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Onlinelearners has set its expertise on teaching French to foreign students online, using skype or WLM. When you choose to learn how to speak the French language, not only do you learn how to correctly use a word, a sentence or a typical expression, and not make mistakes with the tense conjugation of verbs, but you also learn about History, Culture and traditions, the “French way of life “. Among all possible methods of learning “la langue de Molière”, the best and indisputable means is to talk to a native speaker who is fully qualified and experienced in teaching his own mother tongue. Onlinelearners is committed to providing you with a reliable and quality online learning programme using the latest technologies. We offer you the possibility of being taught online, or if you plan to come and visit our country some day, of participating in a comprehensive language learning home-stay programme in the south of France. Classes are adapted to each level, age or personal goal.

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Why learn French online:

To learn at a distance is now easy, and it really works. You don’t have to leave your home and go to a language school, no more stress, no more apprehension about speaking as if you were in one-to-one lesson, but a customized, reliable and friendly service brought directly to your PC.

The secret of a learning programme which really works ? It is a training which eventually makes you understand the linguistic mechanisms specific to the language you want to learn, in order to think, and thus to speak, like a native speaker.

Teaching method:

Photo of Learn French via SkypeOur method lies in a simple observation : Every Internet user interested in taking online language lessons has his own profile, so the tutor will adapt himself to his level, age and knowledge of the language he wants to learn.

What makes Onlinelearners different from others, is our permanent presence on the web. There is always a human being rather than a machine behind the computer, to rectify and reply to your questions.

The method we use will differ depending on the three levels of knowledge, each of which are divided into two sub-levels : low as A1,B1 and C1 on the one hand, and high as A2, B2 and C2 on the other.

With Onlinelearners, there are no books to buy, nor any cassettes, CDs or DVDs : all the learning aid is supplied to you online, or handed to you when you start your courses with the home-stay programme.


Online French Courses; Intensive French; Business French; French for beginners; French for intermediate and advanced levels; French for specific goals (tourism, public relations, travelling etc).

The necessary equipment:

Image of Learn French via SkypeLearning a foreign language at home while being permanently in contact with an online tutor is very easy now, and it really works. For all that, you need certain technological equipment if you wish to have the best possible sound quality.

Another inconvenience with a lower speed is that it will result in frequent chopping of the sound, and after a while this can be extremely frustrating and counter-productive.

Then you absolutely must have a good headset with a built-in microphone; this is a necessity, to avoid any unpleasant background noise and disturbing resonance in your ears. In fact, if you only use the speakers of your PC, the sound you receive is captured, but is immediately sent back by the microphone, so your tutor will continually hear his own voice. In a distant language-learning programme this is not acceptable, because you don’t see the person you are talking to and therefore need to focus your attention constantly on his voice.

Finally, but this is in no way an obligation, a webcam of good quality. Of course, you can be given the lesson without it, but if you have one, it is more fun and pleasant to see each other while talking at the same time.

One last thing to point out, but this is a must. You need to have to hand a pen and a notepad to write down any unknown word or expression. Why ?

Just simply because memory is something volatile and unreliable, and you will probably need to review your notes between each lesson. What's more, it is an excellent way of making your new skills durable.


So far, what is the best way to learn how to speak a foreign language ?
Obviously the best results will be obtained if you have the possibility to live for a while in the country where you wish to learn its language. But you can’t maximize this great experience without acquiring before the essential bases, hence the necessity first to learn and assimilate grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.

What particular hurdle am I bound to meet in my training ?

Very often, people think they are unable to learn a foreign language….” I don’t know, I have no talent for that, I am no good at all at practicing a new idiom”… Learning a language is not easy, but if you are strongly motivated, have the proper training tools and a competent and dynamic tutor to help you, you can do it like many others.

The new technologies offer now a wide range of subjects you can be trained on, and Internet is perfect for languages. So apart from an incidental crash of your pc which remains a possibility, you don’t have to worry a lot about your lessons.
FAQ-Onlinelearners.net:. Questions on the teaching method :

My level of knowledge is rather poor, how can you help me ?

If you are a beginner or a false beginner, you must acquire first the basic notions which will allow you to reach the intermediate level. With this level you will get more at ease with speaking and understanding, generating a strong desire to go further as you can evaluate the degree of your ability.

If you already know how to build a sentence, but still have difficulties with your oral expression, the method will consist in studying a text (reading, understanding, ability to answer questions and make a brief summary of the text, rewording ideas)
When learning a language, you must proceed gradually and not try to become a perfect polyglot in a few weeks, as learning is kind of a marathon race, not a speed competition.

I have no talent for foreign languages, but my motivation is strong and real. What can you do for me ?
If you are motivated and really eager to make reasonable efforts (remember, no pain, no gain…) you have done half the way to reach your goal.

You can’t succeed if you don’t commit totally in your task. All the efforts that you can accept to make will be intense but rewarding in the long term. You will be constantly helped by a tutor who will never judge you, and instantly corrected in your expression. You will be asked to repeat a word, an expression, a whole sentence again and again until your tutor is happy with it.

Are your courses really efficient ? Why should I be more interested in your online services than in your competitors ?

Yes they are, and everyone can check the testimonials of our students who are indeed satisfied. What makes Onlinelearners different from others lies on the fact that we take care of only one person at a time, whatever his age, level and particular needs.

We adapt ourselves to each individuality and as our classes are all tailor-made sessions, we bring a solution to a need which is different from the previous one, and more likely different from the next. And our teaching method is simple, but very efficient.

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Address: south of Seine et Marne (120 kms from Paris), Paris, France
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"I spent a very enjoyable week learning how to make some wonderful candles with Gary, and now I have the confidence to tackle projects that would have seemed impossible previously."
Jeanie, France

"I have been a candle maker for 14 years. The courses right from the start enabled me to be inspired and much more creative. My existing customers bought my new designs right away."
H. Auounsdottir, Iceland
Online Candle Making Courses

Candle Making Seminars via Skype:

HD Video Course Options:

Clear, Concise, Interactive Teaching:
These comprehensive candle making courses aim to equip you with the creative, technical, and commercial skills you need to make a livelihood from this special profession.

Training is Hands-on and Very Visual.