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American Graduate School in Paris:
Located in the heart of Paris, The American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) provides U.S.-accredited graduate programs taught entirely in English to students from around the world. We offer a 2-year Master of Arts (MA) degree and a Ph.D program in International Relations & Diplomacy. In addition, we provide dual degree programs, study abroad programs, and a 1-year International MBA program.

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Graduate Programs in International Relations - Taught in English:

M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy Degree:
Photo of International Relations / Study Abroad / MBA Programs - ParisCourse Duration: 2 years
This multi-disciplinary masters program offers a stimulating and rigorous curriculum. Constantly updated to include the most current international issues, the curriculum covers economic, historical, social, cultural, legal, and humanitarian aspects.

An important feature of this program is its multi-cultural character. The French setting of the school, the American system of education, and the diverse faculty and student body all combine to create an international environment and enhance the international experience of students.

Course Content:
Compulsory core subjects include international relations theory, international public law, economic policy, foreign policy formulation, and methodology.

In addition, you can choose from a broad range of electives which allow you to explore other areas of international affairs such as environmental policy, NGO management, geopolitics, gender issues, conflict resolution, and area studies: Middle-East, Asia, Africa, Europe.

Students can also choose to earn a Certificate of Concentration in African Studies, Middle-Eastern Studies, or European Studies.

In Year 2, you choose between two alternative tracks depending on your particular goals and interests: the Foreign Policy Paper track and the Research Thesis track. Both options qualify you for a career in international affairs, each through a specific approach.

The program also includes Study Abroad and Internship opportunities.

Ph.D in International Relations and Diplomacy:
Image of International Relations / Study Abroad / MBA Programs - ParisThis doctoral program gives you the opportunity to specialize in a specific domain of knowledge, while gaining the recognition that is instrumental to pursue an advanced career in academics, international organizations, think tanks, or government research.

Course Content:
Our comprehensive curriculum has a multi-disciplinary scope. There are five required courses which cover the disciplines of political science, international relations, economics, international organizations, international law, and diplomacy.

You also choose seven elective courses, including two area courses. Your choice of elective subjects is made in accordance with the domain in which you wish to pursue your research.

You may also complete internships as part of your curriculum. Internships allow you to combine hands-on experience with the scholarly work involved in the Ph.D program, as well as develop a network of useful contacts.

Course Requirements:
In order to be awarded your Ph.D. degree, you must meet the following requirements:

- Successfully complete the coursework with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0. Depending on the number of transfer credits, the coursework can be completed in 12 to 18 months on a full-time basis.
- Pass a pre-dissertation comprehensive examination.
- Achieve the writing and defense of a doctoral dissertation of at least 75,000 words of research, analysis, and corroborating data.

All of these requirements must be met within six years of admission to Ph.D. candidacy, with a minimum of two years for the research and writing of your dissertation.

Dual Degree Programs:
Students enrolled in the MA in International Relations and Diplomacy at AGS have the option to undertake a dual degree program whereby they can earn two degrees in complementary disciplines. 

- Dual Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy /  Diplomacy and Strategic Negotiation:
Students in this program graduate with a US-accredited M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy from the American Graduate School in Paris, and a Master's degree in Diplomacy and Strategic Negotiation from the prestigious French university Université Paris Sud 11 in Sceaux (greater Paris area), which is accredited throughout Europe.

This program is particularly suited for students who wish to enter or advance careers in diplomacy or mediation in government, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs or the private sector. 

The program lasts two years in total and takes place all in France (with the possibility to spend one semester in the US). During the second year of their studies at AGS, students go to Université Paris Sud 11 for a weekly course conducted in French. Having already spent the first year of the program in France, students usually have the appropriate level of French to allow them to follow the course by the second year.

The program at Université Paris Sud 11 culminates in a yearly simulation trip engaging students in a mock negociation where each group represents a country.

- Dual Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy / French & EU Law and Business Ethics:
Photos of American Graduate School in ParisStudents in this program graduate with a US-accredited M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy from the American Graduate School in Paris, and an LL.M. (Master of Laws) in French & European Union Law and Business Ethics from the prestigious Law School of Université de Cergy-Pontoise, which is accredited throughout Europe.

This program is ideal for students who wish to enter or advance careers in Intergovernmental Organizations, NGOs, government or the private sector, involving interaction at the European and international levels. 

