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Design / Business College in Singapore

Image of Raffles Design Institute Raffles Design Institute:
Raffles Design Institute is located in Singapore on 99 Beach Road. The new campus sits on a 1.2 hectare of land with three buildings. The campus will be the incubator for many aspiring designers, lifestyle and business management students in the Asia Pacific region.

Location and Facilities:


Photo of Design / Business College in Singapore Our historical building retains its former image of authority and exudes a dignified and distinguished character, yet provides a fun and lively studying and working environment within. The new campus will have facilities that complement the resources provided by the National Library, The Esplanade by the Bay, and museums in the vicinity.


Image of Raffles Design Institute Raffles Design Institute (Singapore) is committed to providing the best learning environment for students. The School continues to upgrade the learning environment to meet our students' needs and quest for knowledge. In our efforts to be the school of choice for local and international students, we are providing students with new facilities to aid them in their learning journey here in Raffles Design. The entire campus will be on wireless platform to facilitate our students' constant quest of knowledge and research. It will redefine the learning environment for all our students!


Singapore is the New Asia, a city incandescent with vibrant, multi-cultural and sophisticated modernity. What better place to get a total arts and design experience than in the cosmopolitan city of Singapore. The city is driven by Eastern and Western cultures. Rich tradition and cutting-edge modernity gel with perfect synchronicity. Opportunities are abundant in this metropolis also known as the leading financial, economic and cultural centres of Asia.

Singapore's financial district with its modern skyscrapers rivals those of major cities of the world such as New York City, London, Hongkong or Tokyo. Internationally renowned architects and designers work with local industries to create some of the most magnificent buildings in Singapore. The latest landmark on Singapore's map is the Esplanade, a S$600 million complex that has captured attention in Asia and the West for its outstanding architecture that houses theatres and concert halls for thousands of art lovers.

School / Office Address: 51 Merchant Road, Singpaore 058283
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