Study English online: TOEFL iBT practice material, free exercises. Find English schools & TOEFL courses in USA, NY, Canada, UK.. Commonly mispelled TEOFL, TOFEL, TOFL, TOFLE, TOEFFL, this practice site is a good place to start preparing for the "Test of English as a Foreign Language".

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Free TOEFL Preparation Exercises – Online Practice

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The purpose of this online TOEFL guide on Learn 4 Good is to give you free interactive examples of real style TOEFL test questions, and to explain the purpose and layout of the test. We have also added links below to some English schools in New York, Boston, San Francisco CA, Toronto Canada, the UK, London, Sydney Australia, and India, for example, that offer TOEFL prep courses for college/university entrance or employment requirements.
Good luck with the test and your future studies and career!

About The Computer-Based TOEFL Test

1. Purpose of the TOEFL Test

2. The CBT TOEFL Test

3. Scoring

4. Number of Questions and Time to Complete the Test

5. How often can I take the computer-based TOEFL test

6. List of possible TOEFL writing section topics

7. International TOEFL CBT Registration and Test Center Locations List

8. TOEFL New York , TOEFL Test Preparation in Boston, Toronto, Los Angeles, Washington DC

TOEFL Structure Practice
TOEFL Test No. 1
Number 2 (25 questions)
Number 3 (25 questions)
Number 4 (25 questions)
Number 5 (25 questions)
Number 6 (25 questions)
Number 7 (25 questions)
Number 8 (25 questions)
Number 9 (25 questions)
Number 10 (25 questions)
Number 11 (25 questions)
1. Lesson 1
2. Lesson 2
3. Lesson 3
4. Lesson 4
5. Lesson 5
6. Subject
7. Verb Test
8. Word Order 1
9. Adjective Clauses
10. Adverb Clauses
11. Main Subject
12. Main Verb
13. Noun Clauses
14. Word Order 2
15. TOEFL Exercise 15
16. Exercise 16
17. Exercise 17
TOEFL Vocabulary


TOEFL Reading Section
TOEFL Writing Section
List of possible TOEFL writing section topics
English Exam Preparation Courses around the world: TOEFL Course in New York

For French speakers: Écoles d’anglais a Dublin, Sejour Linguistique Angleterre, Écoles d’anglais a Londres

For German speakers: Englische Sprachschulen

For Italian speakers: Corsi inglese in Irlanda, Scuole inglese Dublino

For Spanish speakers: Cursos Inglés Irlanda, Cursos Inglés Dublin, Cursos Inglés Londres, Inglaterra, Cursos Inglés Escocia, Estados Unidos, Nueva York, San Francisco, Los Angeles Estudiar inglés en Hawai, EEUU

For Portuguese speakers: Escolas inglesas em Inglaterra

English language schools & courses: Location
New York Language Center New York City, New York, USA
Language Skills English Center, Boston Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Australian International College of Language, Gold Coast Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Harvest English Institute, Newark Newark, New Jersey, USA
Kaplan International New York – Midtown Manhattan New York City, New York, USA
American National College, Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Le Tutor Language School, Phoenix AZ area Mesa, Arizona, USA
Heritage English Lymington, England, UK & England
Kaplan International San Francisco San Francisco, California, USA
International House Vancouver Vancouver, BC, Canada
Kaplan International Seattle Seattle, Washington, USA
Kaplan International Boston Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Stanford English Academy, Navi Mumbai Mumbai, India
Kaplan International Chicago Chicago, Illinois, USA
Uptrend College Singapore, Singapore
A F International College, Los Angeles Los Angeles, California, USA
Kaplan International New York - Empire State New York City, New York, USA
BSN Language Centre, The Hague The Hague, Netherlands
International House Johannesburg - Language Lab Johannesburg, South Africa
Language Works English Courses Singapore, Singapore