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Reach Cambridge - Academic Camps in UK & Online:
We are happy to say that all of our programs for summer 2020 are still scheduled to take place. We are continuing to monitor the situation but are proceeding with our camps as normal. Reach Cambridge offers UK and international high school students, ages 14-18, the opportunity to gain an invaluable academic experience through a 2 or 4-week spring or summer program in one of the top educational facilities in the world. We provide unique and academically-rigorous residential courses for students. Located just 50 miles north of London, students stay in one of Cambridge University’s colleges or in our central Cambridge headquarters, Reach Hall.

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Onsite UK Courses in 2020 + Online Pre-University Courses for students globally!

• 1 & 2-week Residential Courses in Spring (March - April)
For UK & International Students ages 14-18

Photo of Summer School for High School Students in UKThis is a personalised university prep course with a focus on key study skills and essential revision skills. 

Students choose one subject to study through in-depth ‘supervision-style’ tuition one day each week.

Each student receives personalized academic tuition from one of our leading academics. The program is complemented by excursions within and outside of Cambridge. 

Subjects include:
• Biotechnology
• Medicine & Life Sciences
• Computer Science & Maths
• Economics & Business Management
• English Literature
• Law
• Physics & Engineering
• Politics
• Psychology

• Residential Summer Courses 2020

2 & 4 week programs in July and August for UK & International Students ages 14-18
Our academically-rigorous summer programs offer highly-trained supervisors and teaching staff drawn from the University.

We guarantee a summer school program that is run by professionals who truly care about your child's safety, education and enjoyment. 

Academic Subjects include:

 English as a Second Language:
Image of Summer School for High School Students in UKOur dedicated English as a Second Language (ESL) course offers tailored support to ambitious young people seeking to develop their English and equip themselves with skills for University and beyond. 

Designed for non-native English speakers, students have four hours of structured teaching every weekday. The English tuition is offered in very small groups and is taught by experienced, qualified TEFL teachers using the latest methodology.

• SAT Preparation: 
SAT is the most widely-used standardized test for student admissions for colleges and universities in the U.S. 

This dynamic and challenging course is for students interested in attending an American university or college, and will provide complete preparation for the SAT.  

The course covers all three topics that are tested on the SAT - Critical Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.

Students are taught the theoretical foundations necessary to succeed on this examination as well as test-taking techniques, supplemented by taking practice papers.

 English Literature:
The English Literature course is designed to introduce students to plural genres and periods. Students will study drama, poetry, and prose as they explore the renaissance, the romantic period, and our postmodern age.

Each unit of study will be comprised of a lead text or figure but will also introduce students to a broader range of writers and works of literature.

The course will also involve stimulating excursions to the theatre, practical workshops, and writing skills clinics.

• English Literature & Creative Writing:
This innovative Reach Cambridge course introduces students to subjects beyond the scope of their current school courses, offering them a flavour of English Literature at university level. Students study drama, poetry and prose, and explore different literary movements, for example, the Renaissance, the Romantic period, and our Postmodern age.

Complementing the student's literary tuition with diverse exercises in creative writing under the leadership of professional writers, this English Literature & Creative Writing course encourages both critical and creative thinking. Students also participate in enriching local excursions (including to the theatre) to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

• ENG4U Grade 12 English: 
An Ontario credit course taught by an experienced teacher from Canada, this summer course is specifically for students who wish to complete their Grade 12 Canadian Credit English in the literary city of Cambridge. This course is intended to prepare you for university, college, or the workplace, and emphasizes the consolidation of the literacy and communication, and the critical and creative thinking skills needed for success in both academic and daily life.

• Business Management & Economics:
Photos of Reach Cambridge - Academic Camps in UK & OnlineThis course would suit both the budding entrepreneur and those students who hope to study business management at University. 

Drawing on the expertise of leading graduates in the field, this course will be structured around theoretical business models and analytical study of current issues in business and management studies.

• Law:
This course offers a vibrant introduction to the study of law at University. Students will explore a range of modules including criminal law, international law, human rights law, and constitutional law. 

This will allow students to develop valuable skills in debating, researching and presenting a topic and working as part of a team.

There will be a focus on both UK and international law, as students are encouraged to think critically about legal issues facing the world in a twenty-first century, globalised society.

• Liberal Arts:
The Reach Cambridge Liberal Arts course draws on principles of the ideal education as developed by the ancient Greeks, and allows students to pursue many of their favourite subjects while also introducing them to subjects and disciplines that they may not have encountered previously.

This 2-week intensive Liberal Arts course covers everything from maths and science to history, the arts, and politics. Taught by a team of enthusiastic teachers who are all experts in their respective fields, this is a rich and engaging academic program which challenges the students and sets them up to succeed, prepared for whatever they choose to do next academically. 

• Politics and International Relations:
This pioneering course deals with issues at the cutting edge of political life. Students will explore key issues through lectures and workshops led by experienced professionals.

Through their own research and in group debates students will be encouraged to think for themselves about challenging issues of global importance, from climate change to the Arab-Israeli conflict to the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague. 

 Journalism & Media Studies:
Picture of Summer School for High School Students in UKThis is a vibrant and challenging course for students who want to think critically about the nature and values of journalism while simultaneously getting invaluable hands-on experience of real-life journalistic practice. 

During the programme students will explore key issues such as sources and veracity, ethics in journalism and online reporting. 

Students will be introduced to the practical skills of writing, editing, filming, and other broadcast media techniques, as well as taking part in making a real film report. 

