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Image of Florence Culinary Arts School FCAS Florence Culinary Arts School:
Florence Culinary Arts School is a professional chef training school situated in the heart of Florence (within walking distance of Florence Cathedral).

We provide a wide range of short-term and long-term culinary training programs year round and in summer to students from around the world.

Location and Facilities:


Photo of Culinary Arts School in Florence, Italy What better place to learn about food than Florence - the capital of Fine Arts.

The city is well known worldwide for its artistic heritage, but is also prominent in the field of gastronomy.

Florence is blessed with a wide variety of ingredients, as Tuscany is known as the heart of Italian culinary tradition.

School / Office Address: Via Dei Conti 4
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Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2021-06-07 were from:

Nigeria;   Netherlands;   Rivers state, Nigeria;   London, UK / GB;   Houston, USA;   Piacenza, Italy;   Tartu, Estonia;   Port Saint Lucie, USA;   Firenze;   Mumbai, India;   and more.