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Onsite & Online Health and Safety / Management Courses, UK

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Dita Consulting:
Dita Consulting, based in Tilbury, Essex, was established as a high-quality one stop solutions provider of training, consulting and recruitment services. Over the years, we have evolved into an integrated provider of all learning solutions, including e-learning for professional and skill qualifications. Dita Consulting has developed unique, innovative products and redefined its services to proactively respond to changing legislation, management practices and learning styles. This enables our clients to easily embrace new products and Dita services allow them to successfully manage health, safety and environmental risk.

Open, In-House, Online / Short Courses in Health and Social care, Health and Safety, Environment and Management, IT, ICT, Computer Training & Consultancy Services

Photo of Onsite & Online Health and Safety / Management Courses, UKClassroom, In-House & E-Learning Courses
Health & Social Care Courses

Dita Consulting is accredited by the CPD – The Accreditation Group, CSTF Aligned UK, Training Qualifications, UK, Association of Healthcare Trainers and others.

We also offers online accredited Care Certificate Standards courses and (CPD) in Health & Social Care, including Mandatory Courses.

Training Courses we can provide: In house and e-learning

Introduction to Health and Social Care ( with specializes in Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Elderly Care e.t.c)

Mandatory Courses:
Health and Safety
Moving & Handling
Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adult
Child Protection
Food Hygiene
Infection Control
First Aid at Work
Autism Awareness
Challenging Behaviour
Dementia Awareness
Mental Health Awareness
Learning Disability Awareness
Palliative Care Awareness
HIV Awareness Training
Sexual Health Awareness Training
Mental Capacity Act Training
Equality & Diversity Awareness
Train the Trainer
Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults
Fire Safety
Basic Life Support
Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty
Equality and Diversity
Data Protection
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Fire Warden
Food Hygiene and Safety Level 1 & 2
Medication Management
Pressure Ulcer Prevention (Community Settings)
Nutrition Awareness
Learning Disabilities
Drugs and Alcohol Awareness
Self Harm
Dignity and Respect
Epilepsy Awareness
Pressure Ulcer Prevention (Acute)
Drug Calculation
Conflict Management
Stroke Awareness
Stress Awareness
Disability Awareness
Falls Prevention
Acute and Chronic Wound Healing

Nebosh Courses, IOSH, IEMA. NVQ,  Health & Safety
NEBOSH Management of Health and Well-being at Work Certificate
NEBOSH Certificate in Environment Certificate
NEBOSH National/International Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety
NEBOSH Diploma in Environment Management 
NVQs in Occupational Health & Safety 
IOSH Certificates
CITB CSkills Site Safety Plus
ISO 9001 Training Courses
ISO 14001 Training Courses
ISO 45001 Training Courses

Public Health & related courses

Subject fields to study include
- Human Resources Policy & Management
- Epidemiology and Statistics
- Monitoring and Evaluation
- Health Needs Assessment
- Public Health
- Healthcare Management
- Project Management
- Healthcare Research/Policy
- Policy and strategy development and implementation
- Research and development
- Developing health programmes and services
- Surveillance and assessment of the population’s health and well-being (including managing, analysing and interpreting information, knowledge and statistics

IT, ICT, Computer Training  & Consultancy Services

Project Management
GK2387 – Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep Boot Camp
GK2868 – Project Management Fundamentals
GK2819 – IT Project Management

Leadership and Management
GK8944 – Active Leadership for IT Professionals
GK5301 – IT Trends Shaping the Future of Business
GK4277 – Introduction to Cybersecurity

GK5980 – ASP.NET Core Fundamentals
GK5980 – ASP.NET Core Fundamentals
GK5981 – ASP.NET Core Razor Deep Dive
GK5295 – Asynchronous Programming in C#
GK5917 – Building a command-line (CLI) app with argparse
GK5742 – Building HTTP Services in ASP.NET Web API 2
GK5238 – C++11 Core Language Enhancements
GK5280 – Consuming Services in .NET by Example