• Mathemathics:
Our Mathematics course teaches students to challenge the boundaries of the subject, to explore the diverse forms of Mathematics and think about both theoretical approaches and practical applications.

Topics include those from both Applied and Pure Mathematics streams and also incorporate some overlap with Physics.

• Computer Science:
This programme is designed to equip students with everything they need to develop their programming, coding and mathematical skills. Areas covered include algorithms, computational system design, information and coding theory, and programming language theory. 

Our expert teachers will work from students’ existing knowledge to build up their skills in and understanding of this increasingly important discipline.

• Physics & Astronomy:
In our dedicated Physics program, students are also taught the mathematical basis for many of these exciting topics to help familiarise them with the principles at work. 

This course introduces students to a range of subjects taught by scientists at the cutting edge of Physics research. The course includes elements of Astrophysics and Astronomy, introducing students to the latest advances in human exploration of the Universe.

Highlights include a visit to the Science Museum in London, an introduction to Astrophysics followed by a visit to a Planetarium and night observing at a laboratory and a rocket practical.

• Physics and Engineering (in Spring 2020):
This exciting course introduces students to key concepts in both Physics and Engineering. It encourages students to think more about the relationship between the two disciplines, on practical and theoretical levels. Students receive a quality insight from our expert lecturers into what it is like to study Engineering at university level. 

Students are introduced to many different aspects including Chemical Engineering, Manufacturing and Electrical Engineering. 

Our lecturers encourage students to think about recent developments in the field, how theoretical problems can be approached in the real world, and the engineering challenges for the future. 

As well as offering a theoretical grounding in each area, this interactive course also allows students to get involved in the more practical side of the subject, such as design, building and testing. 

• Engineering:
This course will give the students a theoretical overview of relevant Engineering concepts as well as hands-on experience.

Students develop a range of skills necessary for a future engineer and through relevant lectures and classes they will learn the basics necessary for the engineering in practice.

• Biotechnology:
Images of Reach Cambridge - Academic Camps in UK & OnlineOur Biotechnology programme will tackle both the academic study of biotechnology but also explore its practical applications in the real world.

This exciting and dynamic course will be a challenging but rewarding programme for all those students with a passionate interest in biotechnology. 

Students are offered a unique insight into both the study of biotechnology at university, and also the vocational opportunities in the field beyond the academy.

• Medicine & Life Sciences:
This course introduces students to a range of subjects taught by scientists at the cutting edge of research and with an element of pre-clinical medicine included for aspiring doctors or nurses.

Students have a permanent tutor guiding them through the course, with guest lecturers coming in to discuss the latest developments in their field. 

Highlights include visits to a number of museums and laboratories. Other topics include Plant Science, Evolution, Genetics, Forensic Science, and Biodiversity as well as an introduction to pre-clinical medicine.

• Psychology:
Our Psychology course is specially designed to familiarise students with some of the central topics in the exciting academic subject of Psychology, which focusses on the science of the mind, behaviour and experience. 

The course gives students key transferable intellectual skills relevant to University studies in both Sciences and the Humanities.

We provide a dynamic mix of workshops and lectures that enables students to grapple with these thought-provoking issues with the support of brilliant teachers.

Summer Course Add-Ons:
• Community Outreach
• Creative Writing
• Introduction to Architecture
• Pre-Hospital and Emergency Medicine
• Single Room Guarantee
• University Advance
• Young Leaders Program

Online Pre-University Courses via Private Tuition through Zoom Video for high school students globally: 

• We offer a one-to-one course and tutor dedicated to your needs and future, delivered online for students of ages 12 to 18 years old (Year-round including during the summer months). 

• A huge benefit of these online courses for our new students globally is that they will be one-to-one private tutoring-based. This means the curriculum will be oriented solely around each student's individual requirements to expand their knowledge base, and to challenge and prepare them for their future academic studies at university or college in the UK or around the world.

• Delivered in a more of a tutoring format than our usual in-person summer programmes, our Courses still fall within Reach Cambridge’s usual "mission to bridge the gap between school and university learning and to help students explore their academic passions" free of the normal stresses and constraints associated with exam-driven schooling. 

• We also offer tailored courses for groups of students or families, and we would be very happy to discuss this with you.

Pre-University Academic Course Online Subjects:

- Courses available in 10, 20 or 40 hour bundles.
- All of our private online lessons take place over Zoom.

• Biotechnology
• Business Management
• Computer Science
• Creative Writing
• Economics
• Engineering
• Journalism & Media
• English as a Second Language (ESL)
• English Literature
• Law
• Mathematics
• Medicine & Life Sciences
• Physics
• Politics & International Relations
• Psychology
• SAT Preparation

with Optional Enrichment Classes Online:

• Leadership Skills (5 hours)
What does it take to become a young leader in the 21st Century? Explore key ideals of leadership and discover your potential to make a difference through sessions tailored to your strengths and interests. Key components include: Public speaking / debating, presentation skills, principles of community outreach, youth engagement through social media, and more.

• Study Skills (5 hours)
What does it take to succeed in university and in life? How can you take care of yourself, emotionally and psychologically, while doing your best every step of the way? Complement your passion for learning with concrete skills to help you thrive and succeed, through sessions covering everything from revision techniques and exam preparation, to essay writing, interview skills and more.

Student Testimonials:
“I really loved this course - it was close to perfect. The balance between lessons & activities was very good… I would gladly come back.”
- Selene, Reach Cambridge Student

“This course helped me to choose what I want to do in the future, and gave me a lot of new ideas.”
- Sasha, Reach Cambridge Student

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