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Estudio Nómada, Barcelona:
Estudio Nómada is an independent art school and artistic studio work-space in the heart of the vibrant Gothic area in Barcelona, on the north-eastern Mediterranean coast of Spain. Our year-round international art program in English (or Dutch) is for professional artists and future artists that wish to work intensively on a lasting artistic and personal development. The program is designed and customized for: Future art students who want to prepare for art academy or for applying to an art academy; Art students that want to do an internship abroad in Barcelona; and professional artists who want to enhance their working process and/or their entrepreneurial skills. We also offer an Art / Spanish Language Immersion course.

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International Art Program - Personalized Art Program / Workshops (year-round)
Photo of Art Workshops & Personalized Programs in Barcelona, SpainWe guide future art students, art students and professional artists in their artistic process. You learn and work in an intensive studio program amidst the professional artists that guide you. You become part of a lively and very international artistic community in Barcelona.

All classes are one-on-one or in small groups. Students stay for a minimum of 2 months but preferably for 6 months or more. You will work on personal assignments that we feel fit your needs as an artist. Every week, you will have meetings on a one-on-one basis with the artists in Estudio Nómada and can join group activities, like critiques or art documentaries. The maximum number of students at any time is fifteen, so classes are always quite intimate. The art classes are in English (or Dutch). We also offer Spanish classes in the studio.

The international art program includes:
- tutorials in your visual art process from the experienced artists in the studio
- individual guidance in recognising the artist style that best suits your work
- various workshops by our artists
- tutorials in finding the artistic vocabulary that fits your work
- group meetings with your peer students guided by an artist
- viewing of art-documentaries or art-movies that fit your interest (from our >700 collection) 
- monthly no manda! (no rules!) exhibitions to display your work
- 24-hour access to your working space

Students will also benefit from:
- use of the ‘public walls’ in the studio as an exhibition space
- visiting the many cultural events in Barcelona, organized by students (visiting galleries, museums, events etc.)
- the possibility to join or organize exhibitions or events

Art with Spanish Language Course:
Image of Art Workshops & Personalized Programs in Barcelona, SpainIn this intensive program (minimum 1 week year-round) offered in conjuction with the Internationella Skolorna language school in Barcelona, you follow classes in an active international art community downtown. In the mornings, students focus on developing your artistic skills, producing a sketchbook portfolio and improving your knowledge about the contemporary art world. The afternoons are dedicated to mastering the Spanish language, with 12 hours Spanish classes each week.

- Achieve or improve your level in Spanish
- Develop your artistic skills and knowledge guided by local artists
- Create a sketchbook portfolio
- Get around in the art scene of Barcelona

Summer Masterclasses:

Burn-in - A week of critical thinking on wine estate Els Igols near Barcelona
Burn-in is born to counter burn-out. This short summer course is designed for practicing artists, writers, thinkers, or anyone who craves a ‘week off’ with food for mind and body. You will spend a week on a beautiful Spanish wine estate with fellow thinkers and creative minds.

The goal of this program is to explore ways to get around in the complex and chaotic complex world of today while acknowledging your dreams and beliefs. You will be investigating subjects chosen by you and your peers. You will enjoy seven intense days of contemplation, and sharing healthy home-cooked meals on the large haciendas stylish patio.

Program Highlights
- You will have profound dialogues about subjects you and the other students have chosen
- You will express yourself in creative workshops
- You will watch thought-provoking documentary selections
- You will wander through the vineyards of the Penedes near Barcelona

Summer Art Intensive:
Photos of Estudio Nómada, BarcelonaOver nine inspiring days, students are fully immersed in the artistic scene of Barcelona. With continual guidance from professional artists, you will develop an idea or concept for an art piece which will be presented in an exhibition space downtown Barcelona at the end of the workshop.

What to expect during the Workshop:
- Fulltime access to your art studio in Barcelona
- Tutorials by the artists that are based in Estudio Nómada
- Photoshoot with a professional photographer
- Exhibition with a well catered opening
- City & museum visits

Further Art Programs:

Easter Art Intensive
An intensive 9 day program, this is a multidisciplinary workshop that explores, analyzes and subverts themes around the human body.

Art Workshops:
- Sailing Skyline Drawing
- Hieronymus Bosch Drawing
- Museum & Gallery visits
- Mold making
- Positive & Negative Composition
- Clay Modelling
- Photo Documentation
- Life Drawing
- Perspective Drawing Class Graveyard
- Cinematography

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