GK5972 – Data Access with Entity Framework Core

G GK5242 – Develop C++ Applications
GK5194 – Debugging and Profiling
GK5220 – Embedded C Memory Management
GK5222 – Getting Started with C#
GK5257 – Getting Started with Entity Framework
GK5257 – Getting Started with Entity Framework
GK5255 – Getting Started with Git
GK5165 – Getting Started with Python
GK5193 – Getting Started with SQLAlchemy
GK5247 – Getting Started with TypeScript
GK5971 – Introduction to .NET Core
GK5235 – LINQ in the C# Programming Language
GK5743 – Maintainable ASP.NET Web API 2 Services
GK5227 – Object Oriented Programming with C#
GK5243 – Patterns and Idioms in C++
GK5213 – Pointers to Data and Functions in C
GK5196 – Python Apps with SQLite
GK5260 – Source Control with TFS
GK5270 – Testing Frameworks (Unittest)
GK5749 – Top 10 Python Language Concepts
GK5195 – Working with JSON data from Python
GK5120 – Working with remote directories using os and Paramiko

GK5245 – Getting Started with JavaScript
GK1123 – Securing Java Web Applications (TT8320-J)

GK5850 – Evaluate and Select the Right Cloud Provider

GK4666 – CompTIA A+ Certification Prep
GK3143 – CompTIA IT Fundamentals
GK2892 – CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep

Progamming & .NET
M20483 – Programming in C#
M20480 – Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
M20486-LP, Developing ASP.NET Core MVC Web Applications
DEV287x-LP, Speech Recognition Systems – MooC
DEV288x-LP, Natural Language Processing (NLP) – MooC
DEV236x-LP, Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner – MooC
DEV241x-LP, Introduction to Design Thinking – MooC
DEV262x-LP, Logic and Computational Thinking – MooC
DEV274x-LP, Introduction to Python: Fundamentals – MooC
DEV276x-LP, Learn to Program in Java – MooC
DEV277x-LP, Object Oriented Programming in Java – MooC
DEV279x-LP, Building Interactive Prototypes using JavaScript – MooC
DEV280x-LP, Building Functional Prototypes using Node.js – MooC
DEV284x-LP, Designing a Technical Solution – MooC
DEV285x-LP, Algorithms and Data Structures – MooC
DIS50x-LP, Introduction to Developing International Software – MooC

M10984 – Deploying and Managing Office 365 Hybrid Deployment
M20334 – Core Solutions of Microsoft Skype for Business 2015
M20347 – Enabling & Managing Office 365
M10997 – Office 365 Administration and Troubleshooting
M-MS-100T01-LP, Office 365 Management
M-MS-100T02-LP, Microsoft 365 Tenant and Service Management
M-MS-100T03-LP, Microsoft 365 Identity Management
M-MS-101T01-LP, Microsoft 365 Security Management
M-MS-101T02-LP, Microsoft 365 Compliance Management
M-MS-101T02-LP, Microsoft 365 Compliance Management
M-MS-101T03-LP, Microsoft 365 Device Management
M-MS-300T01-LP, Managing Office 365 Content Services
M-MS-300T02-LP, Managing SharePoint Online
M-MS-300T03-LP, Enabling Microsoft Teams for Collaboration
M-MS-300T04-LP, Enabling Office 365 Workloads for Collaboration
M-MS-500T01-LP, Managing Microsoft 365 Identity and Access
M-MS-500T03-LP, Implementing Microsoft 365 Information Protection
M-MS-500T04-LP, Administering Microsoft 365 Built-in Compliance
M-MS-900T01-LP, Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

M20345-1 – Administering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016
M20342 – Advanced Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
M20341 – Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
M20345-2 – Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016
M-MS-200T01-LP, Understanding the Modern Messaging Infrastructure
M-MS-200T02-LP, Managing Client Access and Mail Flow
M-MS-200T03-LP, Managing Messaging High Availability and Disaster Recovery
M-MS-201T01-LP, Defining a Hybrid Messaging Strategy
M-MS201T02-LP, Managing Messaging Security, Hygiene, and Compliance

