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Drift Car Racing Game - Drift Runners 2

Rating: 8.7/10 - 1167 votes

Belt up and get ready to put your foot to the floor, and immerse yourself in the all-action world of drift racing! Drift Runners 2 is a fast-paced driving game for kids and teens where you take the wheel of a powerful, souped-up racing car in a series of cool drifting challenges. For those of you unfamiliar with the technique, ‘drifting’ is an outrageous and dangerous driving style where the highly-skilled driver intentionally over-steers his/her vehicle around a corner (simply for eye-candy purposes). This causes a loss of traction in the rear wheels of the car but the cool-headed driver still maintains full control at high speed.

This fast and furious driving activity isn’t just about winning races and quick lap times; you have to show a flair for slick, spectacular driving. As the name suggests, drifting is the key skill - and you have to utilize quick reflexes, sharp reactions, and a cool head to execute the complicated driving maneuvers required to be a drifting Dynamo. Your decision making skills are also under scrutiny – you need to have an instinct for the optimum time to try out a tricky drifting move. Are you ready to take the car racing world by storm, or will you just ‘drift’ into obscurity? Ok Drift Runner, it's time to burn some rubber!

How to Play: Unlike many racing games, Drift Runners 2 rewards spectacular driving and showmanship rather than simple race victories. Keeping that in mind, each race has a list of 3 or more different “Accomplishments” that you can earn by driving well, drifting, and generally avoiding crashes. There are 4 different tracks “Areas” to choose from – Drift Coast, Jungle Glide, Skid Rock, and Skate Mountain. Each Area contains 5 Races, and 5 Bonus Levels. You unlock subsequent races and their respective Bonus Levels by completing the Accomplishments listed before the start of each Race.

Each Race and Bonus Level lasts for 3 laps. Control your car using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard; Up Arrow = Accelerate; Left & Right Arrows = Steer (no need to brake – speed is king here!). To drift around a corner, lightly tap the Left/Right Arrow key on your approach, and gradually steer the car around the corner, leaving skid marks on the track as you go. For each successful drift, you are awarded points (depending on the length of the drift), and your Turbo Bar increases at the bottom of the game screen. Once the Turbo Bar is full, hit the X Key or Spacebar to initiate a burst of speed. Upgrade and unlock new and more powerful cars as you progress. Can you unlock all 40 levels and 9 different cars? Good luck!

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