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Chinese Lessons in NY Area

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Hills Learning, New York City:
Located in New York City, Hills Learning offers Chinese language lessons for all skill levels and all ages in the NY area. Individual and group courses are available. Our group classes are for adults, at the Chanin Building which is part of Grand Central station (122 East 42nd Street, at the corner of Lexington Avenue, in Manhattan). We currently have a beginner course for Chinese, and with interest pending offer intermediate courses as well. Our private lessons are generally for adults, but we also have programs that cater to children who want to learn the language. We offer lessons in general Mandarin as well as Fujianese, Cantonese, Taiwanese, and other dialects depending on the teacher.

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We cover all of NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. New Jersey and Connecticut can also be covered.

Chinese Courses / Programs:

Photo of Chinese Lessons in NY Area- Mandarin Chinese Programs for all levels beginner to advanced
- Interactive Chinese for Beginners / Basic Mandarin
- Intensive Chinese Courses
- Business Chinese / Corporate training
- Survival Chinese for Vacation
- Advanced / Academic Chinese
- Group Chinese Courses
- Private Chinese Lessons
- Online Chinese Classes for Adults & Children
- Children's Chinese Programs
- Mandarin Chinese for High School Students
- Chinese and Martial Arts Summer Camp (5-8 year olds)

For our individual lessons we specialize in finding the right teacher and creating the correct curriculum. For group courses we offer alternatives to traditional, less interactive language classes. We also offer courses in Japanese and English and are currently expanding to include other languages.

Our Learner-Friendly Policy & Motto:

Whether your reasons to learn language are academic, professional, cultural or personal, we'll find the right match for you. We have no hidden registration fees or long term contracts. You pay for what you learn. Our main motto is "all New Yorkers should be able to afford learning about other languages and cultures." Compared to our competitors, we try to offer the most reasonably priced and interactive lessons in New York City.

Teaching Methods:

Image of Chinese Lessons in NY AreaWe teach according to the Swirl Method. The best way for developing language skills is by focusing on at least 3 of the 5 language skills per class (Speaking, Writing, Intonation, Reading, Listening). The subjects we cover are pinyin (meaning phonetics, and is currently the most commonly used romanization system for Standard Mandarin), pronunciation and familiarity, 50 basic Chinese characters, vocabulary for ordering, traveling, and basic conversation.

It is our personal experience that the most effective way to learn or develop your language skills is from face to face interaction with a professional teacher. Our speciality is helping you learn language quickly and affordably. We have an array of teachers with a variety of backgrounds to match student's interests, goals, and desires for language learning.

Learn a language. Experience culture. Find answers:
Hills Learning is a company that knows the most interesting part of language learning is experiencing another culture. Therefore our focus is not only to provide students with language teachers but partners that express and discuss their backgrounds, lifestyles and cultural differences. After learning about someone else's culture you'll be amazed at how much you learn about your own.

Student Testimonials:

“I was always interested in learning Chinese, and I’m glad I found Hills Learning. I took a beginner’s course in Chinese. The class met once a week in the evenings in Midtown. I was a complete beginner, but the course was set up in a way that teaches you step by step, making sure your language skill is building up, and it keeps you interested in learning the language. The course had a strong emphasis on conversations, so I think the small size of the course really helped. For how much attention each student gets from the teacher, it’s a great value. My teacher was friendly and very hands-on. I really liked that she also taught us things about the Chinese culture, not just about the language.” 
- Goldman Sachs Employee

"My teacher is an exceptional teacher. She kept us at our growing edge and paced class at just the right speed. She integrated hands on activities that enhanced our learning. She was very patient and answered all of our questions. I would most definitely take another class with her." 
- Jennifer

"My expectations were that the classes would push me to learn at a pace faster and at a level higher than I would be able to study on my own. This goal is definitely being met. Also I enjoy all the nuances that the instructor provides in the class that cannot be learned through self-study." 
- Joe

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Address: 380 Lexington Avenue - 17th Floor, (East Side Manhattan), New York City, New York , USA
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