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College in Paris, France

Image of Touro College France Touro College France:
Touro College France (TCF) is the French branch of Touro College (Based in New York City), and offers an established international Paris-based program with US-accredited degrees. . Touro College France is located in the Marais district in the center of Paris, recognizably one of the worlds most beautiful, vibrant, cosmopolitan cities. TCF has two campuses in the Marais, just a 5 minute walk from each other. One is located just off Place Thorigny, and the other on rue du Parc Royal. Students come from countries all over the world to study at the TCF campus, where courses are taught mostly in English and programs include optional French language and culture studies. Touro College France is accredited by the United States Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Location and Facilities:


Photo of College in Paris, France Qualified international professors teach in well-equipped classrooms in the Paris campus.


Image of Touro College France Touro College France hosts some classrooms that are fully computer-equipped both for the computer science program and also for courses and extra seminars in which the Internet and other computer softwares are used. Moreover, the campus also has one room of computers dedicated to student use next to the library, so that students preparing work, papers and other research can work in unison with the books and periodicals.


Photos of Touro College France Touro College students have an on-campus library and also benefit from a comprehensive online library with access to digital journals, media, and books, and third they also receive membership to the National Library of France (Biliothèque nationale de France).


Picture of Touro College France Both campuses are located within a block of each other, and are within quiet court yards.


The campuses are located next to quaint squares, parks, and cafes where many students hangout during course breaks.


The campuses are located in the Marais of Paris, a cultural and artistic center, with museums, galleries and important historical locations.

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