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Dutch Courses in Brussels, Belgium

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Learning Dutch with Richard van Egdom:
Learning Dutch with Richard van Egdom offers intensive Dutch language immersion courses at Averbode abbey in Belgium. Courses are designed to help you to learn Dutch fast, in an efficient and nevertheless relaxed way. These one-on-one immersion intensives are designed for the higher educated only, executive managers, diplomats, civil servants, professors and other who need to learn Dutch up to A2, B1, B2 level or higher in the shortest possible time.

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Private one-to-one 'learn Dutch retreats', are residential, held in a pleasant quiet countryside propice to relaxed and intensive learning. Weekend courses as well as 5, 7 or 9-day intensives.

Richard van Egdom:

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Richard teaches you how to understand and speak Dutch fast. He studied family sociology and post master organizational development at Louvain University. He knows and understands what executive managers, diplomats, lawyers and the higher educated are concerned and talking about.

Richard is fluent in Dutch (his mother tongue), English, French and German and understands some Spanish, Catalan and Polish. He also teaches phenomenology of social learning and moral development at school of ontinuing studies (SCFP) of Lille II university (France)

His hobbies and interests include his job, Dutch language teaching, languages, learning strategies, life sciences, research on happiness and moral development, economics, hiking the Pyrenees Mountains and aikido.

Intensive Dutch Language Immersion Courses:

- One to one / private Dutch language courses
- 1, 2 or more residential weekend courses
- 5, 7 or 9-days intensive programs
- Non residential courses and other locations available on demand

Learning Dutch in 5, 7 or 9 days:

Richard offers a conversation based approach, private one to one theme centered teaching, full immersion and person centered Dutch language courses.

Learning Dutch or any foreign language, research shows, is one of the most demanding mental activities. A relaxed non-schoolish atmosphere, a pleasant 'small is beautiful' and quiet homely setting at the countryside, a well-balanced mix between contact and withdrawal, learning and integrating Dutch, are necessary to support learning Dutch process and Dutch language acquisition.

Full made to measure intensive one to one Dutch lessons with Richard an experienced dedicated private Dutch teacher, make learning Dutch more efficient and easier. Richard emphasizes on progress in understanding and speaking Dutch, at your pace in the shortest possible time. His theme-centered way to teach Dutch is efficient. Conversation is on topics you are interested in. Topics you want to be able to communicate about in Dutch. 

Richard hands the Dutch vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence structures and grammar you need for daily communication while talking with you about your topics. Ongoing feedback improving your pronunciation and sentence structure, no unnecessary stress on formal grammar, focus is on understanding en speaking Dutch. With Richard you'll learn Dutch the fastest way: to understand, think, speak (and even dream!) in Dutch the way natives do.

Richard coaches and guides you to learn the Dutch you really need: you learn to understand, speak or improve your Dutch the most efficient way. You're not only learning Dutch : you're learning about Dutch ways of live, attitudes, ways of thinking and feeling, from inside too. You learn about Dutch habits, values, topics, our concerns and the way we are, our customs and social rules.

Student Testimonials:

"Wonderful training, really an impressive learning experience. Richard is a very dedicated and efficient professor. I will always remember this experience. Dank u Richard, dit was een bijzondere week!" 
- Mauricio, Inbev

"Richard listens well, shares is own story, is precise with details and feedback and always with a good feeling. Hartelijk dank Richard."
- David, O.D. Reflection and Action

"This was an excellent course. Richard is to be complemented on his friendly and sincere manner and his keen sense of the specific needs of his students."
- Robert, Canada

"A great learning experience, a great technique and a great learning environment"
- Robert, Duke University

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Address: Nonnemastr Sint Pieters Leeuw, Brussels, Belgium
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