This program lasts three years in total, and takes place all in France (with the possibility to spend one semester in the US).

Students having successfully graduated from the American Graduate School in Paris's International Relations and Diplomacy two-year program, and having completed four preparatory courses in International Law in addition to the regular curriculum, may be admitted into the one-year LL.M. program.

LL.M. classes are held in English, at Université de Cergy-Pontoise in the greater Paris area.

Dual Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy / International Peace and Conflict Resolution

Graduates of this dual program hold two US-accredited Master's degrees: an M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy from the American Graduate School in Paris and an M.A. in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from Arcadia University, PA.

Students in this program spend three semesters in France and three semesters in the US (Philadelphia area). You earn both degrees over the course of three years. Completing both programs by undertaking each of them individually would take four years in total.

The knowledge and skills acquired during this two-fold program can be applied to a vast array of fields in government, intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs): human rights, diplomacy, international law, humanitarian relief, environmental policy-making, sustainable development, and conflict management, among others.

They are also highly transferrable to international business and other professional areas involving interaction at the international level.

Study abroad Programs in Paris:

Picture of International Relations / Study Abroad / MBA Programs - ParisAGS provides semester abroad, academic year abroad, and summer abroad programs for undergraduate students. In addition, we offer semester abroad and full year abroad programs for graduate students.

These programs are accredited in the United States through Arcadia University's College of Global Studies. All study abroad programs include French language courses at the Alliance Française.

Undergraduate Study Abroad Programs:
Students enrolled in a US undergraduate program may spend a semester abroad or a full academic year abroad at the American Graduate School in Paris and transfer credit back to their home institution.

Our semester programs are offered every year in the Fall (End of August-Mid December) and in the Spring (End of January-Mid May). Each session lasts 15 weeks.

If you would like to spend an entire year studying in Paris, the curriculum is designed so that you can attend two consecutive semesters.

Our study abroad programs feature a cross-disciplinary curriculum with a two-fold focus:
- Courses are offered in "International Relations, Politics, and Business" of France and the EU.
- You will have French language courses at Alliance Française, a world-renowned language school, and a partner of AGS.

Undergraduate students can earn 16 credits per semester toward an undergraduate degree according to the American credit system.

Undergraduate Summer Abroad Program:
The curriculum of this summer program consists of French language courses in the mornings, and international relations seminars in the afternoons.
The summer program provides students with 6 credits (3 credits for the International Relations courses and 3 credits for the French language courses) toward an undergraduate degree according to the American credit system.

Graduate Study Abroad Programs:
Images of American Graduate School in ParisAGS offers fall / spring semester programs or academic year programs for graduate students from around the world who wish to study in Paris. 

You may choose to transfer the credits earned in this program to a graduate program in another U.S. institution. Alternatively, you can convert your study abroad experience into a full M.A. or Ph.D program at AGS.

A typical full-time semester consists of four courses in the field of International Relations. Choose from a wide range of subjects, including: International Public Law; Foreign Policy Formulation and Diplomacy; Principles of Economics; Strategy and Conflict Resolution; Global Communications, Media and International Affairs, among many others.

Graduate Certificate Courses:
Students who complete any combination of two courses from the graduate course catalog will be awarded a Graduate Certificate of International Relations in the subjects of the courses. Courses are accredited in the U.S.

1-Year International MBA Program - Taught in English:
The International MBA is accredited in the U.S., therefore combining the wide recognition of an American degree with the unique experience of a Paris-based program.

Classes are taught in English; no knowledge of French is required to enroll - you can learn French during the program through AGS’s world-renowned partner institution Alliance Française.

The International MBA program takes place each year from early September to mid-May. The program represents an overall time commitment of 18.5 hours of classes in average per week.

We welcome students from around the world in AGS’s unique learning environment, characterized by personalized attention (small class size, interactive teaching methods) and a very international atmosphere, with students and faculty coming from all over the world. 

Course Content:
The curriculum provides in-depth coverage of the traditional core MBA subjects while also extending the focus to topics of Global Management and International Development, which includes international relations coursework and a field experience in a developing country.

This specialization leads to high-level careers in the corporate world, as well as in non-profit and in international organizations (NGOs and IGOs).

The privileged exposure to the international arena in Paris gives you the opportunity to explore career paths, gain relevant professional experience, and make useful contacts.

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