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Contact - Arabic Immersion for Kids in Texas

1. Crossing Borders International Preschool, Houston
Courses / Programs
• A leading provider of foreign language classes for kids in Houston TX, Crossing Borders International Preschool will teach Arabic to your child in a fun and dynamic way!

• We offer specialized Arabic enrichment lessons for kids ages 4-6. Afternoon / after-school classes are available at our conveniently located language school in Rice Village in south-central Houston (close to Downtown).

• Crossing Borders provides the only ongoing Arabic for kids program in the area.

• In addition to learning vocabulary, our Arabic classes place a great emphasis on conversation skills. Our young learners communicate through phrases, expressions, dialogues, drills etc that they can use with family, friends and their fellow students.

• Our students learn how to ask questions and how to respond to them. They are taught how to give directions and provide information. The content varies according to their level and their age.

Parent Review:
“Crossing Borders has been a wonderful experience helping our child love another language.”
- Rebecca, Houston
After School / Afternoon Arabic Classes for Kids (ages 4-6)

• Your child will learn Arabic in a cultural context, which makes the language come alive for them!

• As well as learning Arabic grammar and vocabulary, they will learn the dance, art, music, and even cuisine of the Arabic world.

• Learning Arabic with Crossing Borders is a wonderful way for your child to gain confidence.

• Through interaction with their peers and our experienced and dedicated staff, they will also build lasting friendships.
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New World Spanish, San Antonio area
Courses / Programs
Conveniently situated in the heart of Alamo Heights TX, New World Spanish provides Spanish classes, private tutoring, and immersion programs for preschoolers, elementary school, middle school & high school students from throughout the San Antonio area. We also offer a fun Spanish summer camp for children ages 3-11.

New World Spanish also teaches Spanish to adults of all levels - from complete beginner to advanced learner.

Established in 2003, New World Spanish provides high-quality Spanish language teaching to the San Antonio community. We understand that speaking a second language is becoming a necessity in today's competitive and complex world.

Our Spanish language programs for kids & teens are taught by extremely qualified native Spanish speakers, who have many years of experience in teaching Spanish.

The aim of our 100% total Spanish immersion programs is to help our students to learn Spanish in a fun and engaging way, but also to help them to be able to communicate effectively in Spanish.
Spanish language classes for kids & teens

- Mama y yo (2 year olds)
- Spanish immersion preschool (ages 3-5)
- Spanish tutoring for K12 students of all levels
- Semi-private & private Spanish lessons for kids & teens
- Spanish summer camp (ages 3-11)
- Spanish classes for homeschoolers
Crossing Borders, Houston North Area
Courses / Programs
• Are you searching for Spanish language classes in summer 2019 in Spring / The Woodlands for your child or teenager?

• Situated in The Woodlands TX (just 20 minutes north of Houston), Crossing Borders provides a range of quality Spanish summer camps, for kids and teenagers ages 6-16.

• Crossing Borders also provides year-round Spanish language classes for adults throughout the Houston North Area.

• Crossing Borders Camps offer children the unique opportunity to learn Spanish in a playful and enriching environment. It is an experience that will leave campers with happy, lifelong memories.

• Our summer camps offer a wide range of activities to help students develop teamwork and confidence when using Spanish. Each day has a structured routine, with lesson plans designed to achieve linguistic, cultural, and educational objectives.

• We also provide English and French summer camps for children.

Parent Review:
“Not only does Anya understand and communicate in Spanish now, she is also learning how to write letters and words in Spanish.”
- Lana
Spanish & Foreign Language Summer Camps for Children & Teens:

 Separate camps for ages 6-8, 9-11, and 12-16

• Mornings focus on grammar, writing, reading, vocab, and dictation.

• Afternoons focus on conversation, role playing, board games, ad special events or field trips

Camp activities include:
- Dynamic Activities
- Creative Movement
- Arts & Crafts Projects
- Music & Dance / Songs
- Role-playing
- Traditional Games & Board Games

Other Language Summer Camps:
• French & English
Updated: 2019-04-15
Updated: 2019-04-15
Lotus Chinese Learning
Courses / Programs
Learn Chinese in San Antonio TX with small group or private language lessons from Lotus Chinese Learning!

Serving children and adults throughout San Antonio and the surrounding area, we provide in-home classes to small groups, private / 1-1 Chinese tutoring, and enrichment/ after school classes at schools.

Students in our classes learn Mandarin Chinese in a way that is engaging, fun and effective.

Lotus Chinese Learning teaches Chinese reading and writing in a way that is similar to how children acquire literacy in their home language.

