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Amira Language School, Brussels - Online French Classes:
GROUP CLASSES WILL REMAIN ONLINE for the time being due to Covid. Also, ONLINE PRIVATE French lessons are ongoing. Conveniently located near the European institutions in the centre of Brussels, Amira Language School is a large and friendly language learning center for adults and international college students (of ages 20+). Established in 1983, we provide year-round French courses to small groups of maximum 8 students, as well as private French lessons. We offer all learning levels from Total beginners (A0) through to Advanced (C2), with day & evening classes available. Our experienced and friendly teachers all have Master's degrees in teaching French to adults as a foreign language. Additionally, we teach English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian & German.

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Online / Year-round Small Group Courses & Individual French Immersion Classes:

Features of Amira's French Group Courses:
Photo of French Language Immersion Courses in Brussels, Belgium / Online• Maximum 8 students per class. Start at the beginning of any cycle.

• You can take Daily Intensive French Group Courses (Monday to Friday), or can join Twice Weekly French Groups.

• Each DAILY INTENSIVE Group cycle is 40 hours over 3 weeks (July to mid-October over 2
weeks). Lower levels are in the mornings, higher levels are in the afternoons. Six to seven group cycles, each half a European level, take around 5 months.

• Each TWICE WEEKLY EVENING Group cycle of 7 weeks is 31h30m in 14 sessions of 2h15m, from 7 pm to 9.15 pm on Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays. There are 6 consecutive group cycles in a year for all levels.

• Each TWICE WEEKLY MORNING Group cycle of 7 weeks is 31h30m in 14 sessions of 2h15m, from 9.45 am to 12 noon on Mondays & Thursdays or Tuesdays & Fridays. There are 5 consecutive group cycles in a year for lower levels.

Key Benefits of Amira's Small Group Courses:

• Start from the very beginning or at any level and make Step by Step progress together with students of a similar level in a small, motivated group – and finish when you want.
• The small groups enable you to receive plenty of opportunity for conversation and practice in the classroom with the teacher and your fellow students.
• Amira's courses are lively and fun, and you make progress in a structured course with great teachers!

INDIVIDUAL French Immersion Courses:

Image of French Language Immersion Courses in Brussels, Belgium / Online- Private French Lessons / One-to-one French tutoring:
For beginners, intermediate to advanced students. We also offer semi-private French lessons for 2 students.

• With day and evening classes available, you can schedule your private French lessons for times that best suit your availability / work schedule.

• Learn at your own pace and focus on the areas that you need to improve. We customize your course according to your current level of French and your learning objectives.

• Improve your current French language skills for many reasons, for example, business, management, hospitality industry, university study, travel, cultural understanding, or personal development.

• Our highly-qualified and experienced French language teachers can come to a location of your choice (pre-booked) in Brussels or Greater Brabant.

• Alternatively, private lessons can take place at our language school.

• Our teachers are experienced, native French speakers and use a blend of language teaching techniques to help you to improve rapidly.

- Intra-Enterprise Groups (for 3 or more students booking together)
• Corporate language training for businesses / organizations.
• Courses in French, Dutch, English, Italian, German or Spanish.
• Set up your own course for 3 or more employees, and have the lessons on your own schedule, anywhere in Brussels or Brabant. 

French Language Learning Levels:

• Beginners (European Reference Level A1)
Photos of Amira Language School, Brussels - Online French ClassesLevel 1.0 / A1.0:  For people new to learning European languages: Slow start with French. We help you to distinguish and recognize the sounds of French. You’ll practice pronunciation and acquire essential vocabulary (with pictures) and discover initial grammar.

The aim of the course: Your confident and clear verbal expression of the phrases you learn. Next Step = Level 1A. 

Level 1A / A1.1:  In this lively, dynamic beginners’ course, we ask you to use French right from the start, without translation. Learn introductions, numbers, shopping, directions, metro, pub small talk, restaurant, etc.

