught entirely in the English language.

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Fashion Industry Courses in Paris - Taught Entirely in English:

Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design & Technology Course:
Photo of Fashion Design & Business Courses in Paris, France3 years in Paris or Shanghai
The Bachelor in Fashion Design and Technology was created with the insight that fashion education in France needed to internationalize in order to remain competitive in the rapidly moving global fashion industry. The language of instruction for this course is English. Students will have an average of 25 hours in class a week over a period of 32 weeks a year. 

Year 1:  In the first year of the program, students build the foundation that will support their future success. They will learn the fundamentals of pattern-making and draping, design and computer-aided design, while exploring the culture and history of fashion.

Year 2:  In the second year of the program, students begin to apply the skills they learned in their first year through practical learning of design, focusing on trends and fabrics and creating a variety of garments. They explore essential design concepts in greater depth and begin to learn about fashion marketing that helps them acquire a full understanding of the forces at play in garment creation.

Subjects covered in Year 1 and Year 2 include:
Pattern Making and Draping; Fashion Design; Fashion Marketing; Computer Design; Textiles Technology and European Fashion History.

Year 3:  In the final year of the program, students choose which field they would like to specialize in: Fashion Design and Computer Design, Marketing or Pattern Making & Draping. In addition to the core courses, students will delve more deeply into other aspects of fashion. They can take specialized classes in sportswear collections, knitwear, creative draping, creative printing among many other subjects. All classes are focused on the same goal: to help students create their own personal collections and aim to increase the students skills in fashion design, marketing, pattern-making and draping and computer-assisted design.

These classes also help students to prepare and execute design of their personal collections to be shown at the year-end graduation fashion show, at which fashion media representatives and fashion companies view the best work of IFA's graduates. 

Admission Requirements:
- Applicants mustImage of Fashion Design & Business Courses in Paris, France be high school graduates or above, and have a strong interest in fashion.

- Students who have already attended a fashion school and wish to transfer to IFA Paris are also welcome. They must submit their portfolio to evaluate their skills in pattern making, design, and draping to determine if they can be admitted directly to the second or third year.

- As courses in Paris and Shanghai are taught in English, it is preferable to have the requisite language skills before commencing the program. Non-EU students and those from non-Native English-speaking countries are required to provide an IELTS or TOEFL score when applying to IFA Paris.

Bachelor Degree in Fashion Marketing Course: 
3-years taught in Paris with 10 academic weeks in Shanghai during the Photos of IFA Paris Fashion Schoolsecond year 
This unique, multidisciplinary course allows students to build career skills and gain a full understanding of all aspects, opportunities and challenges of working in the fashion industry today by joining world renowned companies or as an entrepreneur.

Year 1:  In the first year of the program, students will be introduced to fashion through the contemporary history, culture and the business of fashion design modules. students will familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of our four core groups: Fashion, Marketing & Communication, Business and General professional knowledge and skills. They will quickly progress in the world of marketing & communication with general Marketing, Communication, Consumer Behavior and Branding moduPicture of Fashion Design & Business Courses in Paris, Franceles.  The final main core of the first year curriculum focuses on the business world with modules on the basics of effective management, budgeting and statistics. 

Year 2:  By the end of the first semester, students' knowledge of fashion will have been greatly enriched through modules introducing the Fashion Industry Cycle, Trends and Fashion Sociology.  The second semester starts in Shanghai where most modules will focus on emerging markets, especially China, including Branding, Consumer Behavior and Chinese Economy & Society. Students will also be introduced to Intellectual Property Laws while in Shanghai.

Year 3:  In the first semester, students will dive into the exciting world of fashion media and advertising, and familiarize themselves with the industry’s highly demanded knowledge of digital marketing. By the end of the semester, students will have gained concrete and essential practical skills through Fashion Retail Management, Fashion Buying, Fashion Distribution Panorama, and Marketing Communication. In addition, they will have acquired the essentials of Fashion Brand Management. During the last semester, students will enhance their professional skills with concrete, practical and stimulating modules like Fashion Styling, Visual Merchandising, Event and Fair Organization, E-Commerce and Entrepreneurship.

Admission Requirements:
- High school graduate or above with a strong interest in fashion, marketing, communication and/or management 
- Over 18 years of age
- Fluency in English. Non-native English speakers should provide an IELTS score of 5.5 on average

Postgraduate Certificate in Contemporary Fashion Design Course:
1-year intensive program taught in Paris only
Taught entirely in English, this is an innovative advanced course that aims to meet the needs of both world-renowned and medium sized companies for fashion designers with a broader range of competencies. It is also ideal for creative fashion entrepreneurs who desire to launch their own label with its thorough insights into the functioning of a fashion company. 

