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Covenant Christian Academy, Peabody:
Located in Peabody in Essex County, MA, Covenant Christian Academy offers a Christian and classical education for K-12 that builds students’ academic, spiritual, and social foundations for lives marked by leadership and service in today’s global community. A Covenant education prepares students to excel in collegiate studies and intellectual pursuits, nurtures Christian faith and character, and fosters the gifts and abilities of each individual. Covenant Christian Academy strives to offer our students a variety of co-curricular programs.

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Education Programs:

We offer a Christian educational program for children from Kindergarten through to 12th grade:

- Kindergarten program
- Lower School program
- Middle School program
- Upper School program
- Advanced Placement courses
- C.A.T. program (Before and After School Care)
- Subjects include:  Math, English, Science, Language Arts, Science and Health, Drama, Music, Art and P.E.


In the Grammar School (early childhood through to upper elementary), children learn the foundational elements or “grammar” of each academic discipline. We are accustomed to talking about grammar in the study of the English language, but all subjects have a grammar of their own. The grammar of math includes the concepts of number, place value, basic computation, etc., while the grammar of art includes line, color, shape, and form. Covenant’s students are challenged to master the grammar of every subject as preparation to progress through and integrate increasingly complex material.
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In the Logic Stage (upper elementary through middle school), students learn to manipulate and order the truth they received in grammar school according to principles governed by sound reason. The content of the grammar school is the material of logic where students analyze and learn to make connections between fields of truth. Logical thinking is required in all disciplines to successfully solve complex mathematical equations, to write clear essays, and to hypothesize an outcome in science.

The Rhetorical Stage (late middle through high school and beyond) is the destination of the previous stages of learning. Rhetoric is commonly defined as the art of persuasive speech. In ancient times the most excellent students aspired to be great rhetoricians, able to enter the intellectual arenas of the day and persuade rulers and commoners alike in matters of truth, justice, and wisdom. But here, again, the language arts are not the sole possessors of the art of persuasion.

The musician trained in grammar and logic combines notes in a way that is pleasant, but those with rhetorical skill move the hearer’s heart to a response. It is only through the disciplined work of grammar and logic in math, science, and art, that students receive the knowledge and skills to grasp hold of the calculus, glimpse the intricacies and magnitude of creation, and understand the genius of the masters. It is here, the heights of understanding in every discipline, toward which a Covenant education strives.

* Language Arts:
Literature - This course is designed to nurture appreciation for a variety of literary genres resulting in the development of listening and vocabulary usage, as well as refined critical thinking skills. Students identify literary genres, analyze the elements of a plot, recognize literary devices, summarize, and integrate their literary interpretations with real life experiences. Comprehension skills such as drawing inferences, recalling prior knowledge, making predictions, interpreting imagery, and using supporting details from the text, are developed by reading strategies, class discussions, writing reflections, comprehension checks, and oral and silent reading.

* Writing:
This curriculum focuses on the Writing Process: prewriting, writing, revising, editing, and publishing. Students develop their personal writing voice and skills such as writing with greater clarity and organization and refining paragraph and sentence structure, while increasing their knowledge of standard English conventions. Revision is an integral part of the writing process utilizing tools such as self/peer editing, and writing conferences. Fifth graders craft various genres of writing (journals, friendly letters, newspaper stories, reports, poetry, and plays). Students conduct an author study incorporating the author’s personal history, writing style, and the process by which their works were written and published.Image of Private School in Essex County, MA

* English:
Our English curriculum includes the study of grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. Grammar is emphasized including parts of speech, punctuation, and sentence diagramming. The curriculum is designed for a weekly spelling and vocabulary lesson.

* Mathematics:
The curriculum, designed to provide a necessary balance between fundamental math skills and critical thinking skills, includes key components such as mental math activities, math learning games, thinking stories, manipulatives to introduce and reinforce concepts, and integrated lesson formats. Mathematical concepts include estimation, fractions and decimals, algebra readiness, geometry, statistics and graphing, measurement (standard and metric), ratio and proportion, probability, real-life math applications, and problem solving.

* Science and Health:
Hands-on kits from Science and Technology for Children in conjunction with the National Sciences Resources Center are utilized in our Science program. This curriculum engages students in discovery learning through the process of the Scientific Method: prediction, hypothesis, experimentation, collecting and organizing data, conducting research, and summarizing conclusions. One topical study entitled Land and Water highlights the water cycle, how water changes the shape of land, how land features affect the flow of water, soil analysis, and erosion.

* Art:
Creativity abounds at Covenant, and nowhere is it more evident than in the area of the visual arts. We currently have two art teachers: one working with Kindergarten through Grade 5, and one working with Middle and High School students. Through art classes, electives, and after-school art programs students have been able to explore a variety of artistic media and bring expression to their natural talents and unique perspectives

* Drama:
Drama presents an outlet for that imaginative experience, and enables students to learn social, intellectual and artistic skills.

* Music:
All grades Pre-Kindergarten through grade 8, receive weekly music instruction. Our youngest learners are introduced to the grammar of music beginning with the concepts of rythym, pitch, tone, and note value. As students progress through the elementary grades they are introduced to music theory and composition while learning to read music with a wide variety of music genres. Upper school students have elective options to learn the history of music and its appreciation...

* Athletics:
Covenant’s Athletic Department is in a time of growth and transition as we meet the needs of our growing upper school through extracurricular athletics. We offer the following sports:

> Middle School Cross Country
> High School Cross Country
> Boys Soccer
> Girls Soccer
> High School Boys Basketball
> Middle School Boys Basketball
> Girls Basketball
> Co-ed Track

* C.A.T. Program - Before and After School Care:
Covenant Christian Academy is pleased to offer the C.A.T. Program to our school families. The purpose of the C.A.T. Program is to provide an option for parents whose work schedules begin earlier, or end later, than the school day. Students may attend the C.A.T. Program in any way that best fits the family’s schedule. Every morning and afternoon, or any combination of days and times is possible.

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Address: 83 Pine Street, Peabody, Essex County, Massachusetts , USA
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Students live in Lawrence Academy dormitories with international roommates and share their meals in the dining hall. This program is a true international cultural immersion experience.
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Bilingual (French/ English) preschool and kindergarten programs:
* Le Petit Jardin program for children two to two years nine months.
* Le Moyen Jardin program for children two years nine months to four years old
* Le Grand Jardin is a pre-K program for children four to five years old.
* Le Jardin Maternel is a kindergarten program for children five years old and older, and also serves as a transitional kindergarten program for children slightly under age five.