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Crossing Borders International Preschool, Houston:
Equip your child with key life skills for the future through quality language immersion programs in the south-central Houston TX area with Crossing Borders! We provide bilingual preschool programs for toddlers to kindergarten kids ages 18 months - 5 years. Our immersion programs are available in a range of languages - Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French and English. Parents can choose to send their child to our Rice Village learning center (close to Downtown) for 2, 3, or 5 days a week. All options are full-day programs.

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"We recommend Crossing Borders to all brave parents raising bilingual kids. Besides greatly improving our daughter Chloe's Spanish, this school offers a warm and friendly environment."
- Liesbeth

Bilingual Preschool / Language Immersion Programs in Houston TX:
Photo of Spanish Immersion Programs for Kids, Houston TX• Crossing Borders strives to encourage kids to become bilingual as young as 18 months old!

• Our academic curriculum is advanced, and challenges our students to learn all of the subjects (Math, Science, Art, etc.) in a second language, becoming bilingual.

• The curriculum is designed to immerse children in a different language in an organic way using games, songs, activities, to help them participate, understand, and speak the new language.

• Our primary goal is to have our preschool students emerge into reading another language as they transition into kindergarten. In order to do this, we begin introducing students to phonetic awareness at the toddler level. 

• Children in our Bilingual Preschool are completely fluent in a 2nd and/or 3rd language after only 2 to 3 years in our immersion programs. 

• At Crossing Borders, we understand that acquiring a second language has stages and takes time to learn. We seek for every child to be independent and have fun while learning a second language.

Spanish Immersion (ages 18 months - 5 years)
• Our Spanish immersion program is ideal for any parent who wants to develop their child’s second language in an effortless and natural way.

• Our Pre-K students follow a challenging and engaging preschool curriculum. Our highly experienced and native Spanish-speaking teachers present all instruction in Spanish with minimal English support.

• Our program is effective for English speaking children whose parents want to develop second language skills, or for Spanish speaking children whose parents want them to learn academic Spanish.

Spanish Kindergarten Program for 5 year olds:
• In our kindergarten class, students are immersed in a dynamic Spanish language curriculum where they acquire social skills that will help them become fluent Spanish speakers. 

French Immersion Programs for Kids:
• Preschool French Classes (for potty trained kids ages 3+)
• Pre-Kindergarten French Immersion (for ages 4-5) 

Give your little one the opportunity to learn French in an immersion-style setting! They will be exposed to age-appropriate grammar, vocabulary, and conversation activities. Students will learn to communicate through phrases, dialogue, expressions, and drills. 

Mandarin Chinese Immersion Programs for Kids:
• Preschool Chinese Classes (for potty trained kids ages 3+)
• Pre-Kindergarten Chinese Immersion (for ages 4-5) 

With more than a billion people in the world speaking Mandarin, you can advance your child's future by teaching him or her Chinese! Your child will learn Mandarin through music, games, and activities. Chinese culture and traditions will also be covered.

English Immersion (ages 18 months - 5 years)
• English for Toddlers
• Preschool English Immersion (for kids ages 2-3)
• Pre-Kindergarten English Immersion (ages 4-5) 

Our English Immersion program focuses on having children develop the English language skills that help them in academic subjects. 

Although this is a great program for children coming from non-English speaking homes, this traditional preschool program is also beneficial for native English-speaking students!

After all, all children at this age are working on language building and development. American culture and traditions will also be covered.

Afterschool & Enrichment Programs:
After-school child care program. Our aftercare & enrichment language immersion program teaches vocabulary and grammar, but we also teach our students about the music, dance, art and foods that make up the various cultures around the world.

Common Teaching Techniques Used:
Image of Spanish Immersion Programs for Kids, Houston TX• Children's books
• Songs, Arts & Crafts
• Phonetic Awareness
• Letters of the Week
• "High frequency words"
• Body Response
• Manipulatives Total

Our highly-qualified and experienced language teachers use first class teacher's resources (for kids) that have made specially for them by CBG's Education Director.

Children’s books, songs, and arts and crafts, are all used to re-enforce knowledge in a fun and engaging way. Gross motor skills are also targeted via traditional group games. Students learn math with games, manipulatives, and songs. Students also learn the shapes, colors, and numbers.

To help our toddlers to be able to recognize the letters of the alphabet and know how to say each letter, we implement a “letter of the week.” Animals are commonly used to learn each letter.

For example, we might practice saying, “z is for zebra.” Each flash card has a word and a picture for each particular letter. For our Pre-K students, we start introducing high-frequency words, five times each week.

We incorporate everything possible for a child to acquire the second language by using Total Body Response (TPR), which means using gestures with our whole body and visual aids as much as possible so children see and understand what we are expecting from them.

Further Language Programs:
Photos of Crossing Borders International Preschool, Houston• Spanish, Mandarin & French Camps (Spring, Summer and Winter)
• English Winter & Summer Programs

Parent Reviews / Testimonials:
•  “We love the school for the love and caring environment. Zoey is learning a lot in language and we are very satisfied and feel safe”.
Mrs. Satija, Zoey’s mom, 3 years old, Houston

•  “Great school! The staff are very patient and full of knowledge. My child loves his environment and is excited to come to school every day. There are a lots of after-school options”.
Mr. Sim, Malaki’s dad, 3 years old, Houston

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