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First-Person Adventure Game - Universal Gravitation

Rating: 7.6/10 - 85 votes

Play an interesting and very challenging 3D escape-based, first-person puzzle platform game: Defy the laws of gravity as you swing ‘Spiderman-style’ through a mysterious underground puzzle experiment! In Universal Gravitation, you take part in an amazing first-person adventure, and attempt some seemingly impossible gravitational movements within different rooms of a secret test chamber.

As a test subject for the secretive ‘World Happiness Organizaton’, you are fitted with an electromagnetic arm contraption that allows you to attach yourself to objects high in the air, and magically zoom yourself toward them (This action mimics flying through the air, simulating Spiderman-style movement). You must complete a series of special acrobatic and climbing tasks in order to pass the experiment, and escape the strange underground lab / test chamber that you are confined to.

Designed for older kids, teens, and grown-ups, this fun and unusual skill-based RPG game is all about keeping cool, using your interactive problem solving skills, and incrementally adding to your knowledge of the experiment arena as you progress (The further you progress, the more madcap acrobatic stunts you are invited to attempt!). Decent mouse clicking and good keyboard tapping skills are important here as you must fire your electromagnetic arm device accurately in order to complete various tasks. Are you prepared to enter the wacky and wonderful world of Universal Gravitation?

How to Play: This game requires Unity Web Player to play, and may take longer to load than other simulation games on this site (depending on the speed of your computer / internet connection).

Played in ‘first-person’ format, meaning experience everything from the main character’s point of view, as if the game screen view is that through your character’s eyes. To begin the action, Left Click on the ‘Profiles’ icon in the main menu area, choose the save slot 1, 2, or 3, and then click the ‘Start’ button that appears on the floor of the main menu area.

Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys to control your character’s movements. Initially, you enter a large room where a special contraption floats down toward you (encased in a bubble). Walk over and collect this item. Your arm is fitted with this electromagnetic device, and you can now use it for awesome gravitational stunts. Aim at the large black sphere, and Left Click on it to attach a blue ‘connector’ between you and the sphere. Once connected, press the W Key to zoom toward the sphere, and the S Key to push further away from it. You can gain access otherwise un-reachable platforms using this action.

In later rooms / levels, you must use a swinging motion to propel yourself to higher ground, and over ravines etc. Always aim using your computer mouse or touchpad, and Left Click to attach a ‘connector’. If you are out of range of a sphere, your aiming target marker remains yellow. You are in range once the target marker turns red. See how far you can make it through the experiment! How do your friends' efforts compare?

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