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3D Drag Racer Game Online

Rating: 7.7/10 - 3125 votes

Buckle up for one of the purest, most exciting, rubber-burning forms of car racing! In 3D Drag Racer, your challenge is to finish a drag race ahead of your opponent in as fast a time as possible. There are no fancy tricks or hidden twists in this straight-forward, "power-wins" race car driving game. Once you see the word GO, you’ve got to slam on that accelerator, smartly work the gears, and race hell-for-leather to the finish line. This simple yet surprisingly challenging game requires good concentration, fast reactions, and a savvy ability to move up the gears smoothly under pressure. In such an intense one-to-one battle, a single mistake will cost you dearly. Let’s see you smash your way into the record books! Happy drag racing!

How to Play: (Note: Once the game loads, click on the blue ‘Continue’ button in the bottom right corner of the loading screen). You must finish ahead of your drag racing opponent in the fastest time possible. The race is set on a straight track, and winning is all about speed and slight of hand. Once you enter a cool racing name on the Main Menu screen, click on the ‘Start’ button to get down to the starting grid. Immediately once the 3-2-1 countdown is complete, press the A Key on your computer keyboard to move into first gear, and then press and hold the Up Arrow Key to accelerate (Ignore the flashing N button that appears on the game screen).

We recommend keeping your finger pressed down on the Up Arrow / Accelerator at all times. The trick here is to change gear by quickly pressing the A Key every time you reach high RPM on the tachometer (left hand gauge). See if you can find through experience the optimal moment to hit the gear change. Changing gear at just this exact point gives you optimum speed boost (peak performance). Submit your score at the end of the race to see if you can make it close to the top of the best times leaderboard (You will see that there are some top drivers playing this game around the world!) Keep trying to improve your own time. Good luck and enjoy!

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