The aim: To build rapid progress in your use of  basic French. Next = Level 1B.

1B / A1.2:  Have everyday conversations: neighbor, town hall, bank, market, post office, teachers, clothes, landlord. The aim: To help you reply in French when someone asks you a question. Next = Level 2A. 

• Intermediate (A2)
2A / A2.1: Express your personality to friends. Talk about you, your work, your leisure and projects. Arrange meetings. Next = Level 2B.

2B / A2.2: Using French creatively, consolidate the basic structural knowledge necessary to have a conversation. Next = Level 2C. 

• Higher - Advanced (B1 - B2)
2C / B1.1:  French Conversation. Take firm control of your life in French, for example, at the garage or on the phone. Next = Level 3A.

3A / B1.2:  Evolve in the French environment. Join in and contribute your views in fast-paced group conversations. Write letters and become sure of the basics. Next = Level 3B.

3B - 4A  / B2.1-B2.2:  Practical fluency. You’ll practice advanced grammar like the «subjonctif» and argue for ideas in complex, professional discussions. French TV will become natural to you. Next = Level 4B. 

• Proficiency (C1 - C2)
4B - 5A / C1.1-C1.2: Independence. It’s a question of style. You’ll develop a precise expression with freedom from, «Please correct my text». Next = Level 5B

5B - 5B+ / C2.1-C2.2: Mastery, the path of perfection and taste, at ease with both great literature and specialised subjects. Result :  French is part of your life.

Other Study Programmes at Amira Language School:

Picture of French Language Immersion Courses in Brussels, Belgium / OnlineFrench Language Workshops for Adults:
Language Workshops are available in French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish and Italian. Classes are in the afternoons or early evenings. 1x, 2x or 4 times weekly, you have the opportunity to reinvest and consolidate what you have already learned at Amira Language School or elsewhere.

• The Phonetic Workshop – Correct Pronunciation- Level A1 (1A / 1B)
• The Conversation Workshop – Practise of Oral Expression – Level A2 (2A / 2B)
• The Workshop for Language Precision – Level B1 (2C /3A). Deepen and practise a correct oral and written expression.

- Cultural Immersion Programme:
Designed for one or two students

Images of Amira Language School, Brussels - Online French Classes• In these courses, there is a greater emphasis on French culture than in the normal private French lessons.

• We focus on a pre-agreed aspect of French culture: history, literature, song, poetry, cinema, theatre, or other art forms.

• Designed for your intellectual pleasure as well as to improve your precise use of expressions, these French courses are particularly popular with students who are actively engaged in the culture of their own language, such as academics, journalists, writers, actors, or as arts administrators.

• These courses are open to anyone who has a minimum of European level B2.1 (Amira level 3B) in French, has a high general education, and a developed sensitivity to the cultural forms of their own language. 

• Actiris (Brussels Employment Office) collaboration for language classes:

The Actiris Language Cheques 'MATCHING' offer you the opportunity to receive free private training in languages at Amira Language School to help you maintain your job in Brussels. Receive training in French, Dutch or English with your language cheques.

- You will normally receive one or two cheques from Actiris, each one redeemable for 20 hours of free private lessons.
- The courses are available as private lessons and normally take place at Amira Language School, or at your home/workplace (when agreed).
- The classes are adapted to your working needs.
- We focus on improving your language performance in your workplace.
- Learn vocabulary to speak in work situations and how to write to your work associates as necessary.
- The times and dates of each series of classes will be determined in advance by mutual agreement.
- Schedules for day, evening or weekend classes are available.
- Supported languages: French, Dutch or English.

Student Reviews / Testimonials: 

•  "Good learning material, perfect number of students in the group, good working atmosphere."
Ole, Germany    

•  "Excellent, small groups work very well, quality of teacher is very good."
Yvonne, Ireland

•  "Supportive teachers, full concentration on students, homely environment."
Parminder, India

•  "Relation quality-price is the best, very good teacher."
Antonio, Spain

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