Car Games for kids: Free online car parking game for kids, for girls & boys, car wash game & car painting activity for kids to play now on PC, Mac with no download. Free 3D driving games, flash car racing games/ bike games, buggy/ offroad games, RC car game, cool action games on the internet at home.
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Car Games for Kids - a Car Parking, Washing, Painting Game

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This is not your average car game. Car Games is six different flash games rolled into one, and is perfect for true car fans. If it’s cars, cars and more cars you’re after, you’ve come to the right place! If you've ever had a Tamagotchi toy, you‘ll know that a car is another "pet" in the house, and it requires your full care and attention. In Car Games, you get to clean your car, park your car, paint your car and of course, actually drive your car. The games included are: Car Wash, Easy Parking, Car Painter, Car Wash Pro, Cone Race and Parking Pro. Do you really love your car? Well, let’s see how good you can take care of it.  

How to Play: With Car Wash and Car Wash Pro, use your computer mouse to click and drag the sponge into the water and wash the car. Don’t get any water in the inside of the car. Make sure to keep the sponge wet. Your progress can be seen in the top left hand corner of the game screen. When the car is ready, the light goes green and the car leaves the garage. With Car Wash Pro, you play against the clock.

With Easy Parking and Parking Pro, you need to park in the spots marked "Here". Pass through 6 parking situations and you go on to the next level. Use the arrow keys (Left, Right, Up, Down) to move the car. Use the "P" key on your keyboard to pause the game. Don’t crash into other cars or pavements. With Parking Pro, you are up against the clock.

With Car Painter, you use your computer mouse to click and drag the brush into the tin of paint and then drop the brush onto the car body. Click on your selection of car rims from the top of the game screen and they will change automatically. Click and drag stickers with your mouse and drop them onto the car body.  

With Cone Racer, use the arrow keys (Left, Right, Up, Down) to move the car. Knock over all of the cones to earn points. Don’t crash into other cars or the pavements or you’ll lose a life. Keep an eye on the clock - you might run out of time.  

To change between games, click on the orange button or "MENU" in the game screen. 

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