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Spanish Language School in Galicia, North-East Spain

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LanguageJobSpain (LJS) is a Spanish language school located in La Coruña in the region of Galicia in Northwest Spain. La Coruña (also known as A Coruña) is only an hour's flight from the cities of Madrid and Barcelona. LJS offers Spanish courses for adults and young people.

Situated in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula, La Coruña (called A Coruña in Galician language) is a Spanish region located in the corner of the country. It is one of the four provinces of the autonomous community of Galicia, a region of vast green landscapes with a rich Celtic and Roman heritage which keeps, still today, a mystic and magic allure. From its beaches and spectacular landscapes to its legacy of legends, myths, history and home of ancient celebrations, A Coruña is certainly a city worth visiting.

A Coruña is an ancient, Atlantic and cosmopolitan city which combines traditions and modern life. The spectacular landscape and delicious gastronomy together with the hospitality of its people make of A Coruña one of the most attractive Spanish cities. A Coruña is also a city where leisure and culture blend to form exciting options for visitors - from art, museums and exhibitions to concerts, restaurants, pubs, bars and discos.

Its geography makes La Coruña the ideal destination for "surf lovers". Lying at 43º 22' North and 08º 23' West and with a non crowded coastline, it is an ideal place for water sports like surfing, sailing, diving, fishing or just swimming in the sea and walking round the promenade.

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Updated: 2024-01-27
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