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Image of Keystone International School, Toronto - Kindergarten & High School Keystone International School, Toronto - Kindergarten & High School:
Keystone International Secondary School is a unique and dynamic, private coed high school located in downtown Toronto for both Canadian & international students, and was established by Keystone International Schools group with the aim of providing local students, the children of expats as well as international students looking to study abroad in Canada with the wonderful opportunity of completing a High School Diploma Program (Grades 9-12) in Ontario, in preparation for a smooth transition into post-secondary education or university in North America.

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At our international high school, students follow the Ontario curriculum, while learning important discipline and self-management skills needed for later success in their college and university education.

Join us in Toronto, a truly multicultural and exciting city, and be respected, valued and challenged throughout your university preparation years! We look forward to corresponding with you, and to answering your questions and learning of your goals and needs.

High School Diploma Programs:

Photo of Contact Page - International High School in Toronto, Ontario- Prepare for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
- Continue your high school studies in Toronto with the goal of transitioning smoothly into higher education or university studies in Canada or the USA.
- Small class sizes allow our teachers to tailor the curriculum to the needs of each student. This results in a truly unique education, crafted to the needs and personality of each child.

Junior High School - Grades 7 & 8:

• Students take English, Science, Technology, Math, Social Studies (history and geography), French, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Drama and Study Skills as part of a broad preparation for high school.

• We believe that learning should happen both in and out of the classroom in a consistent manner as part daily life. Students are encouraged to be in charge of their own learning with the guidance and support of their teachers. They select questions which they want to investigate in each subject area;  encouraging their continued engagement based on their individual curiosity.

• The middle school years form an important period in your child's progress toward independence. Students practice collaboration and leadership throughout the day in and out of the classroom. Inquiry based Learning is a dynamic process that builds on students’ natural curiosity about the world in which they live.

• Inquiry-based learning is student-centric; student drives the learning process forward through inquiries, discussions and reflections.

• Students spend more than 7 hours a week in arts and physical education during the middle school years.

Upper High School - Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12:

• Keystone International School offers a broad high school program that caters to the varied interests and skills of each student. Students are provided with the necessary knowledge and skills to choose their pathways in their post-secondary journey, and all students take compulsory Academic/University Preparation courses as well as electives.

• Flexibility & Focus: There are 2 semesters a year. Students take 4 credits in each semester. If needed or desired, students can also take up to 2 credits during the Summer. Classes are 75 minute blocks.

• Project-based Learning: Students discover new capacities for critical thinking and forming independent judgments. Students become financially literate in the Canadian system, learn to open their own business, use technology to their best advantage, read classics and explore scientific concepts. Classes debate ethical issues in science, history, economics and literature.

• Leadership through Experiential Learning: There are many leadership opportunities for students both in and out of the classroom. Many of the courses provide an opportunity for students to take lead, when students become teachers they also become become independent thinkers while practicing valuable soft skills such as self-reliance, resourcefulness and decision-making.

High School Courses:

• Grade 9:  English, Mathematics, French, Science, Geography, Visual Arts, Physical Education Communication Technology.

• Grade 10:  English, Mathematics, Science, History, Careers & Civics, Digital Media Art, Physical Education Introduction to Business.

• Grade 11:  English, Mathematics, +6 Electives (Sciences, Social Sciences, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Designing Your Future, Technological Design, Healthy Active Living)

• Grade 12:  English + 5 Electives (Mathematics, Sciences, World Studies & Humanities, Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals, Media Arts, Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership).

English Language Enrichment Program for International Students:
• There are five ESL courses based on the student's level of proficiency in English. Depending on the international student's previous exposure to the English language, his/her level of English is assessed during an interview, and when needed, supplemented with an English Assessment Test.

Online Study Programs & Learning Options:
Students from all over the world can take online courses to earn their Canadian High School Diploma. There are various options to meet each students needs.

• Dual Diploma:  Online Program for students who are attending a high school abroad. Students who are continuing their regular day school can take just a few online courses to earn their Canadian Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

• Homeschool:  Keystone Homeschool Program is designed for students who are independent learners. As of grade 9, students who prefer to continue their schooling online from home, can complete the entire high school program and earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

• Hybrid Program:  Whatever your changing circumstances may be, you can now switch between on-campus and online programs at any time. This hybrid program is designed for students who are currently studying abroad on a full-time basis or are homeschooled and would like the flexibility to change between the programs and even join our campus in Toronto for a school term or a full academic year.
Updated: 2021-09-10

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