M10991 – Troubleshooting Windows Server 2016 Core Technologies
M10969 – Active Directory Services with Windows Server
M10972 – Administering the Web Server (IIS) Role of Windows Server
M20703-1 – Administering System Center Configuration Manager
M20411 – Administering Windows Server 2012
M10962 – Advanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShell
M10961 – Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell
M10964 – Cloud & Datacenter Monitoring with System Center Operations Manager
M20412 – Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services
M10748 – Deploying System Center 2012 Configuration Manager
M20413 – Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure
M10967 – Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure
M20742 – Identity with Windows Server 2016
M20745 – Implementing a Software Defined Datacenter
M20740 – Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016
M20703-2 – Integrating MDM and Cloud Services with System Center Configuration Manager
M20410 – Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012
M10965 – IT Service Management with System Center Service Manager
M20741 – Networking with Windows Server 2016
M20744 – Securing Windows Server 2016
M20743 – Upgrading Your Skills to Windows Server 2016 MCSA
M40389 – Windows Server 2016 First Look Clinic

M20332 – Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
M20339-2 – Advanced Technologies of SharePoint 2016
M20488 – Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions
M20339-1 – Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016
M-MS-301T01-LP, Implementing SharePoint 2019 Infrastructure
M-MS301T02-LP, Implementing SharePoint 2019 Service Applications
M-MS-301T03-LP, Implementing SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios
M-MS-301T04-LP, Migrating to SharePoint Online

Data Science & SQL
M20462 – Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases
M20764 – Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure
M20778 – Analyzing Data with PowerBI
M10990 – Analyzing Data with SQL Server Reporting Services
M20768 – Developing SQL Data Models
M20762 – Developing SQL Databases
M20463 – Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2014
M20767 – Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse
M10985 – Introduction to SQL Databases
M10988 – Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations
M10987 – Performance, Tuning, and Optimizing SQL Databases
M20765 – Provisioning SQL Databases
M20761 – Querying Data with Transact-SQL
M20461 – Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2014
M10986 – Updating Your Skills to SQL Server 2016
Dat221x, Introduction to NoSQL Data Solutions – MooC
Dat228x, Developing Big Data Solutions with Azure Machine Learning – MooC
DAT101x, Introduction to Data Science – MooC
DAT201x, Querying Data with Transact-SQL – MooC
DAT2024x, Implementing Predictive Analytics with Spark in Azure HDInsight – MooC
DAT204x, Introduction to R for Data Science – MooC
DAT206x, Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel – MooC
DAT207x, Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI – MooC
DAT208x, Introduction to Python for Data Science – MooC
DAT213x, Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R – MooC
DAT222x, Essential Statistics for Data Analysis using Excel – MooC
DAT220x-LP, Delivering a Data Warehouse in the Cloud – MooC
DAT2231x-LP, Processing Big Data with Azure Data Lake Analytics – MooC
DAT2233x-LP, Orchestrating Big Data with Azure Data Factory – MooC
DAT2232x-LP, Processing Real-Time Data Streams in Azure – MooC
DAT229x-LP, Introduction to Big Data – MooC
DAT249x-LP, Ethics and Law in Data and Analytics – MooC
DAT256x-LP, Essential Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence – MooC
DAT257x-LP, Reinforcement Learning Explained – MooC
DAT286X-LP, Essential Math for Data Analysis using Excel Online

Windows Client
M20695 – Deploying Windows Desktops and Enterprise Applications
M20697-1 – Implementing and Managing Windows 10
M20698 – Installing and Configuring Windows 10
M10982 – Supporting and Troubleshooting Windows 10
M-MD-100T01-LP, Installing Windows 10
M-MD-100T02-LP, Configuring Windows 10
M-MD-100T03-LP, Protecting Windows 10
M-MD-100T04-LP, Maintaining Windows 10
M-MD-101T01-LP, Deploying the Modern Desktop
M-MD-101T02-LP, Managing Modern Desktops and Devices
M-MD-101T03-LP, Protecting Modern Desktops and Devices