The first 26 weeks of the course will be divided into 4 groups of modules: Fashion Socio-Cultural, Textile and Production, Image and Communication, and Marketing and Management. Various traditional teaching methods are offered, including lectures, research, self-study groups, industry visits and guest speakers. Throughout the first phase of the course, students will be evolving towards creating their personal collection, deciding on a coherent positioning and branding strategy.

The second half of the 52 academic weeks’ course will be dedicated to an advanced studio-based project. Students will be given the task to develop their own collection as if they were in a real life scenario under supervision of lecturers. 

Admission Requirements:
- The Postgraduate program is open to those holding a valid university Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Fashion Design or Textile Design. Candidates with education background in other design fields can also be considered for admission.
- English fluency is required. Students who are not from the EU or a native English speaking country are required to provide an IELTS 6.5 score or above to receive a French student visa.
- Preferably two years working experience in fashion or textile design field
- For students who lack a university degree, at least 5 years of relevant working experience is a prerequisite for admission. 

1-Year Fashion MBA Programs - Taught in English:

MBA in Fashion Business Degree Program:
40 academic weeks in Paris OR 30 academic weeks in Paris + 10 academic weeks in Shanghai 
The MBA is a multidisciplinary Fashion Business degree program which covers merchandising, marketing, buying, retail, distribution as well as other fashion business related modules. This unique program allows students to build career skills and gain a full understanding of opportunities and challenges of running a fashion business today. During the program students will have the opportunity to work on industry sponsored projects in cooperation with international brands, attend fashion events and visit leading brands stores as well as design studios.

MBA in Luxury Brands Management Degree Program:
30 weeks in Paris + 10 weeks in Shanghai OR 30 weeks in Shanghai + 10 weeks in Paris
This multidisciplinary course will explore the unique factors involved in building and maintaining a luxury brand in the competitive global environment. It comprises a wide range of modules including luxury buying and merchandising, emerging markets in luxury, consumer psychology, luxury retail management, luxury distribution, international negotiation strategy, as well as many other luxury business modules. 

MBA in Global Fashion Media Degree Program:
30 weeks in Paris + 10 weeks in Shanghai 
This unique MBA program is aimed at developing the potential of applicants from a variety of backgrounds such as fashion design, product management, graphics, journalism and media studies. You will develop a firm foundation of research and expressive flair in either visual styling or journalism and gain new media software skills, advanced communication proficiency, and expertise in strategies for fashion media management.

MBA / Masters Degree Program in Fashion Business in collaboration with POLIMODA:
30 weeks in Shanghai + 8 weeks in Florence + 2 weeks in Paris 
This multidisciplinary course covers a wide range of modules including buying and merchandising, consumer psychology, strategic marketing, retail management, fashion organizations, as well as other fashion business related modules. During this course, students will have the opportunity to work on industry sponsored projects in cooperation with international brands, attend fashion events, listen to guest speakers and visit leading brand stores, design studios and factories. 

MBA / Masters Degree Program in Luxury Brands Management - 1-year intensive program:
30 weeks in Shanghai + 8 weeks in Florence + 2 weeks in Paris 
From the principles of luxury and its growth to consumer psychology, strategic and integrated marketing, creative foundations of luxury brands as well as distribution and channel management, students will explore the unique factors involved in building and maintaining a luxury brand in the competitive global environment. Students will deeply examine the world’s most successful luxury brands and learn the techniques companies use to distinguish their brands in the luxury field. The course also includes tours of luxury companies.

Further MBA Program:
- MBA in Cosmetics, Beauty & Fragrances: 24 weeks in Paris + 24 weeks in Shanghai + 12 weeks Capstone project 

Scholarships Available for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs:
In 2014, IFA Paris will offer 9 scholarships at postgraduate level and 5 scholarships at undergraduate level for programs in our Paris and Shanghai schools. Email us today for more information on how to apply for this exceptional opportunity.

Undergraduate Scholarships:

Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology - 3 years in Paris
- 3 x full scholarships covering the entire 3 years (worth €25,200)

Bachelor in Fashion Marketing - 3 years in Paris including a semester in Shanghai
- 2 x full scholarships covering the entire 3 years (worth €25,200)

Postgraduate Scholarships:

MBA in Cosmetics, Beauty & Fragrances - 24 weeks in Paris + 24 weeks in Shanghai + 12 weeks Capstone project
- 2 x full scholarships (worth €15,800)

MBA in Global Fashion Media - 36 weeks in Paris + 12 weeks in Shanghai + 12 weeks Capstone project
- 2 x full scholarships (worth €14,800)

Postgraduate Certificate in Contemporary Fashion Design - 1 year intensive course in Paris
- 1 x full scholarship (worth €14,800)
- 4 x half scholarships (worth €7,400)

All of our courses are taught in English and both domestic and international students are eligible to apply. Please note that the scholarships include tuition fee only.

For further information on our fashion courses in Paris, please email us via our Contact Us page.

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