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Naturopathic Schools / Holistic Medicine Colleges in USA

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Los Angeles, California
New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies - Online Certificate, Diploma, Associates Degree & Doctorate Degree Programs: Traditional Naturopathy • Naturopathic Practitioner • Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy.. Natural Health • Natural Health Consultant • Wellness Counselor.. Holistic Health • Holistic Health Practitioner • Complementary & Alternative Health • Energy...
Los Angeles, California
Southern California Health Institute, San Fernando Valley - Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Certificate: • Duration: 37 weeks • Full-time course • The program enhances the participant's skill set by offering study in massage theory and application Personal Fitness Trainer / Health & Wellness Professional Certificate: • Duration: 45 weeks • Full-time course • Prepares the...
Racine, Wisconsin
Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, Racine & Chicago - - Accupuncture: Graduates are awarded a Master Level Certificate in Acupuncture - Oriental Medicine: Graduates are awarded a combined degree - a Bachelor of Science degree in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Nutrition and a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine (encompassing Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs).
Bloomfield, New Jersey
Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine - Holistic / Alternative Medicine Programs: Certificate in Acupuncture Program: - 2500 hours in length - Takes three years to complete - Graduates of the program receive a Masters level Certificate Traditional Herbal Program: - Duration: 18 months / 766 hours - Graduates eligible to sit for the NCCAOM exam
Fairfax, Virginia
Virginia University of Oriental Medicine - Natural Health / Holistic Health Career Programs: - Masters of Science in Acupuncture (MSA) - Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) Modules for both courses include: - Oriental Medicine - Acupuncture - Herbology - Bio Medical Science - Management & Ethics - Mind Body Exercise - Clinical Internship (MSOM only)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine - Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine: - Duration 3180 hours (182 credits) - 1740 hours of didactic instruction - 540 hours of bioscience-related material - 900 hours of clinical observation & experience Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine: - Duration: 1260 hours (62 credits) - 600 hours of classroom instruction - 660 hours of clinical...
Oahu, Hawaii
International Institute of Integrative Medical Solutions (i3med) - ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE - Alternative Medicine Counselor - Modern Alternative Medicine - Traditional Alternative Medicine APOTHECARY - Dietary Apothecarist - Master Apothecarist - Detox Apothecarist AROMATHERAPY - Master Aromatherapist - Aromas-Making - Spa Aromatherapy - Industrial Aromatherapy - Cognitive Aromatherapist FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE - Functional...