GK6970 – Network Administrator Essentials
GK9025 – TCP/IP Networking
GK3150 – Understanding Networking Fundamentals
CLD251x-LP, IT Support: Fundamentals – MooC
CLD252x-LP, IT Support: Communication – MooC
CLD254x-LP, IT Support: Documentation – MooC
CLD258x-LP, IT Support: Troubleshooting Windows – MooC
CLD260x-LP. IT Support: Networking Essentials – MooC
CLD262x-LP, IT Support: Troubleshooting Microsoft Office – MooC

M20535 – Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
M20532 – Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
M20533 – Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
M10992 – Integrating On-Premises Core Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure
M10993 – Integrating On-Premises Identity Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure
M20487 – Developing Windows Azure and Web Services
M10979 – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
M-AZ-100T02-LP, Implementing and Managing Storage – MooC
M-AZ-100T01-LP, Managing Subscriptions and Resources – MooC
M-AZ-100T03-LP, Deploy and Manage Vurtual Machines – MooC
M-AZ-100T04-LP, Configure and Manage Virtual Networks – MooC
M-AZ-100T05-LP, Manage Identities – MooC
M-AZ-101T01-LP, Migrate Servers to Azure – MooC
M-AZ-101T02-LP, Implement and Manage Appliation Servers – MooC
M-AZ-101T03-LP, Implement Advanced Virtual Networking – MooC
M-AZ-101T04-LP, Secure Identities – MooC
M-AZ-200T01-LP, Select the Appropriate Cloud Technology Solution – MooC
M-AZ-200T02-LP, Developing for Cloud Storage – MooC
M-AZ-200T03-LP, Developing PaaS Solutions – MooC
M-AZ-200T04-LP, Securing Cloud Solutions – MooC
M-AZ-201T01-LP, Developing for an Azure Cloud Model – MooC
M-AZ-201T02-LP, Implementing Cloud Integration Solutions – MooC
M-AZ-201T03-LP, Developing AI, Machine Learning, and IoT Solutions – MooC
M-AZ-300T01-LP, Deploy and Configure Infrastructure – MooC
M-AZ-300T02-LP, Implement Workloads and Security – MooC
M-AZ-300T03-LP, Architect Cloud Technology Solutions – MooC
M-AZ-300T04-LP, Create and Deploy Apps – MooC
M-AZ-300T05-LP, Implement Authentication & Secure Data – MooC
M-AZ-300T06-LP, Develop for the Cloud – MooC
M-AZ-301T02-LP, Design a Data Platform Solution – MooC
M-AZ-301T01-LP, Design for Identity and Security – MooC
M-AZ-301T03-LP, Design for Deployment, Migration, and Integration – MooC
M-AZ-301T04-LP, Design an Infrastructure Strategy – MooC
M-AZ-900T01-LP, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals – MooC

Open & Short Courses
With several open training courses through the year, mostly run at several venues in the UK and other parts of the world, the open training courses format is the most cost-effective way for individuals and small groups to access our face-to-face learning.

In-House Staff Training

Image of Onsite & Online Health and Safety / Management Courses, UKThis option allows for greater tailoring of content and flexibility of delivery, as well as being the most cost-effective format for groups of seven or more. We design, develop, deliver, certificate and evaluate in-house training throughout England and Wales, and can also host organisations at our partners venues in the United Kingdom and overseas.

Bespoke commissions are possible and usually do not incur additional cost as we welcome all opportunities to add to our portfolio of courses.

Email: Contact Us

Address: Ferry Road, Tilbury, England RM18 7NJ, UK / GB
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• With over 15 years specialising in providing quality academic courses for high school students and young adults, we know that matching a student with the right tutor is essential for offering a truly transformative learning experience. For this reason, our one-to-one approach is highly personalised.

Our Online Programs are already popular in countries such as Australia, Canada, Greece, Hong Kong / China, Italy, India, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, the UK, UAE, USA & more.

Contact us today about starting a course in your preferred subject, and to discuss a flexible study schedule around your time zone and plans for college or university.
Pre-University Academic Courses Online:
Short & Intensive Courses in 10, 20 or 40 hour bundles.

• Architecture
• Biotechnology
• Business Management
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