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Articulate Language Camps, Scotland:
Immerse your young child or teenager in a second language environment while experiencing the stunning countryside of Scotland in summer 2020. Located in central Scotland, Articulate Language Camps provides two residential, language learning summer camps with adventure sports and outdoor activities for students aged 6-17. Students can choose from English, French, Spanish, German or Italian immersion courses. Our 'Launch Camp' is a 2 or 4-day programme for children aged 6-11, and our 'International Camp' is an 11-day camp for UK & international students aged 12-17. We also offer Language Learning + Adventure Programmes during the academic school year for 2-7 days (Residential Camps for groups of primary & secondary school students).

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Residential, Language Learning Summer Courses in Scotland, UK:
- Participants choose English, French, Spanish, German, or Italian.

International Camp - 11 day summer camp for UK & international students aged 12-17.

Photo of Summer Language School in Scotland 2020Features:
• Learn with young people from all over the world to learn English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.
• Take part in digital media projects like film-making and animation, and outdoor adventure activities.
• Learn alongside young native speakers of your studied language and make friends that will last a lifetime.

A Unique Language Learning Experience: 
The thing that makes our International Camp completely unique and different from other camps is that our students actually work together with the young native speakers of the language they are studying.

For example, English-speaking campers learning French work on projects with the French campers learning English. That is what makes our summer language school one of the most meaningful, authentic language learning experiences in the UK. 

Active Learning - Putting new language immediately into practice: 
Each morning’s tutorial has a different grammar and vocabulary focus which campers then put into practice through a digital media project. Afternoons are filled with adventure - campers are having a great time and learning lots without even realising it. 

Using activities such as film-making, animation, podcasting and cookery, campers use their newly learned language in a realistic context, and work on these projects alongside native speaking campers.

Articulate is unique in providing a multilingual environment that encourages language and culture exchange among campers. We know that learning with young native speakers helps to:

• Improve confidence in speaking a foreign language
• Increase vocabulary through sharing languages
• Enhance the learning experience by making communication meaningful
• Make friends from all over the world that last a lifetime

Launch Camp - 2 or 4 day summer camp for children aged 6-11 (British & international students)
Image of Summer Language School in Scotland 2020

- Learn English, French, Spanish, German and Italian in a fun, engaging and exciting way.
- Learn through digital media projects and outdoor sport.
- An authentic summer camp experience without being away from home for too long.

Campers take part in engaging language lessons and digital media projects such as film-making, photo stories and podcasting throughout the course of the camp.

Campers build on their learned vocabulary throughout the two days and the media they produce together gives them something to be proud of and take away at the end of the camp.

Photos of Articulate Language Camps, ScotlandAfternoons are filled with a variety of camp activities delivered in the foreign languages like archery, military assault courses and even climbing.

Campers love to try something new, and the adventure activities give them great stories to share with their friends about their fun-filled summer.

With a 1:4 child to mentor ratio, and an experienced camp mum on site to ensure everyone feels at home, you can be sure that your child is in safe hands.

Articulate Programmes for Schools / Academic Year Residential Camps
• For British & international students
• We also offer Language Learning + Adventure Programmes for 2-7 days during the academic school year  (Boarding camps for groups of primary & secondary school students).
• For example, a 2-day weekend programme, a 5-day camp, Day Camps, as well as a Language Teacher Training course.
• Participants choose to learn English, French, Spanish, Italian or German.
• All camps are custom-built to your school's needs and learning focus, the age of your pupils and their level in the target language. More than one foreign language on the same camp is also possible.

Picture of Summer Language School in Scotland 2020• From a 2-day weekend programme to a 5-day camp, we immerse pupils in the language they are studying and make language learning fun and meaningful.

• Our Residential Camps, for example, offer a great alternative to UK schools to taking secondary school pupils on a language immersion trip abroad, and can help your pupils to prepare for language exams or to act as an alternative to primary school outdoor centre residential experiences - with the important added benefit of language learning. Our school camps encourage using the foreign language for real communication in an exciting way without leaving the UK!

• We can even offer tailored residential revision camps for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams where our morning programme focuses on skills needed to be successful in national qualifications.

Bilingual Camps for foreign students: Our academic year language camps are also open to international schools from outside of the UK. We can often pair schools together on a camp (for example, a French school with a British school) so that your young people can also immediately engage with young natives of the language they are studying. Please contact us for more information.

Teacher Training: Our teacher CLPL courses support primary teachers in implementing the 1+2 approach and teaching out of the classroom. We love helping schools to get their pupils excited about learning and using a new foreign language.

• Join us at Articulate Language Camps for a day or week or we can join you in school with our range of exciting Day Camps.

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