Developing skills in Chinese will help prepare students for college-level classes and study abroad opportunities. The benefits of studying Chinese extend beyond the subject itself. Students learning Chinese develop cognitive abilities that are useful across all areas of study.
Chinese Language Learning Classes:
- For children and adults at beginner to advanced levels

- Little Lotus Chinese Classes (Preschool and Kindergarten)
- Junior Explorers Chinese Classes (Elementary)
- Young Diplomats Chinese Classes (Middle and High School)
- Private / One-on-One Chinese lessons
- Small Group Chinese classes
- At-home Chinese lessons
- Chinese Enrichment / After School classes
Crossing Borders, Houston
Courses / Programs
• Are you searching for quality Spanish language classes in the Houston area for your child?

• Conveniently situated in Rice Village in south-central Houston TX (close to Downtown), Crossing Borders is a leading provider of quality Spanish language instruction for toddlers and kids.

• Crossing Borders provides year-round Spanish language classes for kids, after-school Spanish programs, and Spanish summer camps for elementary, middle and high school students.

• Private Spanish Lessons: Our Spanish for kids is offered via one-on-one classes for children ages 5-12 years old at our Rice Village school after 4pm, and a minimum of 1 hour 30 minutes is required to sign up. We also offer semi-private classes for 2-4 students.

• Virtual Spanish Classes: Crossing Borders Spanish for Kids offers one of the most comprehensive and superb language classes for ages 7-12 in Texas. Our interactive software makes classes a breeze for all of our students.

• Our programs are ideal for any parent who wants to develop their child’s second language in an effortless and natural way. Our immersion language curriculum is unmatched.

• We are dedicated to enriching the lives of our students through bilingualism, and our age-appropriate teaching means that your child will learn Spanish in a fun and effective way.

Parent Review:
“Not only does Anya understand and communicate in Spanish now, she is also learning how to write letters and words in Spanish.”
- Lana
Spanish Language Classes for Kids:

• One-on-one / Private Spanish Lessons

• Spanish immersion preschool (18 months - 5 years)

• Spanish Kindergarten Program for 5 year olds

• After-School Child Care / Spanish Enrichment Program

• Spanish Summer Camps for kids ages 4-12

• Spanish Winter Camps for kids ages 4-12

• Spring Break Spanish Camps for kids ages 4-8

• Virtual Spanish Classes with interactive software

Parents can choose to send their child for 2, 3, or 5 days a week.
Crossing Borders - Katy TX (Houston area)
Courses / Programs
• Give your child or teenager a head-start by enrolling them in the English classes offered by Crossing Borders in Katy, just west of Houston, Texas.

• We provide a range of ESL (English as a Second Language) programs designed for local students and international students. We offer after-school English classes for kids at elementary, middle and high school level.

• In addition, we offer winter and summer English camps for local and international students that can be booked from 2 to 6 weeks. Private English tutoring for high school students is also available.

• Available to local students and international students (ages 7-17), our English camps provide full immersion so students will speak and hear only English under the supervision of an experienced teacher. We believe that this is the best way to learn.

• Our highly-trained staff will ensure your child gets a good grasp of the English language without relying on interpretations in their native tongue. We focus on improving conversation, reading & comprehension, and listening skills, as well as experiencing American life in Texas.

• Our after-school English classes for kids are support to non-native speakers who struggle in school or simply want to perfect the subtleties of the English language.

• Our qualified and experienced teachers focus on grammar, pronunciation, reading comprehension, and vocabulary. We also offer English classes on Saturdays during the school year.
English Language Classes for Kids & Teens (ages 7-17)

• After-school English classes for kids & teens

• Weekend English immersion programs (7-17 years)

• English tutoring for high school students

• Private English lessons

• English classes for the entire family

• 2-6 week Summer English camp for 7-17 year olds

• Winter English program for 7-17 year olds
Bilingual Pals, Plano
Courses / Programs
Bilingual Pals offer Spanish language classes and tutoring for children, elementary school students, high school students and adults. We are located in Plano, Texas which is in the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metropolitan area. We serve Plano Independent School District (ISD), Frisco ISD, Mckinney ISD, Allen ISD and surrounding school districts.

We introduce children to a foreign language in a fun, stress free, imaginative way. Older second language learners are also able to acquire the language through customized lessons. All classes are taught by a Spanish teacher/native speaker with a certification from the Texas State Board of Educator Certification. Our teachers have experience with preschool through college levels.
Spanish Language Classes for Children (Ages 4+), Teens, and Adults:

- Group Spanish classes (3+ students)
- Semi private group classes (2 students)
- Private Spanish lessons
- Tutorials for students already enrolled in a Spanish class at their school or university.